5 Most Effective Eco-friendly Home Cleaners

If there is one thing that can make our home sparkling clean, that is when we use a home cleaning material. Agree? When we talk about cleaning our home in condo Cebu City, there will always be home cleaning materials that will be used. Everybody uses a home cleaner, right? Who wouldn’t? Of course, how can we make our home clean enough when we don’t use any cleaning materials?

Cleaning our home has already been part of our daily routine in our lives. It is also one way to keep our environment clean and in order. We clean our homes for us to live a healthful lifestyle and also to avoid diseases that may cause when the surroundings are not healthy enough to live in.

There are actually a lot of home cleaning materials that we can use which keeps our home away from any unhealthy things. However, there are also cleaning materials that are not advisable for us to use at home. It contains chemicals that are already harmful whenever we tend to breathe or touch it. Well, if you are a kind of person who really cares about his/her health, then you can definitely use some of these eco-friendly home cleaners at home.

1. Carbonated sodas

A lot of you here might wonder and ask, “Soda? Seriously?” Well, you are not alone wondering whether these drinks can really help clean your homes since all we know that sodas are the beverage that we drink. Yes. Soda is one of the cleaning materials that can make your home sparkling clean. It contains ingredients that are harmless to you and of course also to the children. So, you don’t have to worry if you want to let your kids help you with some cleaning chores.

2. Baking soda

Baking sodas are only used for cooking? Then you have to think again. Using of baking sodas can also help you in cleaning your home. It is a powder that contains minerals that neutralize acids to increase the cleaning power of detergents by balancing the pH level of the water. All you need to do is add the baking soda into the vinegar to create a foaming reaction, then it is all set for cleaning. You can also make your kids help you with it since it is also harmless and they can also enjoy watching the foam that was created by the baking soda.

3. Vinegar

This kind of cleaning ingredient is the cheapest cleaning material that you can use. Of course, you can definitely find and/or get the vinegar from your kitchen. Vinegar has an ingredient that cleans off grease and stains. You can definitely use vinegar to clean off your mirrors, glass, wood floors and any other things that you want to clean. All you have to do is just mix the vinegar with water and spray it on that particular thing.  Using of vinegar is also gentle and harmless, yet it can clean anything including stagnant odor.

4. Vodka

Yes, vodka should not only be your favorite alcoholic drink but one of your cleaning materials as well. Vodka has an alcohol ingredient that can also help dissolve and eliminate odor in your home. It can also make your things and/or pieces of furniture sparkling clean. All you have to do is spray a little vodka on your windows and/or any other parts of your home then the dirt will come off.

5. Soap



The soap is one of the most common cleaning materials most people used in their homes. Since it is cheap and is available in your laundry area and/or in the stores nearby, you can definitely use it immediately. Using of soap can also make your home clean enough since it has an ingredient that can take off the dirt and the grease of a particular furniture.

Cleaning your home doesn’t need to be that hassle, you also don’t need to use harmful chemicals just to make your home sparkling clean. Now discovering and with the help of eco-friendly cleaning materials for your home, you can definitely clean your home without compromising your health. Also, you can now enjoy cleaning with your kids since they can also help you with the cleaning chores.


Top 4 Ways To Upgrade your Sofa

When we talk about living rooms, one of the furnitures that we usually see is our beloved sofa. Well, a sofa is there whenever we want to spend our time relaxing and/or doing some things that sofas are needed. Whether you are living in an Amaia scapes or any other properties, you can definitely have your sofa in a better and a satisfying way of having it in our living room.



Admit it! We usually want to spend some time in our living room whenever or sofa is comfortable enough for you to stay, right?! Of course, who would not want to have a comfortable sofa? I know, we all do. That is why, it is important that our sofa is good and satisfying to look at and of course, it should also be in a good condition.

There are actually a lot of ways you can upgrade your sofa into something new and exciting which you and your family will surely want to have. If you want to give your sofa a new good look, then here are some tips and/or ways to upgrade your sofa.

1. New Throw Pillows



Everybody loves to use a pillow, right?! Especially when he/she wants to have a comfortable rest or sleep, using of pillows are the best thing to have. Likewise, when you use throw pillows on your sofa. You will definitely love to have some on your sofa since it doesn’t just add beauty to it, but also  it gives a comfort feeling whenever one uses it.

There are actually a lot of different sizes and styles of a throw pillow, it is up to you on what you want to have for your sofa. It’s  either you choose to have a bigger or smaller size of the throw pillow. You just have to make sure that the style that you have chosen matches the sofa.

2. Switch Out the Legs



If you don’t want to have the original legs of the sofa since it is boring and dull, you may want to replace and/or switch it with a new one. You can definitely buy some affordable legs for the sofa without compromising the quality and the style of it. Also, if you think that the legs of your sofa is not that durable and can’t withstand the weight any longer, then you have to replace it with a new one. Don’t wait for the legs of your sofa to be totally broken.

3. Cover it Up



Covering your sofa is one way you can protect it from the damages that might happen, and I’m sure that you don’t want your sofa will be damaged.  You don’t have to worry about what to cover for your sofa since there are a lot of stylish cover ups of any kind of sofa.

If you want to have an elegant style in covering your sofa, then you can definitely find some in the stores. Of course, there are also stores that sell sofa covers that you surely want to have it in your house.

4. Stuff Saggy Cushions



When you think that your sofa is not that firm and is already saggy, you can definitely add some saggy cushions into it. It will bring sofa back to a good and conditioned form. Through putting saggy cushion on your sofa, it helps prevent further damages since it is firm.

Your sofa doesn’t just give you the beauty of the furniture in your house, but also it makes you feel comfortable whenever you use it. That is why, you have to know how to take good care of it, for you to continually using it.

5 Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Home

If there is one thing that makes our home a better place to live, that is when we plan to remodel our home. Of course, who would not want to live a nice and healthy home, right? That is why, whenever we think that our home needs a change, we remodel it. Whether you are living in Alveo land Bacolod or any other Philippine properties, you can definitely remodel them to what you want.



Yes. Remodeling your home can sometimes be daunting since there are also some things that you have to think and consider before remodeling your home. Of course, if you want to remodel your homes successfully, then you have to think of a plan to achieve your desired outcome of your home.

Unfortunately, there are people who tend to remodel their home without any plans on what they want to do. It is definitely a no-no when you want to make your house a nice and a satisfying place to stay and live. Now, here are some things to consider before remodeling your home to avoid any complications and regrets later on.

  1. Decide if You Will Do It Yourself or Hire Professionals

For you to make sure and finalize on the things that you want to do, you have to know whether you will do the renovations on your own or you want to hire some professionals. If you are planning to hire a professional or an interior designer, you have to make sure that you have the right budget for you not to be in short when it comes to the cost of the renovations and their fees. And if you are planning to do it on your own, you have to make sure that you know what to do when it comes to renovating for you not regret it later on.

  1. Formulate a Plan for Funding Your Project

Do decide to renovate your home when you don’t have the right budget for the renovations. That will only lead you to a financial problem later on. If you are really decided in renovating your home, then you have to make sure that you can come up with the budget that is intended and/or needed for the renovations. You have to make some ways on how you can raise a particular amount of money to fund the renovation process.

  1. Become Comfortable With Managing Contractors and Work Crews

There will always be a thing that we don’t know what and how it should be done. With that, don’t hesitate to call and/or ask for help with the contractors and/or work crews. You can definitely hire them provided that you have the budget in funding them and also for the materials that will be used. Also, contractors and/or work crews that you hires knows what to do when it comes to the renovation of the house. If you want them to do a particular thing, all you have to do is instruct them and they will get it right away.

  1. Consider The Resale Value Your Efforts Will Produce

If you are one of those people who renovates their home for them to sell it, then you have to think of a plan on how making the renovation a success. Success in not just accomplishing the desired outcome of the renovation but also, you have to consider if it is worthy of selling. Then there you will know that the renovation that you have is a success since there is a person who wants to buy your home.

  1. Develop Plan for Saving on Home Remodeling Costs

We all know that remodeling our home can sometimes be daunting, especially when we talk about the budget and/or the fund that will be used. If you are a kind of person who want to fully renovate or remodel their homes with their desired interior and exterior design, then you must also consider coming up a budget that would match your desired outcome. Having the right budget and/or money is essential when you want to remodel your home.

5 Cool Ways to Use Your Daybeds

Hands up if you are using a bed in your home! We all do, right? Who doesn’t? With the use of beds, we can now have a good and satisfying rest in our homes in Amaia scapes Lipa. Not just giving us a good rest, but there are also other things that we want to do in our bed. That is why, most people have their own beds at home.



There are actually different kinds of beds that we can have and use at home, daybed is one. The daybed is a kind of couch where you can also use it as your bed. Well, there are actually a lot of people who would prefer dual purpose to save money and space of their house.

If you are a kind of person who wants to have their furniture in a new and different way, then you have to try these kinds of uses and arrangements. I’m sure you’ll surely love and try these in your homes.

1. Daybed as a reading nook

Elizabeth Roberts_Fort_Green_TH_08

If you are a kind of person who just loved to read books, you’ll definitely want to try and have this kind of arrangement of your daybed. You can have it in a corner of your living room or any other rooms that you want to have it, for as long as you can use it whenever you want to read some books.

You can also use your daybed as one of your couch. You can definitely make it as one of your sofa chairs and it is also a great way to spend some time while your books. You can also include some throw pillows to add more beauty and style of your daybed.

2. Daybed as your outdoor furniture



Aside from the flowers and/or any other plants that are included in your garden and/or backyard, then you might want to add some furnitures to it. You may also want to include a daybed in your garden. Of course, just place it to where it can be safe from rain or sun for as not to damage your daybed.

Having a daybed in your backyard can make a relaxing feeling whenever you want to spend some time outside your house. It is also good for an afternoon relaxation. Of course, you can also add some throw pillow to your daybed to make it nicer to look at and also, have a satisfying feeling whenever you want to chill in your backyard.

3. Daybeds for living room



There will always be times when you just want to sleep in your living room, and there are also times that you just want to spend some time doing nothing in your living room. Right? Of course, our living room is one of the place where we usually spend our free time. That is why, we just want to make our living room where we can have our relaxations.

Daybeds in our living room also serves as a dual purpose; we can definitely make it as one of our couch and/or make it as one of our beds. It is always up to you on what you want to do with your daybeds.

4. Daybed for nursery



If you are one of those parents who wants to make their kids comfortable whenever they go to bed, then you might want to try having a daybed in their rooms. With that, they can have it as one of their sofa and or make it as one of their beds. Having a daybed in their room can also saves up their space in their room, since you don’t have the need to include another chair since you can already use their daybed as one of their sofas.

5. Daybed for guests



Aside from a typical bed that we usually see at home, using of daybed for the guests is one way to make them stay and feel at ease. With the new way of turning a typical bed into something new is a great way to satisfying their relaxing stay in your home.

Top 4 Unnecessary Things That You Have at Home

We all know that what we have in our homes in Alveo condominium Cebu are important and useful for our daily living, right? The things in our bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and in the kitchen are all useful for us. Well, who would want to keep some things that they know they don’t need it at all?



For some people, even if they know that they have some things that are not that useful anymore to them yet still keeps it. Perhaps, that particular thing holds a valuable memory for them that is why they cannot let go with it. Well, that would totally be ok and understandable, but buying things that you know that are not that really useful in the house, is not that advisable.

Yes. There are some people would still want to buy things that are not that necessary for their house. Well, you might also be one of those people. If you don’t know what are these things, now here are some things that you might have included in your house and don’t know that it is really not necessary

Toilet seat covers and rugs



Yes. Toilet seat covers and rugs can be one of the accessories that you can include in your bathroom to make it nicer and lovelier to look at, but it doesn’t mean that it is really useful for the bathroom use. You can definitely use the bathroom without those unnecessary accessories that you have just included in your bathroom. Sometimes, it can also be a bother whenever we want to use some water since we don’t want to have the toilet seat covers and rugs be wet with the water. With that, you need to be careful whenever you tend to use the water.

Lots of picture frames



There will be times that your visitors, friends and/or family members who wants to visit your house can feel annoyed with your pictures all over your house. There are pictures of you and your families and friends hanging on each side of the wall. Annoying isn’t it?

Well, if you are a kind of person who just want to have some pictures in their home, then you might as well be moderate in putting up some picture frames in your house. It is also not nice to look at that there are so many picture frames in your house. Perhaps, you can only include pictures that are nice and the most memorable one. Try not to include all.

Outdated curtains



Have you been to a house where there are so many outdated curtains? It is not nice to look at, right? There are actually a lot of curtains that are in store for you, all you have to do is buy the ones that you like. As much as possible, you want to make your home a place where you can be proud of, then you have to choose a stylish curtain that could fit and match up the style of your house. Don’t keep them, replace them instead with a new and stylish one.

Fake flower arrangements



This, a fake one, definitely a no-no!

Well, if you really want to have one at home. Try to have a fresh flower, obviously. When you have it on your house, it doesn’t just add beauty, but also, it gives you the energy throughout the entire day.

If you are a kind of person who is into doing some decorations in your home, you have to make sure that the ones that you have included are also good and impressive to look at. You have to think twice before deciding to include it in one of your decorations at home whether it is worth it or not.

4 Ways to Decorate Your First Bachelor Pad

If there is one thing that every man wanted to have, that is to own and live in a bachelor pad.  Agree? They say, we you have your first bachelor pad, you are now ready to have your own independent life to live. Well, who would not want to live and enjoy life while staying in a condo Makati? There, you can spend a quality time with yourself and with the other people who you want to be with.



Living a life independently would mean, you are on your own. Every decision you make is your own choice. That is why, you have to be very keen when it comes to decision making for you not to regret the things that you have chosen. Aside from choosing to live life independently, choosing the right interior on your bachelor pad is also one thing that you have to consider. Of course, you don’t want to live in a boring and lifeless place. Right?!

In choosing what kind of bachelor pad you want to have is not that difficult to do. Well, that if you already have a plan in mind on what to do when you have your first bachelor pad. For those men who are still confused on how to decorate and beautify the interior of their first bachelor pad, here are some tips you can refer and apply it on your place.

1. Select a color scheme

This is one of the important factors to consider before moving into your bachelor pad. If you are a kind of person who is really particular when it comes to what they see, then you have to choose the right color for your place. It is not just about what color do you want for your place but also, you have to know whether that color that you chose suits on the place that you have.

Usually, when you have your first bachelor pad, it will have its own color; it could be plain white or gray. If you don’t want to have these colors for your pad, you can definitely have it your own kind of color. Just make sure to consider the brightness and the darkness of the color scheme that you will choose.

2. Sell, donate and/or throw away unnecessary accessories

Admit it! We have these unused things that we usually keep. Sometimes, even if that particular thing is not that important, we still tend to keep it in our possession. Well, if you are moving into your first bachelor pad, that is totally a no-no.

Sometimes, you can apply ‘the less, the more’ rule in your place. The less unnecessary things that will be included in your place, the more space that you will have. Also, it is not messy to look at when you have more space in your place, and you don’t need to worry about the things on where to put them since you will have enough space and/or storage for it.

3. Always choose the simplest option

Be simple. That is usually the keyword when you are moving into your first bachelor pad. You can definitely choose whatever style that you like and have, but make sure that it is not that overly done. If you want your place to look more elegant, from the color, and to the furnitures that you have included, then you have to make it simple.

There will always be an elegant touch when you go simple. Designing your place in a simple way can also suits your eyes. Of course, you also have to choose furnitures that are nice and elegant look for you to have a satisfying lifestyle.

4. Add finishing touches

When you are sure of what you want to have and include in your bachelor pad, you may also think of the things that can add beauty to your place. A little bit of a finishing touch on the things and/or the furnitures that you will have is also a plus factor when you want to make your pad nice and satisfying to live in.

Adding some finishing touches can sometimes be a challenge. It is a challenge in a way that you have to know what are the things that can compliment to the other and looks good in your place.

5 Simple Ways To Spend Quality Time With Mom At Home

It’s a mothers month, and we want to make some surprises with our mom. Of course, who would not want to make your mother proud of the things that you have done for her. Even if it is a simple celebration at home in Amaia homes Lipa, you can still make your mother happy.



Since due to our work, we usually don’t have time to spend a quality time for our mother at home. We usually leave early for our work and arrived late at our home which makes it harder to spend time with them. We all know that we are also struggling when it comes to finding some time, but when we do, we have to make sure that it is worth the time to spend.

Aside from a simple celebration, you can definitely spend a quality time with your mom at home. You can do simple and ordinary things that you usually do at home. Well, even if it is just a simple yet you can still make some quality time with your mother. Here are some tips and/or ways on how you can spend a quality time with your mom at home.

1. Make food together

This is one of the common things that most moms would want to do with their kids. Moms wanted to spend time, even when they are cooking some food. Of course, that is aside from eating together. Making and preparing food together is one of the things that they cherish the most.

As a her daughter or son, you have to make them feel that you also value their efforts in making and preparing for the food. You can also definitely compliment their food, especially when it is made and taste good. You have to know how to make them feel special even if it is just a simple compliment.

2. Help them do their work

There are moms that, they don’t usually ask their children for their help when it comes to their own and personal work. Perhaps, they know how busy their kids might be from their school or in work. Well, you don’t need to be asked by your mom.

If you think that your mom needs assistance, then you should be available to give her a helping hand. If your mom has some unfinished things to do, you have to help them in their work to make things easier for her.

3. Watch your favorite tv show/movie

There are movies that both you and your mom would love to watch. If you have some free time, try to watch your favorite tv show or a movie together with her. Even if you don’t have enough time, as her daughter or son, it is also your responsibility to find and make some adjustments in your time with hers for both of you can spend time watching your favorite movie together.

Well, considering the fact that we are all busy with our individual lives, at least you will have some time to bond with your mom. Even if it is just once a week or every weekend, then it is ok for her. At least, you have both the time for each other.

4. Treat your mom with her favorite food

Some moms would not demand on what they would want to have. Perhaps, they don’t want to make their kids be burdened by their request. Well, if you think that your mom need some break, you might want to treat her with her favorite food.

If your mother wants a strawberry flavored ice cream, then you can definitely bring some at home. Even if it is just a simple something from you to them, they will surely want to have it, especially when it is all come from your heart.

5. Be with her for a morning/afternoon walk

There are moms who just love to walk throughout the entire neighborhood. Perhaps, they just want to have a good look of the neighborhood or even make friends with the neighbors. You can definitely spend some time together while walking.

There, you can have time to talk about the things that you both love to talk about. Try to have a topic that can make your mother happy, just set aside first the problems that you have and talk about happy things for her to be happy.

Even these tips and/or ways above are the simplest things that you can do with your mom, but these simple things can already make your mother happy and proud of you. Try not to be selfish about the things that you have and share it with your mom. Love your mom. Well, that goes without saying.