Four Signs That You Are Ready For A Condo Lifestyle

There are people who find living in condos a match made in heaven mainly because of the comfort and convenience it offers to the homeowners – no maintenance upkeep to think about, access to deluxe facilities and services plus its convenient location with it in the center of the metro. On the other hand, there are a few people who find it quite limiting and restrictive in terms of space, privacy and investment value. To be specific, the square footage is too small for a family of four or more. The noise level may be too much to handle too due to the shared walls, ceilings and floors. Investment-wise, it appreciates much slower than that of a single-family home. How To Know If You Are Ready For A Condo Lifestyle Want to know if condo lifestyle is the right choice for u? Here are some telltale clues to help you make that final decision.

  1. You have a busy career. You are an advocate of the saying “time is gold”. Your days and nights are filled up with activities that you have no or little tolerance for things that do not yield productivity. Your place is within walking distance from your workplace. You love the idea that you can work late in the nights or on weekends and be away for business trips without having to worry about mowing the lawn or fixing the leaking faucet during your spare time.


  1. You live an active social life. Regardless if you are regularly hanging out with friends in the malls, dining out with your loved ones in posh restaurants or always on the road and traveling around, you’ll find condos near airport, shopping centers, eating establishments and other prime locations. Additionally, considering the fact that you share amenities and property ownership with your neighbors, the environment presents several opportunities to engage, socialize and make friends.


  1. You love your freedom. You can stay late in any part of the world without thinking too much about safety issues in the neighborhood. With the 24-hour security service, you can be out until the wee hours in the morning, party the night away, or go on vacation for days or weeks without the nagging concern of leaving your condo unprotected.


  1. You are single and want to be independent. You are a single income-earner and you answer to yourself alone. With its affordable price, you can buy and own a property, have a place you can call your own and become financially independent.



Amaia home of “€˜Pinoy Big Brother All In”

amaia home of pbb all in

AFTER an absence of two years, Pinoy Big Brother, the Philippine edition of the popular foreign reality show Big Brother, comes back to ABS-CBN with a new edition called PBB All In and a new partner, Amaia, as the “Home of PBB All In.”

PBB All In also marks the first time in the history of the Philippine version and in the entire Big Brother franchise that an edition features a mix of teen, adult and celebrity housemates. Deriving its popularity from gathering a myriad of different housemates with clashing personalities and backgrounds as they reveal their true selves while inside the cordoned-off, closely-monitored by multiple cameras Bahay ni Kuya, the prevailing motto among the housemates is “Kaya ko nang magpakatotoo” which resonates with the “Kaya ko na” tagline of Amaia, the economic housing arm of top property developer Ayala Land.

Some of the best known housemates of Pinoy Big Brother like Cebuana teen favorite Kim Chiu, Fil-Am heartthrob Gerald Anderson, comedian Jason Gainza and kooky Melai Cantiveros have gone on to greater success and fortune.

For PBB All In, the familiar Pinoy Big Brother house just across the ABS-CBN headquarters undergoes major enhancements that bear the Amaia brand. The winner of PBB All In takes home as part of his prize package a brand new condo unit at Amaia Steps Novaliches.

The grand prize, a 30-sqm unit at Amaia Steps Novaliches, is a modern and contemporary-inspired mid-rise project and has good access to public transportation, schools, hospitals, and commercial centers. It has quality features and amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball court, clubhouse, playground, landscaped gardens, and support retail for every family’s need.

PBB All In promises to be a showcase for the best traits of Pinoys such as perseverance, hard work, humility and resilience to come out as they perform daily and weekly tasks. These are the very traits that make up the guaranteed formula for success and provide one a chance at a good life and own an Amaia home of his own.

Where there are dreamers like the PBB All In housemates, Amaia will always want to have a part in making their wishes come true. Backed by Makati Development Corporation BuildPlus (MDC), and maintained by Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC), Amaia Land is every hardworking Filipino’s dependable partner in building a bright and strong future.

For inquiries, visit or like www.facebook/AmaiaLand 

By: Manila Standard Today
Posted on May 12, 2014

Top Provinces For Settling Down

Every person starting a family thinks about where to settle down. Different people have different considerations when it comes to choosing a place to settle down in. While some may choose the place where they are currently residing, there are some who will be open to considering other locations.

With the numerous companies that are focused on real estate in the Philippines, finding a good property in the provinces where you can settle down with your family is not impossible. The first question you will have to face is where specifically to look. Below are some of the top provinces in the Philippines for settling down.

  • Cavite. Aside from being one of the closest provinces to Metro Manila in the south, Cavite is one of the most developed provinces near Manila. Despite the urbanization in many parts of Cavite, this province remains to be relatively laid-back in some areas. With the relatively new Cavitex and the route through Alabang, Cavite is one of the most accessible provinces in Luzon. Moreover, there are many affordable house and lots in Cavite for you to choose from.

amaia scapes cavite

  • Laguna. Whatever perks that Cavite has going for itself, the same applies to Laguna. If Cavite is excellently located near Manila, Laguna is conveniently near Makati. Being the home of UP Los Banos, Brent International School, and branches of many well known and reputable schools, you will not be lacking in school options for your kids if you settle down in Laguna. A significant part of Laguna, particularly those in Sta. Rosa, have been developed by real estate companies so you will have a wide range of properties to choose from.

amaia scapes laguna

  • Cebu. For those who would like a quieter environment but would still like to be right in the middle of a very urban area, Cebu is a good option. Often referred to as the Queen City of the South, Cebu offers both rural quiet and urban development – it is up to you to choose which of the two sides of Cebu to go for.

amaia steps mandaue

  • Davao. Another relatively well-developed city in the southern part of the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao, Davao has earned its reputation for being a province that is well-governed by its local leaders. Because of this, Davao has earned a reputation for good governance and peace – which are two very important considerations when choosing a place for settling down. With the developments in Davao, you will also not be lacking in many urban and modern conveniences that you might want to be within your reach.