Tips on How to Spend Quality Time with your Love Ones

We Filipinos are known to have strong ties when it comes to our families. We have this strong connection towards them, and whenever they are around, we feel secured and belonged. That is why real estate in the Philippines is mostly designed for the families to have a place where family members can bond and have fun.

Admit it! We tend to stay up late, or even we don’t sleep at all whenever a family member visits our house. We spend or do things and crazy stuff that can make us alive all the day until midnight just to have bonding moments with our love ones.

We have different versions on how we spend a quality time with our families and friends. But at the end, we share the same goal – to make a happy and memorable time with them.

Movie marathon


We all do love watching movies. Especially horror movies, we tend to scream and laugh out loud after screaming because they or we scream hilariously. Yes! Most people have done that, or even you, we know you have done it once, twice or how many times? Just don’t watch horror or scary movies with kids around, it may kill their childhood.

And yes! When we say ‘Movie Marathon’, we mean to say a series of movies that need to be watched. Any movies will do, of course, for as long as it won’t kill the mood. When you want the kids to join the fun, comedy movies is advisable. Laugh out loud to your heart’s content, and be merry together. Laughter is the best medicine, by the way.

And oh! Don’t forget the food! Movie marathon is best paired with snacks. Enjoy!

Jam session

Group of friends singing

Music! Who loves music? I know we all do. Have you ever wondered why we love to sing karaoke or go to places where there is a band that will perform? That is because music is one of the things that can ease your mind and day. Jamming with your families and friends can create good vibes from you towards them. Singing and playing music is fun when you do it together with your love ones. You don’t have to worry about whether you have a good voice or not, it is not a competition though, unless you make it one. But more or less, only family members and friends are the ones who can hear you singing. So, fret not!

Just by listening, humming or singing a song, it creates good vibes throughout the entire day. Of course, when you want to have a good and wonderful day, don’t ever listen to songs of sadness and full of regrets. Remember, what you hear can affect your mood and then an entire day. Be careful of what you hear. Choose to hear good music and you will have a good day. Cheers!

Story telling


Story! What kind of story? I don’t know, you choose! It can be a romance or scary stories perhaps? Telling stories can sometimes be critical, depending on what kind of stories you choose to tell. When you choose a story, make sure that it interests you both. Do not ever choose topics that only you can relate and leave the listeners behind – bored. Capturing his or her attention makes the story telling interesting. The more intrigue and curious they can be, the more they want to listen to your story. But let me just remind you, curiosity kills the cat.

There will always be a caveat though, try not to do all the talking. If you want to create a rapport towards them, involve them in the story telling. Let them tell or share their own stories or experiences; it is also a way to converse and open up more interesting topics that all of you can relate.

Food Trip


Yes! We like it a lot! Who doesn’t? Eating is also one way that we can have bonding moments with our love ones. There we can share our thoughts, experiences while eating. Food trips can be in snacks or meals as long as you eat. You can also have drinks, a little bit of wine or liquor while having a chat with your friends and families won’t hurt.

They say, one way you can win a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. Of course, drink and eat healthy and delicious foods for all of you to enjoy.