5 Cool Types of Gates for your Garden

 Hands up if you have a garden or a mini garden in your backyard in real estate Makati! Well, to those people who have their gardens at home; keep it up since there are also health benefits when you do the gardening in your house. Having a garden doesn’t just depict Mother Nature, but it also provides us the necessary benefits that we also need in our body. Even if it is just a mini garden in your house, for as long as you have one.

Gardening is not that hard to do. If you just have the right equipment and the right care of the flowers and/or plants, then you are ok. You just have to know what are the basic rules in the garden for you to have a nice and healthy garden. But there are people who are not satisfied with knowing the basics alone, they want to have a proper and more care for the plants.

Now, if you are one of those people who are willing to give their time and effort for taking good care of the garden, then you might want to include having a gate in your garden will also make your garden look nicer.  Here are some types of gates for your garden ideas. Of course, you can surely also do it in your house.

The secret garden gate



If you want to have some privacy in your garden, or even you don’t want your garden will be obviously noticed by the other people, then you can have the secret garden gate. From the word itself ‘secret’, the gate of the garden is hidden.

Well, technically, it is not that hidden, but it is most likely tucked within a tall hedge. The sides of the gate are likely wrap by the other plants which makes the gate not that noticeable. The gate is still there though, but ‘hidden’.

The double door gate



This gate is usually used on a bigger garden. Well, if you have a bigger garden on your backyard, then you might want to try having a double door gate on your garden. This kind of double door gate is a typical gate you can see inside or outside of your house. That, if you have one in your house.

Having a double door gate on your garden will give you the feeling of a warm welcome in going to the garden. When you have this kind of gate in your garden, you will also have a homey feeling when you enter through that gate.

The bungalow gate



 The bungalow gate is a typical gate one usually has. It is made with simplicity to make it more a country like a garden gate. It is a one sided gate, so people who wish to pass on that gate will make the gate open it widely for one can pass.

Of course, it has also its own doorknob and lock. Thought is made simple, but have still the elegant touch to it. Especially when you also try to incorporate plants above the gate, then it would definitely nice and elegant to look at.

The field gate 



This kind of gate in your garden focuses more into the view of the garden. The gate is not that high to make way of the other people view the garden from the outside. This kind of gate is usually made with a stocked stoned wall and is low enough for viewing.

Usually, people who have this kind of gate are most likely to have a bigger garden. They allow other people to see their garden, even if they are on the outside.

The arched arbor gate



From the word itself ‘arched’. This kind of gate is made with an arch shape. Though it may be simple to look at, but it gives a warm and satisfying feeling when you pass through it. It is also has its own charm as a gate in the garden.

Usually, arched arbor gate is also surrounded with plant on the top and/or on the side of the gate which also add up the beauty to the gate and the place of the garden.


5 Things you Need to do Before Renovating your Home

If there is one thing that we want to have in our home in Alveo condo Cebu, that is to see our home renovated. Who doesn’t want to have a new and exciting look in your homes? Of course, we all want to have a house where we can be proud of and want to stay in our homes.



People usually say, the kind of renovation that you will make in your house will also reflect your personality. Well, I do agree and I know that you too would agree with that. Since we all know that through renovations of our home, it can create a comfortable feeling whenever we stay in our condo unit and/or any other properties that we want to live.

Not just giving us the comfort and satisfying life, doing renovation can also save space in your houses. That is why, when you think that your house is getting smaller and smaller due to the things that you have, then you might consider renovating and/or declutering your house.

Now if you are planning to renovate your house, here are some tips you can do before you renovate to have a better and satisfying outcome of your desired look of your house.

  1. You have to plan in advance

Of course, you don’t want to mess up when you are going to renovate your home. If you want to renovate, you have to plan in advance what are the things that you want to see on your house. You have to plan what kind of arrangements that you are going to do with your house.

Not just plan, but also, you have to know and understand the things that surrounds you. If you have some kids for example, and you need a bigger space in your house, then you have to arrange your things according to the likes that you have. It is better to have a plan on how you are going to renovate for you to have a better outcome.

  1. You have to select which improvements add most value

 We all know that having our own home is an achievement to make. It is also one of our investments. That is why, we want to make and add some improvements in our home for us to be satisfied with the things inside and outside of your house.

Selecting what kind of improvement that can add value in our home is one of the factors to have a successful renovation. You have to carefully select the design of the decorations that you want to include in your home to also fit perfectly with your taste.

  1. You have to prepare the right budget

 If you really want to have a good and satisfying outcome of your desired renovation of your house, then you have to have the right budget. You have to save for you to buy the necessary requirements in renovating.

If you want to paint your house, then you can definitely paint it since you can immediately buy the paint that you want. Not just buying the paint, but also other things that are necessary for the renovations.

  1. You have to prepare the right tools

If you are one of those people who hated it when they have to stop doing the renovation since you don’t have enough tools to use, you better prepare the tools ahead of time before renovating your house.

If you need to have a hammer, nails, glue guns and/or any other tools that you might be needing, you have to prepare it. It is also for you to continue doing the things that you need to do for the renovations to be done.

  1. You have to work on the existing spaces first

For you not to confuse how and where to start, you need to think of the spaces that are available at your house first. Think what kind of renovation is necessary in that space and work with it.

The tendency when you work in the spaces that are not yet available is that, you will have a hard time thinking about where to put your things for you to have that space renovated. You have to find another space for you to put the things that are in that space.

You better have to think the availability of the space, and then there you can do what you supposed to do and have a better idea on coming up a good renovation style on your house.

Deciding Where to Live: Is it South or North?

As you have noticed, people are divided by its geography. They have the free will to choose where to live. Some people chose to live in a real estate, Cebu in the north, and some are living in the south. Well, it is up to the home buyer where they want to live.



There are times when deciding where to live can sometimes be daunting. You have to think twice whether your decision is worth it or not. Or even asked yourself if you really want to live in that particular place.

Yes. Deciding whether to live in the south or north can be confusing, especially when you don’t know where and what place you want to stay. If you are one of those people who wants clarity in choosing and deciding where, here are some tips you can have for you to be guided on what you are supposed to do.

Housing cost

When we talk about buying or renting a particular real estate, one of the things that comes immediately in our mind is that how much is the cost of the house. Can I afford the payments when I lived there? Is the monthly bill high or just right? These are some of the questions that immediately strike us when buying or renting a real estate. Of course, who would not be concerned when we talk about money matters?

Knowing how much the cost of the particular house that you choose, then you will know how much budget that will be intended for that house. When you know which real estate property is much cheaper than the other, then it will help you decide where to live. Is it south or north?


Most of us, if not all, are particular with the community and/or the surroundings that we lived in. We are concerned about who are these people that we are going to mingle and meet every day. Of course, who would want to live with a bunch of people that are suspicious and not friendly enough with the other neighbors?

Not just in selecting what community or neighborhood are you going to live but also, you also have to consider whether the place you are about to live is a clean and green community. The place should be clean enough to have a healthy and satisfying lifestyle while living in that particular neighborhood.

The location

When we talk about finding the right location, it doesn’t just end up in choosing whether you are going to live in the north or in the south. As a homebuyer, you have to be keen when it comes to the place. You have to know whether the place is safe to live or not. If you think that the place that you are about to stay will usually be flooded, for example, then you have to think twice before deciding to stay and live in that place.

Also, if you think that that place is prone to accidents, then you have to find another property of places for you to stay. There are still a lot of properties that you can choose from, which is also safer to live in.

Accessibility of the place

This is also one of the things that you have to think it all over again and again. You have to access whether the place that you are about to buy and/or stay is accessible enough for you to go to the places that you want to go. You have to know whether that place is near a school, mall, bank, and especially if it is near a hospital.

If you don’t want to have a hassle in going to whatever places that you want to go, then you have to choose a place that is convenient for you to live

6 Annoying Neighbors you Must Avoid

As a homeowner, we just want to live a peaceful and healthy lifestyle in the Alveo land Cebu. Of course, who would want to live a life with a chaotic environment? No one, right? Even you too would prefer living in a community and/or neighborhood that is peaceful and friendly.

Sometimes, it is undeniable that we can’t avoid neighbors that are annoying. There are also times that their actions are already getting through our nerves. They are not just annoying, but sometimes, it irritates us the most.

Of course, if you don’t want to encounter these annoying and irritating neighbors, you also have to choose a community that fits on your standard. Below are some of the traits that you might encounter these kinds of neighbors in your community.

1. Neighbors who gossip a lot



In every neighborhood, there will always be a group of people or even a group of friends who wants to gossip a lot. They usually gossip about people and/or things that doesn’t concern them. When you have or encounter these kind of people, you better avoid them since gossiping can destroy good-natured people.

2. Neighbors who are creepy at times



As a homeowner, especially parents who have kids. You have to be careful in every stranger that passes through your house. There are actually some community that the security is not that tight, which gives some creepy stranger a chance that can go to your neighborhood. You don’t know, and God forbid, it might be your worst nightmare when it comes to your safety.

3. Neighbors who are noisy



There are neighborhoods that one can have the free will to do anything that they want for as long as they don’t commit crime. For some, they take that advantage and do whatever they like. Playing loud music like rock band can already disturb your neighborhoods. And the worst part is that, they don’t want to be reprimanded.

As a homeowner and a concern neighbor, you have the right to report their misbehaviors to the officials of the community. With that, they will be the one who will take some action with regards to their behavior.

4. Snobby Neighbors



When you are living in a specific community, you will expect that you will have a lot of neighbors. You will meet or encounter different people with different attitudes in your neighborhood and sometimes, you will also meet neighbors who are a snob. They are not friendly enough to greet or make a quick smile whenever you two run each other. Well, if you don’t want to pick a fight, you better let them be and avoid them for you to have a peaceful living.

5. Neighbors who are slob/lazy



The most important thing to have a healthy and satisfying lifestyle while living in a community is to have a clean and green environment. When you noticed that there are some place that are not clean enough, then perhaps the person living in there is a slob or lazy. They are lazy in cleaning their surroundings. When you encounter these kind of people, as a concern neighborhood, you have to tell them that it is not good to be lazy when it comes to cleaning the surroundings of their house. If they don’t listen to you, then it is you call to report their behavior to the officials of your community.

6. Neighbors who don’t care



There are actually a lot of people who really don’t care about their community or neighborhood. They don’t know what are the changes that were already implemented and must be followed. They don’t care at all. These kind of people can sometimes be annoying and irritating.

If you are one of those people who have neighborhoods who have these kinds of traits, then don’t be like them. set an example to your neighborhood and other neighbors will just follow.

How To Treat Your Friends Without Getting Broke

It is summer. Of course, we want to treat our friends to any restaurants in the Philippines. We want to bond by treating them to a lunch or a dinner. But sometimes, even if we want to treat our friends, our budget won’t just cooperate.



Well, if you are still a student, you may want to find ways on how you can treat them without spending too much. And as for the working people, there are just times that our salary is not just enough for the budget if you want to treat your friends.

Now, if you are a kind of person who really want to treat your friends since you want to bond with them, you can definitely don’t need to worry since you already can treat your friends just in your right budget. Here are some tips where you can refer to when you need it.

Choose a reasonable and affordable restaurants

Nowadays, there are already a lot of fancy restaurants that are affordable enough for you to pay. Their prices are cheaper than the other restaurants without compromising the quality of their foods. There are even restaurants that caters combo meals or barkada treats for those customers who also wants to avail that promo.

And aside from barkada treats and/or combo meals, there are also restaurants that offers bid discounts or promos when they think that you and your friends are an avid/loyal customers in their place. Or even, you can also avail discounts by getting/having coupons on that particular restaurant.

With that, you can already treat your friends while saving up your money. It is a win and win situation for you. Of course, you also have to choose restaurants that are good enough for you to satisfy your hunger.

Decide what time you’ll going to treat them

Knowing what time you’ll going to treat your friends also matters. If you are on a tight budget, you can certainly treat them in the afternoon during break time for a light snack. With that, you will only spend a little money yet you already have treated your friends with snacks.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter on what and where you are going to treat your friends. Even if you are only buying them a snack, it will really mean a lot to them. And if you like, you can also treat them with lunch or dinner if you have some extra money and you just want to treat them with a heavy meal. It will always be up to you. You are the one who will treat your friends anyways.

Contributions from your friends

There are just times that we just can’t afford to treat your friends and pay your bills. Well, there is no harm in asking your friends to contribute just a little of what they can have on their wallets. Even if the payments are not evenly split; for as long as they contributed money for the payments, then it would totally be fine.

Contributions from your friends will also help you reach the exact amount of the bills that you need to pay. You don’t need to worry when you don’t have enough budget, since your friends will help you in paying the bills. Just don’t be shy to ask them for a contribution since you are also a part of the circle of friends.

Save money to treat friends

Of course, this is the most important of all. Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of treating your friends in a fancy restaurant even if you know that you definitely can’t afford it. For you not to have a financial problem later on, you have to save first before deciding to treat your friends.

There are actually a lot of ways you can treat your friends without getting broke. But these tips are just some common things one can do in treating their friends. It is always up to you on how you approach your friends when treating them.

5 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Excited! That is what we usually feel when we are about to move into our new home in Alveo condominium Cebu. Who doesn’t, right? We make sure that everything is set before we move in. A different home, a different adjustments to make.



There are things that you need to consider before moving in. You need to know what are the pros and cons when you leave your previous house and live in your new home. Things that we need to do and things that we need to avoid for us not to have a problem later on.

Usually, people who get excited easily tend to forget the most important things before and after moving in, and if you are one of those people, these tips might help you remember the things that you need and must do.

1. Inspect and secure your new home

The first thing that you should do before moving in is that, you need to inspect your new house. Inspect whether it is already safe to stay or not. Inspect whether there are things that you still need to repair, the lighting, the emergency exit if there is and of course, the place itself.

You also have the need to secure your home by having a durable lock. If you are a kind of person who have concerns when it comes to the security of their house, you can have a hidden camera or a security personnel that would roam around the premises in the community to secure safety.

2. Clean up

Of course, you don’t want to move in to your new home when your house is so dirty and messy. Before you move in, you have to clean the place first. Clean it until it is safe and hygienic enough to live in.

You will have the need to clean up the entire house inside and out. When you feel like there are things that needs to be thrown away, then you have to make sure that it will not be messy enough outside of your house. General cleaning is best before moving in.

3. Liven up your house

Before moving in, you can have your house or wall painted. You can have light colors for your house will look lively and lovely. It is best when you do it before you move in for you to be easier to paint the house or the wall.

You can also include decorations on your wall. You can create and improvise things that you want for your house since there are already a lot of DIY ideas that you can get on the web. You definitely want to make your house look more nicer for you to be proud of.

4. Inspect, unpack and organize your belongings

It is expected that when you move in, there will still be a lot of things to do before you can settle down. You have to unpack your things for you to know what are needed in the new house. You also have to inspect whether you still have things that you have left in your previous house. Know what things that are needed in the first night of your stay and unpack it first for you not to be difficult in finding the things that you need later on that night.

You can unpack first the toiletries, spare clothes, the medical kit, dining supplies and/or other things that you might need to use on that night.

5. Know and memorize your address

Hands up if you memorize our house address! I know you don’t want to be lost in the middle of nowhere trying to find your house. Memorizing your home address is also for your own good for you to get home safe and sound.

It is also important to know where and what vehicle is intended on going to your place. know what to ride and familiarize the community that you are in for you not to get lost in finding your home.

4 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Out

To invest in Amai homes can be one of the things that we can be proud of. That is why, we sometimes can’t wait to move out and stay in our new home. We feel excited to live a life where we can say that we can be contented just by staying at our house. Of course, that we need to move out first from our old house.



But moving out of our house can sometimes be a hassle on our part, since there will be a lot of things to think of when you move out. Well, that includes on, how do you pack your things, especially the things that are fragile enough.

Of course, you don’t want to leave your previous house empty yet full of trashes and other things that you want to junks. In moving out, there are also things that you need to do for you to make the next owner of the house have a good impression on you and on your family.

1. Dispose of the unnecessary

There will always be things that we don’t need at all and all we want to do is put it as a junk or we want to throw the things that are not needed away. Even if it is just a small thing, you have to dispose or throw it away properly.

You can have and put the things that you want to dispose in a plastic bag, or any other storages for as long as it will be kept and dispose properly. And if that thing is big enough like a cabinet that you don’t need it already, you can wait for the garbage truck to get it. In that way, your house or outside your house will not be messy enough.

2. Do cleaning and maintenance

Of course, as a previous owner or a tenant, it is just your responsibility or duty to clean the house before you move out. If there are things that are painted on the wall that are not good to look at, then as much as possible, try to clean it away.

If you think that the faucet in your kitchen  is broken, you can also have it repaired for as not to make the next owner be hassled about it. With that, there will be a possibility that the next owner of your previous house will have a good impression on you, on how you maintained the cleanliness of the place.

3. Accomplish packing and inventory

Sometimes, this can be the most hassle part in moving out – to pack things out. Of course, you need to think about how and where would you put your things, especially the fragile ones on the storages or the boxes that you have.

When packing, it is just a matter of how you arrange your things to have more space for more things to fit inside the box. It is a matter of how you segregate the small ones from the bigger ones for you not to be confused and be panic later on in finding your things.

Making an inventory of your things can also help you in determining whether you lost something or not. It will also help you know what are thing that are still needed when you are already in your new home.

4. Pay all the bills or balances

When you move out, it is also your responsibility to pay all the pending balances of the bills that you have. Make sure that you have a clean record of the finances when it comes to the payments.

The tendency when you still have a pending balance of the electricity, water bills and/or other bills that you have to pay is that, there will be financial problems when you don’t settle your accounts.

Well, moving out may sometimes be hassle on our part, but there is no other feelings that we can have when we move out – that is to be excited to live in our new place.