5 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Excited! That is what we usually feel when we are about to move into our new home in Alveo condominium Cebu. Who doesn’t, right? We make sure that everything is set before we move in. A different home, a different adjustments to make.



There are things that you need to consider before moving in. You need to know what are the pros and cons when you leave your previous house and live in your new home. Things that we need to do and things that we need to avoid for us not to have a problem later on.

Usually, people who get excited easily tend to forget the most important things before and after moving in, and if you are one of those people, these tips might help you remember the things that you need and must do.

1. Inspect and secure your new home

The first thing that you should do before moving in is that, you need to inspect your new house. Inspect whether it is already safe to stay or not. Inspect whether there are things that you still need to repair, the lighting, the emergency exit if there is and of course, the place itself.

You also have the need to secure your home by having a durable lock. If you are a kind of person who have concerns when it comes to the security of their house, you can have a hidden camera or a security personnel that would roam around the premises in the community to secure safety.

2. Clean up

Of course, you don’t want to move in to your new home when your house is so dirty and messy. Before you move in, you have to clean the place first. Clean it until it is safe and hygienic enough to live in.

You will have the need to clean up the entire house inside and out. When you feel like there are things that needs to be thrown away, then you have to make sure that it will not be messy enough outside of your house. General cleaning is best before moving in.

3. Liven up your house

Before moving in, you can have your house or wall painted. You can have light colors for your house will look lively and lovely. It is best when you do it before you move in for you to be easier to paint the house or the wall.

You can also include decorations on your wall. You can create and improvise things that you want for your house since there are already a lot of DIY ideas that you can get on the web. You definitely want to make your house look more nicer for you to be proud of.

4. Inspect, unpack and organize your belongings

It is expected that when you move in, there will still be a lot of things to do before you can settle down. You have to unpack your things for you to know what are needed in the new house. You also have to inspect whether you still have things that you have left in your previous house. Know what things that are needed in the first night of your stay and unpack it first for you not to be difficult in finding the things that you need later on that night.

You can unpack first the toiletries, spare clothes, the medical kit, dining supplies and/or other things that you might need to use on that night.

5. Know and memorize your address

Hands up if you memorize our house address! I know you don’t want to be lost in the middle of nowhere trying to find your house. Memorizing your home address is also for your own good for you to get home safe and sound.

It is also important to know where and what vehicle is intended on going to your place. know what to ride and familiarize the community that you are in for you not to get lost in finding your home.


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