Moving In: Pre-Move Anticipation vs. After-Move Reality

Moving into your new home is one of the ultimate fresh starts for a new life – new opportunities that may come your way, and of course, new experiences. And whether you like it or not, the feeling of moving in is always different than your previous one. It’s always new. Agree? Usually, there will always be a lot of things to think of before and after moving into your new home – what to do after moving in? What are my neighbours look like, or are they friendly or not?

There are even times that we tend to anticipate things and/or situations before we officially moved to our new home. However, what we know and expect is way too different from the reality that we are into. But despite all those failed expectations, we can still find new possibilities, new neighbours and new job opportunities. Well, moving into your new home is not a bad thing after all.

While other people tend to deal with the situation, some of you here might have already anticipated what will happen next. Well, below are the usual thoughts most people have when it comes to anticipating versus the reality.


The area will be dangerous


It’s not so bad, but definitely has its rougher areas. Just don’t be too complacent about it. However, one way or another, you will feel safe

  • One of the major concerns most homeowners and/or tenants have been their own safety. Of course, who wouldn’t, when your life is on the line?


Neighbours will be weird, crazy, backbiters and/or noisy


They are actually really nice and totally normal. There are even some neighbours greet you with a warm welcome. Fret not! You will definitely feel belonged in no time.

  • As a homeowner, it is one of our concerns whether we can trust the people around us or not. Or even think whether they are safe to be with or not. Making friends with our neighbours is one of the many ways to live a healthy lifestyle.


Landlords or property management will be unaccommodating and hard to communicate with.


Not so bad! They are very kind to take your concerns at heart. And most of them are considerate when it comes to the terms and conditions of the property.

  • If you don’t want to have any problems at all, then you better start off with your landlords and/or property management. Well, they are there to help you with whatever concerns you have regarding the property that you are staying.


Dealing with bugs is totally a nightmare


First off, you are going to deal with bugs, since they are everywhere. Even before you moved into your new home, there are even bugs on your previous home. So, you better get used to it!

  • Well, some of you here might not really use to dealing with bugs. If you do, then you have to make sure that everything inside your home is clean and organized so that the bugs will not stay in your home.


You can’t host any parties at all since your apartment is too small enough to accommodate all of them.


Your guest will definitely not mind whether your apartment in Cebu is small or not, for as long as they are having fun, then they will be okay with it.

  • Just because you moved in, it doesn’t mean you cannot do the things that you wanted to do. Nope, you still can! Well, you just have to make sure that you know how to properly arrange the settings of your apartment to look and have a bigger space.


Your apartment will going to look amazing and beautiful


Whether you like it or not, you can’t definitely pull that off for the first, second, or third week since you are still in a stage of arranging and knowing what and where to put your things. Well, unless you have some helpers, then the work will be faster than the usual one.

  • Considering the fact that it is your new home, there are still a lot of things to think of before you can actually make your new home the way you wanted it to be. Well, that unless, you already have done the necessary renovations and home decorations before you moved in.

Thinking about what will happen next is quite annoying and irritating, especially when you actually don’t have any idea at all. Well, anticipating things is not a bad thing after all. At least, you will be surprised on the experiences you will have since it is not what you really expected.


5 Lessons You Can Get From Real Estate Professionals Just By Observing

We do all know selling a product can also be a challenge on our end, how much more when you are selling a property. How will you sell it to your target clients? What kind of approach will you apply to your clients to be interested and engaged with the properties that you have? These might be some simple questions, but definitely a challenging one to achieve. Agree? Unless you are good at sales talking, selling is a piece of cake. However, for some, to grab their clients’ attention can be their worst nightmare.

A lot of you here might have some ideas on how to do real estate transactions, and you might even teach or give some advices to first time homebuyers on what they supposed to do when it comes to their real estate investments. But do you know that you can definitely get some lessons from the real estate professionals without telling and letting you know? Of course, being observant is the key to success!

Being observant doesn’t mean that you are going to stare an hour at the real estate agents. You will know what kind of agent they are when you know how to observe. Well, you can be keen about the way they approach you, talk, walk and even with their facial expressions. With that, below are some of those lessons we get just by observing them.

1. First impression lasts

Ok, let’s admit! One of the most common things that we can immediately observe is by their appearance. There are even times that brokers can immediately steal our attention is because they are handsome and/or pretty. Right? Of course, they are not just selling the products that have; they are also selling their selves. How can they convince their clients when in the first place they are not that convincing to look at? Projecting a good impression on yourself will most likely have a good and satisfying outcome.

2.  Be capable

Once your client is satisfied with the services that you had given to them, they will most likely be your repeat buyer, or even help you get another potential client to invest in the property that you are selling. Addressing their respective concerns is one of the many ways your clients will like you and recommend you to the others. Of course, it is already proven that you are a good and potential real estate agent that is capable of giving the services that they really wanted.

3. Being attentive

Aside from having a good sales talk, you should also be attentive to the concerns of your clients. As much as possible, you know how to address their queries when it comes to the investments that they have made with you. Remember, in a real estate industry, you will have a lot of competitors in the market. Your potential client might be interested on your competitor, since they know how they can help them with the questions that they have than you are. When you are attentive enough with their concerns, you might save their decision and turn their no into a yes.

4.  Be professional with the time

Your clients’ time is one of the crucial things to consider. Yes, we are all busy. However, you must know that respecting your clients’ time can give a great impact to them. There will always be do’s and don’ts when it comes to calling your clients. Most of the potential clients hate it when brokers call them early in the morning and during Mondays. Being keen and considerate with your clients’ time will help them decide whether they want to pursue the investments with you or not.

5.  Be a friend

Your clients are not just your potential buyers; they can also be your friend. With the constant communication and follow-up about their real estate investments with you, you can definitely form a good rapport towards them. Of course, you have to make sure that you are also being professional and friendly at the same time. With that, it is easier for you to get their attention and have their yes in the real estate transactions.

To Brokers: Watch Your Move! You’re killing the Deal!

Yes, you have great products and offers, and all. So, why is it that your clients still reject the offer? How come they were not convinced enough for them to be engaged in your products? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself: What do you usually do when you negotiate with your clients? What kind of gestures, you show to them? Do you keep your body language still? Does it ring a bell? Well, perhaps, it is because of how and the way you approach your clients is definitely wrong.

One way or another, your potential clients are observant. They are keen to every single detail of their transaction for them to have an assurance. And aside from the conversation that you have with them, they also observe your body language, whether if it is convincing or not. Yes, some of you here are good at sales talk, but they lack the right etiquette – which makes the client decide to turn the offer down.

Fortunately, we can now determine which of your body language can cause your deal at risk. Credits to some psychologists who studied on how to identify gestures that are not applicable when it comes to transacting and negotiating potential clients! And as a broker, you must know your move!

Did you keep your body language still?

If you are a real estate broker, one of the things you should NEVER do is to show your mannerisms and/or do some unnecessary movements to your clients. Showing it to them is a sign of unprofessionalism, and that might be the reason why your clients will not trust you to continue the business transaction. However, if you keep your body still (just don’t be too stiff though), your clients will sense that you are calm and in control of the situation.

Did you appear weak?

If you think you are weak, then being a broker is not going to be the right career for you. Weak in a way you stand and sit is uncertain. These are both weak poses that suggest you lack confidence in dealing the business. And clients will never trust brokers who don’t have any confidence in their work at all. Well, if you are this kind of person, then you have to break yourself of these habits by practicing your breathing. Inhaling and exhaling can help you calm your nerves and reduces nervous fidgeting.

The ‘power poses’

Generally, most clients usually want brokers who know the things that they are doing. They wanted that brokers are sure of every single step when it comes to the process of the transaction. Of course, they will not give their trust to the people who don’t have the assurance that they can give the things that they want for their future. And if they notice that you can be a kind of broker who can be trusted, your client will feel more confident in achieving what they want. Yes, being authoritative might sound aggressive. However, using it in a right way can give your confidence a boost.

Did you make direct eye contact?

Having some eye contact with your clients can be the most intimidating and challenging things to do, agree? Well, perhaps, you will know whether the person is sincere or not just by looking through their eyes. However, in the real estate industry, making some eye contact is definitely a must to gain your clients’ trust. Avoiding your clients’ eyes is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence. You definitely don’t want to lose your clients’ trust, do you?

Did you intimidate or try to control your clients?

Just because you have the authority over the matter and have confidence in it, it doesn’t mean you can already intimidate your clients. Yes, intimidating in a way that your clients will feel uncomfortable talking and doing their business with you. However, if you keep a friendly tone and atmosphere, then your clients will definitely feel at ease and confident when it comes to transacting their business with you.

There is no definite rule on how you can let your potential clients engage with your products. It will always be depends on your selling and/or marketing skill. Moreover, it is a matter on the convincing and persuading technique that you are going to use on them. There is a caveat though, although there is no definite rule, as a broker, it is still a must for you to know and understand the ins and outs of the real estate industry, especially when negotiating with your clients. Well, if you can pull it off, then the deal is yours!

Return of Investment 101: Home Improvement Tip of the Week

There will always be a fun factor when it comes to improving your home. Agree? Of course, you’ve got the chance to apply your ideal home design to your own property. Well, there will definitely be a lot of careful thinking and planning as to what and how you are going to renovate and/or arrange the things inside and outside of your home – and that alone makes it more fun and challenging to do on the part of the homeowners.

A lot of you here, especially homeowners, are into home improvements. While others do the renovation for their own lifestyle, other homeowners do it to for investments. Generally, when they know and learn new ideas, they usually and/or immediately apply their learning in their own home. However for some, they just can’t pull it off. Sometimes, they fail to have a careful plan on what they are supposed to do.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who have a hard time thinking on just what to do when it comes to home improvement, then you might want to try applying these simple tips on how you can make it a success, and for you to have a higher return of investments. Whether you’re living in a bgc condo or any other real estate property,  you can apply it on your own home.

Tip # 1: If you want to boost your property value, remodel the bathroom

Some of you here might be planning on selling and/or renting your home, or at least in the future. If you do, then you better remodel and improve your bathroom. Bathroom? Yes! Why? Bathroom is where we usually clean ourselves; it is where we want to be refreshed. Of course, it will definitely be more refreshing if your bathroom is nice and cozy enough for you to use.

Moreover, there are already studies that show that most homeowners usually see to it that the ideal bathroom that they want to have will also be in the property that they are going to rent/buy. So, you better meet their expectations!

Tip # 2: Every penny you spend on a new kitchen only increases the value of your home by 50 cents.

Before you decide on what you are going to do when it comes to improving your home, it is a must for you to ask yourself why you are renovating your kitchen in the first place. Why not some other places in your house? Well yes, the kitchen is still part of your home which is why we also need to renovate it. However, unlike tip # 1, focusing on the renovation of your kitchen offers among the lowest return of investment.

The kitchen is not just the only room that most people want to spend the rest of their free time with; there are still other rooms that need to be improved which helps grab the homebuyer’s attention. However, if you are still planning to renovate your kitchen, then you just have to make sure that it will not consume too much of your time, effort and money. You better think on what else you need to improve inside and outside of your home.

Tip # 3: Get a higher return on investment by adding a story, not redoing the basement.

When renovating a home, you don’t just renovate the first floor of it, unless your home is a bungalow type. However, adding up a story on your home is a good idea for you to have a higher return on investment. Most of the times, homeowners are into properties that have two or three stories. Especially when the homebuyers have a lot of families to live with them, they will definitely choose a bigger property.

Moreover, as a home seller, you have the right to place a higher value on your property, especially when you know that your property is worthy to have a higher price. With that, you will definitely not be on a losing end of your investment.

Doing home improvements is not that hard as you think. For as long as you know the process and you know what to do when it comes to the renovation of your house, then you will definitely achieve your desired outcome of investments.