5 Important Things You Need To Consider In Choosing The Right Tenant

Investing in Amaia Homes can be one of your great deals when you are in a business industry. Agree? Buying and investing a condo is not just for you to live a happy and a healthy lifestyle, it is also for you to have and make it as one of your business.



Yes. You can definitely make your condo unit as your business. You can let anyone rent it for you to have an extra income. And not just having an extra income, you will have someone who an also take good care of your house while living in it.

But there are also times that looking and choosing for the right tenant can be a hassle on your part. There are people who want to rent your condo unit that are not trustworthy enough for you to let them rent it. Perhaps, you are afraid of being scammed or being fooled by the tenant and you just want to avoid it. That is why, trusting tenants might be hard on your part.

If you are a kind of person who is into business, the only way you can let someone rent your unit is to know how to choose the right tenant for you not to regret later on. Here are some tips you can also refer for you to have a good and a trustworthy tenant.

1. As much as possible, meet applicants personally

There is no harm in meeting the applications personally. You will know what kind of person is he/she when you meet them. By meeting them, you will definitely have a formal talk about how or what are the procedures before and after renting the house.

This is also the time when you can show the legal documents of the house to the tenant for them to trust that you don’t have any problems regarding the property while they are renting it. This is also the time when you are going to have a formal deal with them.

2. Check their background

It is a must for you to be concerned about their background history, especially with their criminal records. You have to be careful in choosing what are the kinds of people who can rent your house. With this, you can identify whether he is a good person or not. as much as possible, avoid people and/or tenants that can also affect your credibility as a business person.

3. Check their credit history

As the owner of the house, it is just your responsibility to check and know if that possible applicant is capable of paying you with the exact money that they have. You also have to confirm whether he is a good payer or not. If you have doubt on him/her, try to ask them whether they have a financial history that they were not able to pay and how they manage to get the said amount.

You have to be very careful when it comes to money matters. Choose the applicant that you know they are capable of paying their monthly dues.

4. Be transparent with the contract/deal

If you want that your tenant will also trust you when it comes to money matters. You also have to make sure and be transparent enough for them to know and understand what the deal is all about. You have to let them know about what are the modes of paying the house.

You also have to make it clear about the policies of the house. If it is ok for them to bring pets or not, and/or other concerns that you want to imply them.That is also if you have concerns.

5. Listen to your instincts

They say, “Always trust your first gut feeling.” Would you agree to that? Well, for some, they believe that when you trust your instincts, it will most likely to happen what your gut instinct is dictating. When you feel like you cannot trust that particular applicant even if it is still your first meeting and you just don’t know why, then you have to think twice before accepting that applicant.

There is no harm if you trust and obey your gut feeling. It will only put you away from an harm that may occur later on.


5 Ways To Use Aircon When Saving Money

Admit it! We just hate it when we feel like the room temperature is getting high. We usually get suffocated when there is no air around and with all those sweat in our face and body. We do not just feel annoyed, but we also feel pissed by having heat in our room. That is why, people are now getting aircon to lessen the high temperature. Whether you are living in Alveo Cebu or any other properties, you can see that there are already aircons in their houses.



We also can’t just deny that having aircon in our house can also make our bills high. Well, its ok when you have lots of money, but to those whose money is just enough for their everyday needs, paying the bills might be one of their problems.

Fret not when you are using aircon, since you can save money out of it. That is, if you know the ways on how to save money while using the aircon. Now here are just some tips for you.

1. Rearrange your furniture

The coolness of your room also varies on how you arrange your room. There are just times when the furniture of your room blocks the air from the aircon which leads to slow distribution of the air. You have to rearrange for the air to be properly distributed to the entire room.

Rearranging your furniture also helps the air evenly distributes the right direction. And when it is evenly distributed, the room will cool faster than before.

2. Lighting

Sometimes, too much light can contribute heat temperature in our room. When we think that we still don’t need to turn all of the lights, then as much as possible, try to use the natural light from the outside. Turning off your lights can also help reduce the heat, and not just that, it can also help reduce the bills of your electricity.

If light is really needed in your room, just make sure that you are using the right light bulb since there are bulbs that can produce too much heat.

3. Don’t forget the fan

When you are using aircon and you think that the room is already cool, you may turn the aircon into fan. You may not turn it off, but just turn it into fan for you to maintain the coolness of the room temperature. If not the fan, you may also want to make the temperature of the aircon lower than before.

Using fan or lowering the temperature of the aircon can help you reduce the electricity bills and which you also saved money out of it. Do not forget to always lower it down when you know that the room is already cool.

4. Turn off vents

There are people, if not all are using vents to distribute the coolness of the temperature. When you use vents, it tries to make the place cooler by getting the temperature from the other room. But when you think that the vents are not used as of the moment, try to turn it off to make the cool temperature stay in a certain room.

5. Aircon maintenance

It is better to spend hundreds for the maintenance of your aircon than spending thousands just to repair it or even have it replaced. If you are using aircon in your house, make sure that you know when to have your aircon checked. Know whether if it is by weekly or monthly. By doing so, our aircon can last longer than the other air conditioner that don’t have enough maintenance.

Also, do not wait to have a damage on your aircon just for you to have it fixed. The performance and the condition of the aircon varies on how you take good care of it and on how you maintain it.

Cleaning Guide: Tips To Organize A Messy Home

As a person who is living at an Alveo Cebu, it is just necessary for you to keep up the clean and healthy environment of the place. Being a messy person is definitely a no-no in a community where people observe cleanliness. And if you have a healthy lifestyle,  you will be more likely to live a happy living.



Of course, there will be a lot to think of when you organized your things at home. Especially when you just have a lot of things in your house. How and where will I start cleaning? There are a lot of things, which one will I keep? I don’t have enough time cleaning, what will I do? Sometimes, it can also be frustrating just by thinking about these most common questions of every person.

If you are a kind of person who is so keen when it comes to organizing the things around the house, there will be a lot of ideas on how you can do the work without any complications on your side. And if you are a kind of person who is still confused on how to have an organized home, then here are some tips you can have before and after cleaning.

Schedule the time to organize

If you are a busy person and it is just rare for you to have your free time, it is better to have made and have a schedule on when to clean and/or organize your things. Even if you are busy, you need to set a day for you to clean up your house.

If you have a schedule to follow, you tend to free that specific time for cleaning. It is just a matter on how you manage your time, even you have a hectic schedule ahead of you.

How and where will I start?

This is the most common question asked of every person who cleans his or her house. It is just normal to ask this kind of question, especially when you have a lot of things that need to be kept. If you don’t know how and where will you start, you better start with small things that you have.

If you organize and put the small things in order first, it is easier for you to arrange the bigger once. And it is also easier for you to find the small things when you try to put them in the proper place first.

Decide on how you want to use the space

If you know how you want to make your house look like, then you also know where and how your things be placed and organized. This is the time when you think of a better place to arrange your things in a proper way.

If you want to have a bigger space in your house, then you better have an improvised storage where it cannot eat up the spaces that you have intended for it. The spaces in your house also varies on how create are you in organizing the things that is not messy to look at. And if you know some of the techniques on how to save up some spaces, then you can achieve your desired arrangements of your house.

Save what you want

The common problem of most people is that, they usually tend to keep the things that are already not useful to them. If you want to downsize your things inside your house, you can sell your things that can be still of use to the other people. Do not keep things that can make your house a messy one.

When you put up a garage sale, you do not just downsize your stuffs, but also have an extra income out of it. It’s a win and win situation for the both parties.

Maintain the arrangement

If you don’t want to have a general cleaning everyday, especially to those people who are busy and don’t have a housekeeper, all you have to do is maintain the cleanliness and the arrangements that you just have.

If you get some things out, you have to make sure that you can put it back to the proper place. it is just the matter of how discipline you  are in organizing things.

7 Storages You Never Know it’s Possible

Admit it! We hate it when we see things that are scattered our home in Amaia Scapes Bulacan. We tend to be annoyed with the thought that it disarrays the place that we live in. And thinking about how to organize things is just so frustrating, especially when you don’t know how and where you would place it since there are so many things that are already not needed, but we still need to keep it for future use.

There are people chose to buy a storage box just to make their things in order. Well, you can also have it as one of the storages you can have to place your things. But there are just times that the boxes that is intended for organizing things eats up our space inside the house. Especially when the boxes are big enough, it may be an eyesore to you. If you are a person who is keen in organizing things and is smart enough to improvise storages, there will be a lot of storage ideas that you don’t think it is possible to have.

And if you are a person who is still confused on how and where to put your things, then you can have these ideas as your reference to have a good and organized things and place.

1. Headboard storage



If you have an important thing to keep, and you want to hide it privately, you can have your headboard as one of your storages. There you can hide your things without others knowing that there are things behind your headboard that are hidden. It saves up space on your room and it is also an elegant way to make it as your storage.

2. Stairs storage



If you think that the space under your stairs can be of use, then you can have an improvise storage through the stairs underneath it. You can make a drawer for you to easily open the storage. Or even make the stair steps as one of the storages, you will definitely save space in making such.

3. Kitchen bench storage



If you are a kind of person who just loves to cook and you already have lots of kitchen wares where you don’t still need it as of the moment, you can make one of your kitchen bench as one of your storages for the your kitchen things. When you have it in our kitchen, it is not obvious that you placed your kitchen wares inside it. It is also one way of making your kitchen look minimal for as not to look messy in our kitchen.

4. Hidden landing stairs



Usually, dads want to have this kind of storages where they can hide their important tools from the people who don’t know how to return his tools in times when he need it. You can use it as your storage for junk things that you still want to use it later on. Or even, you can also have it as your secret hiding place of the things that you want, nobody will know that you are hiding something except you. Just don’t make the storage look obvious as the people not to notice that it was there.

5. Organizer hidden space storage



Moms would definitely want to have this kind of storage, especially when she has so many things in her kitchen. Making one of the kitchen drawers as one of your storages for the garbage or any other things that you want to include would definitely save up the save of your kitchen. Also, it is not messy to look at.

6. Wall drawer



If you think that your wall can be used as your storage, then try improvising it by making a wall drawer out of it. There you can put your wines or any other things that you want to put. It can also be one of your partitions in your house. Nobody will though that your wall can be one of your storages for your things.

7. Under bed storage



If you are a kind of person who have many things inside the room, why don’t you make underneath your bed as one of your storages for you to have an organized thing in your room?! Just make sure that it is neatly placed under for as not to look messy under your bed.

Tips on How to Choose The Right Home For You

Sometimes, we tend to choose a house just from the looks of it without thinking whether we need that particular house or not, or is it suited for us when we move and live in it. There are actually a lot of affordable properties for sale here in the Philippines where you can have your own style of your house which of course, that is also suited for your lifestyles.



Being keen in choosing the right place for you is an important factor to consider. Not being picky but just choosing what really suits you best and for you to avoid regretting that you buy that particular property. And if you are still confused on how to find a home the right place or home for you, here some tips that might help you in finding one.

Home size

This is one of the things that you need to consider in choosing the right home for you. If you are living alone, do not choose a house that is big enough for you to live. And if you have big family members, try looking for a place where you all can be fitted in that particular house.

Choosing the size of your home varies on how many are you going to live in that house. It also varies if you have a lot of kids that love to play, then choose a house where it has a backyard for them to play. You don’t want to have a grumpy kids for not able to play in your new house.

If you are planning to buy a house that is already ready for occupancy, there will also be a lot of properties that you can choose on which you will also like and love to live in it.


There are places that pets are not allowed. And if you are a pet lover and you have a pet which you also plan in bringing it to your new house, then try to find a place where pets are allowed in the community. Just make sure that you are responsible of your pet when unexpected things may occur, especially when you pet is noisy and you already tend to disturb your neighbor, it is already your call on what you have to do to your pet.

Being responsible on your pet doesn’t just reflect on you as a pet owner, but it also reflects on you as neighbor. As much as possible, if you want to have or bring your pet to your new  neighborhood, try to be consider on the people living next to you. If you feel like your pet is really a disturbance then you have to make or take some action on how you have to deal with it.


If you are a kind of person who really has concerns when it comes to his or her neighborhood, then the best thing you can do for you to know whether you like the neighborhood or not is to inspect it personally. You have to go to that particular place for you to know it yourself. Observe whether the people living in there are friendly or not, the place whether it is peaceful to live in or not and other concerns that you have about your neighborhood.

Choosing the right neighborhood is also an important thing to consider for you to live a healthy and satisfying life in your new house. For you not to regret it later on, try to know your neighbors.


Safety is one of the important things you need to consider before moving into the new house of yours. You have to know whether the place is safe for you live or not and especially if you have kids, you to consider if the place is a safe place for them to play and roam around the house.

Do not compromise the safety of your family. Try to find a place where you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to their safety.  I’m sure you can find a lot of properties that are already safe for you and for your family to live.

Why own? Reasons why owning a house is an advantage

It is everybody’s dream to live in an Alveo land Cebu where they can have a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. It is one of their fulfillment when they own one. That is why more and more people are now planning to invest in any condos or houses that they like.



There are some people who would wonder and ask, what are these advantages you can get when you invest or buy a house when you can even rent? Well, aside from having a place on your own, there are actually lots advantages you can get when you own a house.

Greater privacy

If you are a kind of person who has concerns when it comes to privacy, then owning a house or a condo is best for you. When you own a house, you can have your own room or your own place to stay. You don’t need to worry about the things that can intrude your privacy since you are in your own house.

Also, if you have your own house, you can do whatever you want to do since you are in your own place. No one will try to reprimand you for as long as you are doing the right thing inside your house.

It can cost less than renting

If you buy or invest in a house or a condo, the cost or the price of it is much lesser than renting one. When you try to compare between owning and renting, you can definitelyidentify which of the two is more costly than the other. You can surely save more money when you buy your own house.

The pride of owning a house

Of course, if you own a house, you will feel proud that you have your own house and you do not pay for the rent. You can also be proud that you can bring your friends over as your visitors in your house. Or even have a party with your families or friends since it is your own house and no one will reprimand you for that.

Also, you will not feel insure with your friends or families who have their own house. You are much willing to let get inside in your house and be proud that you already have your own place.

Gain a sense of community

When you own a house, you will not just feel proud but you can also feel the belongings of the place. You will feel that the neighbors are already your friends even if you are still new to the community or in your house.

Sometimes, your neighbors will even give you food as a sign of a warm welcome to the community. Even if it is still your first day in your new house, you will surely make a lot of friends.

Secure place to live

If you have your own house, you won’t worry about being abolished by the owner since you are the owner of your own house. You will also feel secure living and staying in your house as long as you can.

Freedom to decorate and landscape how you like

Of course, since it is now your own house, you can already decorate it whatever you like. You can transform your house into the place where you are comfortable living in it. You feel free to beautify it and do the designs on your own.

And if you are a person who is good at decorating, then use your talent or skill to make your house a nice and comfortable to live in.

Housing security

There are already a lot of Philippine properties that have securities on your community. There are guards that would constantly roam around observing the place if there is problem going on or not. And if you are a person who has concerns about your safety, you can request for a security camera around your house or premises. They will surely attend to your request for you own safety, and for the safety of the neighborhood as well.

Top 5 Things You Need to Stop in Fine Dining Etiquette

There will always be etiquette when it comes to table manners. Be it at home and/or in the restaurants in the Philippines. Doing good manners when it comes to dining is just a common thing to do when you are in the dining restaurants.



Sadly, even though we already know that it is a must to have a dining antique, there are still people who do not observe simple table manners and tend to forget that they are already disturbing other costumers inside the restaurants.

If you are a kind of person who does not want to disturb other costumers, then you can observe these simple don’ts that you must not do inside the dining restaurants.

Noisy taking while eating

Talking is inevitable when we eat. We talk since we want to know how others are doing and how they are coping up with everyday lives. Talking while we eat is also a form of bonding with our friends and/or families. It is also where we can have fun while eating our favorite food.

But there are just times that we tend to forget that our voices are already too loud that even other customers can already hear what you are talking about. As a fellow customer, you must be considerate when it comes to your voices. You must know that there are also customers who prefer being discreet while eating and we have to respect that.

Noisy utensils

Just like talking, we cannot avoid making noise on the plates and the utensils that we are using. It is just normal to make noise but not to the extent that it is already too noisy that other customers will also be disturb. It is also not good to hear when the utensils that you are using are already too noisy.

Always be mindful about the noise. If you are not too discreet about it, then just try to lessen the noise so that you cannot disturb the others.

Gadgets on the table

Everybody have gadgets, right? Who doesn’t? Sometimes, we tend to forget that we are already putting and using our gadgets, even though, the food is already in front of us. It is not good when you tend to use gadgets in front of you and while you are eating. Be considerate since you are in front of the grace.

Also, try not to put your gadget on the table since it is also not good to look at. We can always use our gadget wherever and whenever we like for as long as it is not in front of the food and while we eat.

Taking nasty/bad words

This is really a no-no when you are at the dining restaurants. You have to watch your mouth as not to talk dirty in front of the food and for the other customers to hear. It is a disgrace when you do that. You also don’t want that somebody will reprimand you for talking bad words while inside the premises of the dining restaurant.

Even though some of the dining restaurants are not that strict when it comes to that matter, but it is a common sense to every person who know what is good and bad thing to do when eating. It is just a matter of choice whether you will observe these simple don’ts.

These things mentioned above should be minimized. Whatever the reason you have in your sleeves as not to observe these simple things is always be your call. It is also your duty and responsibility to act what is best in the dining restaurants because when you do, some people would appreciate how you behave in front of the food and inside the dining restaurant.