7 Amazing Ideas for Backyard Transformation

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”
           -Jane Austen-


Nod if you agree on what she said. Of course! That is why there are already affordable homes for sale where we can live and enjoy our lives to the fullest. There are a lot of things we can do inside and out of the house. Like decorating and beautifying your house are one of the things you can do to make it livelier to live in.

And if you are a kind of person who wants to do and transform old and junk things in your backyard, you might want to try doing these ideas for your backyard transformation.

Flower/Vegetable Garden

flower garden

              flower garden

vegetable garden

             vegetable garden

To those people who are for the nature lover, you’ll surely love the idea of putting up a mini garden in your backyard. It doesn’t just add beauty, but it also make and help us feel relax and better each time we look at it. With plants and flowers in our backyard, waking up every morning is always going to be breathtaking.

You can also have a vegetable garden, in that way, you can always pick some vegetables any time you want. It is also nice if you add variations on your plants to make it more appealing.

Swimming Pool

Terrific-Pool-Enclosure-Lighting-Ideas-in-Landscape-Contemporary-design-ideas-with-backyard-bench-deck-garden-glass-enclosure-grass small-swimming-pool-design-lisa-cox-landscape-design_1399

Who doesn’t love swimming? Especially when the weather is hot and you want to chill, swimming can be the remedy. You don’t need to go too far when you have a pool in your backyard. With this, you can invite friends to have a night swimming together. It will be fun especially for kids; they will also love this idea.

Hammock Swing





This is one of the things you’ll definitely love to have. When you are into for an afternoon relaxation, having a hammock swing can make you feel relax and comfortable with it. It gives you the feeling of satisfaction that you may want to go to sleep. Relaxing, isn’t it?!





Who says you can only have camping in the mountains or in the beach? Of course, you can surely have camping in your backyard. Camping in your backyard is fun, and it also gives you the feeling of having a new scenery or view aside of your room. It is also one way to bond with your families or friends. You can have a picnic or a barbecue party perhaps. Try it and you’ll love it!

Mini Theater





f you are sick and tired of sitting and watching a movie on your TV set, why don’t you try another way to watch a movie? You can put up a mini theater in your backyard. If you have a projector, a white cloth, a speaker, a mini bed with a blanket and a small pillow and a snack to eat – then you are now all set.

It is one way to watch a movie in a different and new ambiance, rather than sitting in a boring couch in your living room. Try it!

Simple tree-house


Kids will surely love to have this. Spending their free time drawing reading or playing with their toys, they will surely love to do the things they like in the tree house. Well, it doesn’t need to be like a real tree house, for as long as kids would love to stay and do whatever they want to kill some time.

Fire pit




There will always be an advantage when you have a fire pit in your backyard. First, it provides heat at times when the weather is cold, and second, it attracts and adds beauty in your backyard. Inviting your friends over for a chat is a good idea and a place to bond.


3 Reasons Why You Should Beautify Your Room

Some of you may ask, is it really necessary to beautify your room? For as long as there is a place where we can live and it is neat and clean, that is all we need, right?!


Indeed, you can say that. But don’t you know that there is still more to that than having just a place to live with neat, clean and simple furniture that you have in your room? Whatever place you have, be it a house and lot or a condominium in the Philippines, there is still a need for you to beautify it. Here are the reasons why you should not settle for less and start beautifying your room.

Sets the mood/the atmosphere

When you have a dull, lifeless and boring room, do you think you still want to stay longer inside the room? Of course not! Our eyes wanted to see and have a different view where we can say and feel that we enjoy living our lives. You too, you will definitely get tired and sick of the boring arrangements and decorations in your room.

When you have beautiful and fascinating decorations in your house or room, it gives you a nice and relaxing feeling. With these kinds of feeling, you surely want to stay longer in your room or in the house. When you are in a bad mood or having a stressful day at work or in school, you would want to go home directly to relax. Attractive decorations can help you feel better; it is also a way to please our eyes. Of course, we would be pleased too.

Speaks of who and what you are

Your place, house or room mirrors of who and what you are. It reflects our personality. Of course, when we decorate or beautify our room, we like it to be what we want. If you are a nature lover, the usual decorations you would make is also related to natures. If you are an avid fan of anime, you would probably put a poster of an anime character that you want. And if you a girl, you would definitely love to decorate your room with girly stuff.

It reflects on who and what we are. And, of course, if the room that you live in is a dull, lifeless and boring, I bet, it is the same as your life too. You don’t need fancy and expensive decorations to put in your room, you can do DIY decors. Maximize your creativity to transform your room into a lively one. Even the old and junk things in your yard, you can still recycle and use to creatively make it as your furniture or a wall décor in the room. It is cheap and you can also have fun in transforming it to one of your decorations.

People would like to visit over again

“First impression lasts.” People usually say that. I and I know you too would agree that simple quote. Of course it is! What you see around you lingers in your mind, and you tend to remember what it was like around the place. The things that you see if it is pleasing to the eyes and how they uniquely and creatively decorate their room, that is what we tend to remember when we go or visit other houses.

When we like what we see, we like to visit that place over and over again. We want to have a peaceful and relaxing experience when we visit that place again. The more you beautify your house or room, the more people would like to visit your place. And I’ll tell you, it is a blessing to have people visiting our place.

The Secrets Behind Successful People

Have you ever wondered how people got to be successful? How do they make it to the top? How did they do it? I wish I can be one of them too!

Diverse Business Team - Isolated

Most of the successful people had changed their lives. They have wonderful and elegant lifestyles. They usually go to places wherever and whenever they want to. And, of course, most of them, if not all, live in a condominium Philippines.

These people did not become successful overnight. They work hard to earn it. There are no rules in obtaining what you want, for as long as you are in the right tract. You can also be one of the successful people someday when you know the secrets of being one.


“A poor person is when he or she doesn’t have a dream or a goal in life.” They say. When you want to be a successful person, you must have a goal first. You can’t act and achieve something when you don’t have a goal at all.

Having a goal in mind helps you focus on the things that you need to do to achieve that goal. When you have it, you will be inspired and determined to achieve that particular goal.


Reading is important. We all need to read, why? Because when you read, you can get loads of information, loads of ideas and loads of opinions from the authors. Through reading, you can get life’s lessons that we can apply it in our daily living, tips on how to do this and that, a guide book to where and what you’ll going to do next. The more you read, the more knowledge and information you’ll get. And the more knowledge you have, the more confident you are.

Successful people never fail to read. They read other successful people’s story and how to overcome hardships. They get ideas and opinions from the authors, that they can also apply it in their lives. They also read opinions from the different writers for them to know their various perspectives in life and how they deal with it. Read! It is fun!


Having the right attitude can sometimes be demanding. Why? Because there are just times when you don’t want to do that particular thing yet you must do it to achieve a better result. We experience this since we all have different attitudes when dealing things on our own. Dealing things in our way seems easy. But there will always be a caveat though; sometimes we think that we do the right thing, but actually in the wrong way.

Right attitudes play a great role in our lives. Our attitudes can affect the things that surround us. On how we deal with people, how we deal and overcome circumstances and how we deal challenges in life. Our attitude contributes a part of it. Know and understand successful people’s attitudes and you can get an idea which you can also apply it to your life.


Most of us are afraid of change. Perhaps because, they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone and do the things that they are not used to do. Awkward! Yes, it is! It is only natural for us to act and feel awkward especially when we do the things that are new to us.

When we talk about ‘change’, we change for the better. We go out of our comfort zone and embrace challenges in lives that can make us stronger. Learn from the people who are better than you, think and change for the better.


Stop being pathetic and only wishing to be one of the successful people but you do not act at all. Acting or taking a step forward leads to a step closer to your goal. If you want to be a successful person, you must act. Do the things that must be done to achieve greater heights!

Nightmares in Buying a Condo

It is everybody’s dream to have their own condominium. I know you want one too! Fortunately, there are already affordable condominiums for sale in the Philippines. Yes! It is a good news!


The environment, the lifestyle, and the convenience are one of the things you can experience when you have a condo. Some people will say that if you have a condo, your life will get better. Agree? Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why people are now planning to buy and have one.

There will always be a caveat in buying and choosing a condominium, which is why it is important to know and be careful in buying and choosing a condo. Here are the things that most people had experienced before they own a condo.


This is one of the reasons why we are so afraid of trusting people and companies especially doing and transacting something with them. We can’t say or pinpoint people or companies that are scam since they persuade and puts up a façade to be more convincing which gets our attention and trust easily. They can also persuade you with impressive words and offers you great deals for you to buy their products and accept their offer.

And when we are trap in their schemes, we feel frustrated and disappointed. Some people do things to the extent where they can just have the refund and bring back what they lost, and other things that can make the situation more hassle and chaotic. As much as possible we want to avoid these things.

A friendly advice:

Before consulting and trusting a company or a person, have a background check. By researching their company background, you will know what kind of company they are. Reading their company reviews or comments will give you an idea whether they are trustworthy enough to help you in choosing and buying a condo.

A little investigation of the company will give you no harm, it is making sure that you are in good hands when you choose and buy a condominium. We all know it is not easy to trust especially when it comes to a lot of money matters.

Slow processing of documents

Hundreds to thousands of people are buying a condominium every year, it is expected that there are also hundreds to thousands of documents that needs to be processed. Especially when there are a lot of holidays adding up, no work, no processing of documents and more and more documents are piling up. What more would you expect? Well, patience is always a virtue. So, try to enjoy and wait!

Of course, that situation is acceptable and reasonable, you may say. But what if the company you transacted, is just way too slow in processing your documents? Wait one month later. One of your documents needs to be reviewed further, wait for another two more weeks. Ugh! I know you hate to wait especially when you already waited long enough.

A friendly advice:

When the company you transacted, is too slow in processing your documents, you have to constantly follow up on the progress of your documents. Do not just wait for their call, because sometimes, they can also forget about it especially when there are also other documents to be processed. And when they do, it will take you more than a month to wait.

Constant followup on the company may give them a heads-up that your documents need to be processed. And by that, they might give you a priority over the others. Try it, it works! Just don’t be rude.

Hidden add-ons

Most people, if not all, usually avail promos or packages in buying a condominium. It is also one way to save more. The company will give sets of packages that you can choose on. They will also give you the total amount and the breakdown of the payments.

Sometimes when everything is set, later will you know that there will be hidden add-ons that must be paid. Of course, you can’t say no since you already have your full or initial payments. Situations like this give us headaches and disappointments especially when the budget is tight.

A friendly advice:

When you avail promos or packages, you have to make sure that everything is clear. From the things that are included in the packages to the down payments, there must be a clear and visibly written agreement in every transaction.

There is no wrong if you make certain to every transaction that you make. It is just to make sure that there will be no further problems and confusions that will occur later on.

The ‘Musts’ in Sinulog Festival

One beat, one dance, one vision. The Spirit of Sinulog is already here!


After celebrating weeks of holiday season, people are now enthusiastic for the Sinulog festival. Different vending stalls are already put up; streets are already full of Sinulog posters and tarpaulins, and there are Filipinos and foreigners who which to attend the festival already booked a hotel or a condo in Cebu.

Since Philippines is a Christian country, it is a customary for Filipinos specially Cebuanos to celebrate Sinulog every January. It is a Festival where Filipinos from different places in the country goes to Cebu to attend the said festival in honor of the Senior Santo Nino.

There will be thousands of people who will attend to celebrate the Sinulog festival. You don’t need to worry if it is your first time in attending the festival since these tips might help and guide you throughout the entire event.


 Dance parade


This is a must watch! This is the time where you can witness hundreds to thousands of contingents dancing all over the designated streets while flaunting their colorful customs and creatively made props. They dance gracefully together with the beating of the drums, trumpets, claps and with the stomping of their feet.

The dance parade is composed of dancers from the different provinces of Cebu to show off their talents. You may also want to watch the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan and Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawingan where children from the different provinces also got to dance within the designated streets.


Street Party bands


When you are hype for night parties, you might want to attend party bands. This is the time to experience and witness great bands from different places all over the country. These bands will perform various Original Pinoy Music or OPM hits and various songs and genres to give you a night full of fun.

You surely can tag your friends along with you for them to experience the fun too. The more the merrier, as they may say. So, party harder and cheers!

Street foods


Walking under the heat of the sun can be exhausting and dehydrating. And I’m sure you don’t want to have a dizzy day while walking down the streets. Why don’t you try taking a break and try to eat street foods?! These foods are edible and tasty; just try to taste one to ease your hunger and thirst.

You will see street foods in the sidewalks but most of the time; vendors who are selling street foods have their own designated area where people will just go and eat there. It is clean and I’m sure you will love the taste of it.



Like street foods, there are also a lot of vending stalls that sell Sinulog souvenirs. You may want to buy some of it to have a remembrance that you attended and celebrated the Sinulog Festival. There are various kinds of souvenirs that you can choose, be it t-shirts, key chains, bags, slippers and other things that you want to buy. You can buy more things, it is discounted and cheap since it is a festival.

Sinulog Fireworks Competition


You also don’t want to miss this chance! You will be amaze by the beautiful fireworks that will be displayed. There will be participants competing who have the best fireworks display. The competition is usually held at the SM Center Cebu.

A FRIENDLY REMINDER (The less, the more)

Since it is a festival, to make and have fun is all in our minds. Spoiling it is the least you can do, bet you don’t want to ruin the atmosphere of fun. So here’s a quick and simple reminder:

Don’t bring valuable things


This is a must! If you don’t want to lose your valuables, leave it at home. If you bring your phones or gadgets, make sure to always keep an eye on it. You can also have a secure pouch or bag for it. Don’t also bring large amount of money, you will be the thief’s next target if you do.

Wear comfortably

images (3)

Yes of course! Wear casual clothes and pair it with slippers or sneakers. That will do!

And one more thing for girls, don’t wear heels, it is mostly be a long walk since most of the streets will be closed.

Bring Water


It is also advisable to bring a bottled water to keep you away from dehydration. And money wise, you can save money when you bring one.

So, have a fun and wonderful Festive experience!