Luxury Living: Three (3) Home Features To Turn Your Regular Home Into A Luxurious-looking One

When it comes to home-buying, it’s all about the experience the residence offers. What matters to prospective buyers first and foremost is how comfortable the place is to live in. As more and more people consider long-term investments, they now think about the number of years they can reside on the house – can they stay say for 20 or 30 years?

What Home Features Can Turn A Regular House Into A Luxurious-looking One

The word “luxurious living” usually suggests convenience and privacy. Convenience in a sense that it provides comfort in the form of perhaps cable, TV and internet connection, good air conditioning system and modern kitchen appliances; privacy in terms of the exclusivity of the location of the real estate property for sale.


 Notice the common features that transform a regular-looking home into a luxurious-looking one. See which elements you can apply to your own place, regardless if what you have is a resthouse in Cavite, an apartment in Cebu or a condominium in Quezon City.

1.       Open Spaces. It’s typical for luxurious homes to be huge and spacious. It is because having an open space connotes a relaxing ambience. From tall windows to high ceilings, not only do they give freedom to the inhabitants to move around, it also presents an opportunity to display things of value such as art collections, sculptures and carvings. The vision signifies elegance and sophistication. To attain a luxury look, you can hang a large mirror in the living area, place furniture that fits well there or use strategic lighting to create illusions that the room is bigger than it is.

2.       Outdoor recreation. Another characteristic to consider is the entertainment outdoors. Do remember that most luxury homes are designed to entertain guests. The choices vary widely – it can have a breathtaking view of the beach or mountain, amenities like a spa or swimming pool or gorgeous landscape that incorporates fountain, patio and terrace. A great alternative for you as regular homeowner is to set up a garden. It can be a flower garden or a meditation-inspired one for yoga and other similar activities. Or you can have an outdoor kitchen that include refrigerator, wine chiller or grill for weekend barbeque parties.

3.       Custom or specialized room. This is not limited to guest rooms alone. This can be a home office or library for meetings and conferences, a private gym with basic equipment and utilities or a venue for indoor games like table tennis or chess.


Five (5) Tips To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Luxury Suite

Who would pass up an opportunity to stay in a luxury suite? Just imagine the elegance of room – the high-quality furnishings and entertainment options ranging from TV to iPod dock, the comfort of the king-sized bed and all-cotton bedsheets, or the coffee maker and bottled water just within your reach. Visualize spending each night in such a luxurious lifestyle. You can achieve this on your own bedroom!

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Luxury Suite

Learn how to convert your condominium in Metro Manila like the luxurious suites you usually find in different high-priced PH properties for sale. Here are five (5) tips to show you how.

1.       Colors and Schemes. How you pick the color palette and combine them together to form a superb interior plays a major role in attaining a luxurious feel. Since it is your bedroom, you would want to inject your personality in it and keep the sophistication intact. Opt for hues that are warm in the eyes and stir away from the bright-colored ones. Make sure that the furniture and the paint or wallpaper match well. Browse through magazines and online décor websites for ideas and inspiration.

color schemes

2.       Bed. Invest in good quality ones. After all, this is where you’ll rest your tired body after a whole day’s work. Use white linens or cream-colored sheets to make it look clean and inviting. For the comforter, choose a shade that is similar or complementary to your wall. Include fluffy pillows to the bedding ensemble. The trick is to place some extra ones too to replicate a hotel look. Don’t forget to add a throw blanket at the end of the bed. If your budget allows it, consider checking out beds that have fancy canopy frames.


3.       Lights. Position crystal lamps on your bedside table. Install lightings that can be easily be adjusted from bright to dim anytime you want. For your closets, see if you can find a cheap alternative that will automatically turn on the light when the closet door is opened.


4.       Decorations. Stick to a clean and clutter-free ambience. Put a glass vase with fresh flowers on your nightstand. Have a television positioned on the dresser and/or DVD and music player to attain that relaxing feel.


5.       Food section. Allot a space in the corner of your bedroom for coffee, beverages or snacks. In this way, you need not go to the kitchen in case you want a bite while watching a film or two.