5 DIY Headboard Ideas You Definitely Want To Have

We all have our own beds, right? Whether you are living in Alveo condo Cebu or any Philippine properties, we all have own beloved bed. Who doesn’t? But not all people who own a bed have their headboards. Agree?

There are just times whenever we see some bed with headboard designs that are displayed in the malls or even just by looking at the pictures from the web, we feel like we also want to have one for our own. Sometimes, we feel annoyed and envious because we don’t have that kind of headboards.

Fret not! The good news is that, we can already have our own headboards without buying an expensive one in the malls. There are a lot of headboard designs that you can choose on. Of course making your own headboard means making it the way that you wanted it to look like. It is your headboard, it is your choice.

Now if you are still undecided on what headboard design will you choose, here are some DIY headboard ideas that you might like and want to have in your room.

Wooden headboards with or without lights



When you see a wood or anything that is wooden and already not used in your backyard, you can use it as your headboard. Make sure that the wood you saw is still ok for a transformation you will make. Apply or paint it to whatever color you want. If you want the wood to look as it is, then it is your choice.

You can also add some lights beside the wooden headboard that you made to make your headboard design look beautiful. It is so simple that you don’t need anything that costs you much.

Junk doors and/or windows as headboard



Just like wooden headboard, you can see and find junk doors and/or windows in your backyard. Make sure that there will be no nails that are still attached to it to avoid a cut in your skin. You can always choose what style and/or design you will have to make it more beautiful to look at. You can paint it or leave it as it is and use it immediately as your headboard.
Your creativity will dictate you on how you want to have your junk doors and/or windows as your headboard.

Picture frames as headboard



When you have a lot of picture frames at home, you might want to make it one of your headboards. You can design the frames and form it into a heart shape or any designs that you want to have to make your picture frame nice and elegant to look at.

It is up to you whether you want it to have a one big picture frame that fits to be a headboard or you can also have a lot of pictures forming into whatever shapes you want to make. It is always up to you on how you want it to look like.

Bookshelves as headboard



Book lovers would definitely want to have this kind of headboards. It serves a dual purpose; it doesn’t just serve as a headboard, it also serves as a bookshelf for book lovers who want to read on their bed. And also, it doesn’t just add beauty; it saves up your space of your room.

Curtain as headboards



Who says curtains are only for windows? Of course, you can also use curtains as your headboards. If you want to have a simple yet elegant looking headboard, you can use curtains. You can hang it from the ceiling to have a better look.
With curtains, you also don’t need anything that costs you that much since we all have extra curtains in our house. You can use curtains. You can hang it on the ceiling to have a better look.

With curtains, you also don’t need anything that costs you that much since we all have extra curtains in our house. You can also add lighting in the curtains to look more beautiful.

Whatever choice you may have for your headboard, always remember the important thing and that is to have a comfortable and satisfying sleep.


5 Cool Ways to Transform your Bed

There is no better thing to do but to have a good and relaxing sleep. Admit it! We all need a nice, relaxing and comfortable place to sleep after a long and tiring day from work and or from school. Staying at a condominium Philippines or at home can help you unwind and make yourself at ease.



There will always be an advantage when you have a good and relaxing sleep. One, it gives you the feeling of satisfaction in the things that surround you. Two, it helps calm your body and mind from having a stressful day and three, it energizes your day.

Aside from a typical bed that we have at home, there are actually a lot of styles and or designs of bed. When you are a kind of person that seeks for various styles, or you are into trendy, you might want to try applying these cool ways and transform your bed into a lovely one.

Aquarium bed



Can’t get enough water? Whether you are a diver, swimmer, surfer or a person who just love water, this style or design of bed suits you. Placing an aquarium on your bed will surely make your day. Waking up seeing fishes first day in the morning makes you feel relax and energize.

You can also make the aquarium as your headboard. It is one way to have a unique and relaxing style of bed. Of course, you can always customize your aquarium. Placing colorful lights, fishes that are nice and healthy and other things that you want to place inside the aquarium can add beauty to your bed. It will make you feel more relax and want to stay in bed a little longer.

Canopy bed



When you are a kind of person who can’t get enough with curtains or just simply want to have some curtains in your bed, this style of bed is for you. Canopy bed is a typical bed with curtains decorated it. Some canopy bed has a built in ceiling where they attached the curtains.

You don’t have to worry when you can’t afford to buy a built-in canopy bed, you can always have it your way. You can attached the curtains in the ceiling and connect it to form a canopy. Curtains also may vary in size and style depending on your likes.

Hammock bed



If you are a kind of person who loves a picnic, camping or other outdoor activities, you might love having a hammock bed inside your room. This is one way to have a fun and relaxing day where you don’t have the need to go out to relax.
You can also do it on your own. You can tie a piece of cloth in the ceiling; just make sure that the tie is durable enough for you to use the bed.

Sofa bed



Sofa bed is a practical way of having both chair and a bed. It is recommended for people who live in small spaces like dorms or apartments. It is also a convenient thing to have when you have a lot of stuff in your room, it save you some space.

Cardboard bed



When you are a practical person and you just want to have a simple yet comfortable bed, nothing more, nothing less for as long as you have a place to sleep, you might want to try sleeping in a cardboard bed. Of course, that if you want to have another style of bed aside from the typical bed.

You can make your own cardboard bed. The bed is made with cardboards. Literally! Well, if you are a person who loves to do things on their own, you can make your own cardboard bed. The bed is not just simple, but it is also a portable bed where you can have it wherever you want.

Hello Kitty bed



Girls would definitely love to have this. From the looks of it, it is soft and comfortable to have. Well, if you want to have more and more hello kitty collections, you can add this bed. And if you are too old to have this kind of bed, you may want to have it as your present for your friends or families who love hello kitty.

5 Landscape Designs for Backyard Transformations

The more beautiful your backyard is, the more you want to stay at home and relax, right?


Of course, who doesn’t want to have a beautiful and relaxing backyard? Fortunately, you can now have  your own backyard and confidently invite your friends over in Amaia land Lipa. Well, they say, your house mirrors your personality. What’s inside and outside your house also reflects on who and what you are. There are actually a lot of landscape styles you can choose, depending on what you want to do with your backyard. If you are a person who really loves nature, you can have a garden backyard. If you are a simple person and don’t want things to be complicated, you can also have a simple yet elegant style of landscape. If you don’t know what style you want for your backyard, you might want to try these.

Japanese Garden Style

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAimages (1) When you are into a Japanese type of culture, you might want to have a Japanese garden style. This landscape will give you a relaxing and peaceful environment. Nature lovers will also love the Japanese garden style since it symbolizes nature elements which include the rocks, water, plants, and ornaments. There are also different types of Japanese garden style. You can have the style either more into greens or plants or you can also have more to rocks than plants. It will always be your choice to what suits your liking. You don’t have to worry when you have to choose one of the styles since both has serenity and peacefulness of the Japanese garden.

Modern Landscape Design

backyard-gas-fire-feature-fire-trough-beechwood-landscape-architecture-construction_2837 modern-patio-design-realm_1615

If you are a person of today who is more into modern and elegant type of style, modern landscape design will surely suit your taste. Elegantly designed structure and furniture are the usual things you can see when you choose the modern landscape design. You can always choose what furniture you can add up to make the place more modern and elegant to look at. Usually, modern landscape design focuses more on to the structures and design than the plants. Concrete, metal, and wood are the materials mostly used for the landscape.

Tropical Landscape Design

desert-pool-alexon-design-group_3627 freeform-swimming-pool-oakbrook-landscape-inc_2403

If you want to go to a tropical place, yet you don’t have the luxury of time to travel, why don’t you try creating your own tropical place in your backyard. The Tropical landscape design creates a whole new place and a tropical vibe near to your house. The tropical plants like the coconut or palm trees and with swimming pool which looks like naturally created. And don’t forget the hammock swing, these will surely give you a relaxing and satisfying feeling. This is also one of the best places where you can hold a party and unwind with your families and friends. With this tropical ambiance in your backyard, you will all surely love the place.

Country Landscape Design

blue-gate-artistic-gardenscapes_2907 brick-walkway-design-nature-s-palette-landscape-designs_2186

When your parents, grandparents or relatives who are planning to retire, putting up a country landscape design in your backyard is a good idea. Country landscape design focused on the old or traditional structures and the things added in the place. This landscape will also give you the feeling of a fresh and clean ambiance where it will surely make you feel relax. You can also add antique furnitures to make the place more beautiful. You can also plant flowers; raise animals and other activities like what people usually do in the provinces.

Formal Garden

Formal Garden Herb03

Formal garden is usually made when the backyard is spacious and big enough to make the landscape. Usually, formal garden had plants with straight or geometrical shapes. The plants were uniformly and creatively managed to make a fascinating view out of the plants. Professional garden designer is mostly the ones who know how to creatively make a formal garden design beautiful to look at.