Living With Roommates 101: Lessons You can Learn While Living Together


If you happen to have a roommate, there will be a lot of possibilities you can encounter while living together. Of course, there might be times living with a roommate can be hellish, but there are also things that you can be proud and thankful for. And whether you realize it or not, there will always be a difference between living with a roommate and solo. And it doesn’t matter what property you invest in the Philippines, having a roommate is going to be an amazing experience for you to have.

However, not all people who are living with a roommate can appreciate such opportunity. That is why, if you are one of those people who are living with a roommate, below are some things that you should be thankful for. Yes, we may not have the same experience with the others, but, at least, your roommates still done a good deed to you.

1. Teaching how to cook

This is one of the advantages if you are living with a roommate. Well, if you have a roommate that is good in cooking, then this gives you an opportunity to learn from them. Moreover, this is a good chance to learn especially to those people who don’t know how to cook yet. Cooking with a roommate does not just save you a lot of money, this will also give you time to bond and have a good friend – not just a mere roommate.

2. Not freaking out when you forgot to take out the trash

Your roommates will save you especially in times like this. Of course, some communities are strict when it comes to the garbage collection. If you forget to take it out, then you have to wait for another day just to get your trash. And if you have a lot of trash that are already piling up, then you better ask help from your roommates.

3. Staying up with you while you did your laundry late Sunday night

This is also one of the many things that you should be thankful for. It is definitely lonely and boring if you do your laundry alone. Of course, if you have someone to talk to, you can finish your laundry in no time. Moreover, they also have the tendency to help you with the washing of your clothes.

4. Becoming obsessed with the same TV shows as you do

Isn’t it fun to have someone who has the same interest as you do? Especially when it comes to TV shows, you can talk about it while giving out opinionated statements with each other. You can do some critics on what things that you like and hate about the show. With that, this will also give you an opportunity to bond with each other. Moreover, since you are constantly talking about your favorite TV shows, this may also lead to a serious topic where you can be both interests with.

5. Convincing you to leave apartment a little more than you would have otherwise

This is also one of the exciting things you can encounter when you have a roommate who enjoys going out. Of course, they will also tend to invite you to go out with them. Well, if you are a kind of person who does not usually go out, then this is the time for you to experience the outside world.

6. Staying up late to talk about life

Well, some of you here might need a friend where they can have someone to talk to. Roommates are there for you to talk about what is going on with your life. Of course, this is also the time where they can give you advisable for you to cope up with your life.

7. Bringing home a snack

This is one of the things that you definitely like about having a roommate. There are just times that your roommate wants to bring some food for you to share. Of course, who would not want that, right? Foods are good for the soul and good for friendships.

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Residence Cleaning: Ways You Are Making a Tedious Task Harder


From time to time, your houses or your condominium units would need to be routinely cleaned in order to maintain a healthy environment and a sustainable lifestyle. Over the years of your stay, you would accumulate excess clutter and this clutter would eventually gather dust and other microorganisms that would pose a precarious threat to your health if left as is and unattended. However, house cleaning and organization does not rank very high on people’s to-do list as they find this monotonous housework rather tedious and time-consuming. More often than not, people would push this at the very bottom of their house tasks, and even if they do manage to do it, some extraneous factors would make this task even more cumbersome than it already is. And when this happens, a certain reluctance to do housework would ensue.

In order to identify what these factors are, this article has collected a list of five things that may be making your house cleaning more difficult for you than it should be. This is so that the next time you would do some spring-cleaning, you would avoid committing the same mistakes. After all, keeping a clean home (whether you are living 1016 residences or in one serendra) is key to a sustainable living.

1.) You hold activities in rooms which are not intended for those uses

Most of us are probably guilty of eating chips while watching a movie in bed or have worked in the living room at least once in a week. When you do these, you are introducing items into an area wherein they are not meant to be which probably means that you have to bring those items back where they below or your house would look messy. How often is it that we would leave a bowl or two on our bedside table and neglected to pick it up because we have forgotten? This does not seem much but if you habitually kept items where they should be stored, then it would be a lot easier for them to find their way home again—which essentially means less clutter to look at.

2.) You do not clean as you go

For those of you who are leading perpetually busy lifestyles, washing a bowl after using it would seem extraneous and you would rather leave it on the sink to wash for another day. Do this every single day and your dish cleaning duty would pile up before you know it. When it comes to minimizing cleaning tasks, it is best to clean as you go. Clean your shower right after you have showered, immediately organize your closet right after you have chosen an outfit and wash the sink right away after you have washed dishes. These are just a few examples but they will definitely make your cleaning task on the weekend much easier.

3.) You are inadvertently introducing more dirt into your house

Some people who have managed to keep their houses spotless have unique habits that make their houses pristine and immaculate. Some of these practices would include having house slippers and refraining from stepping into the house with their outside shoes, slippers and footwear on. By incorporating some of these practices, you would be effectively cutting down the time required for cleaning your homes.

4.) You are not efficient

Cleaning your houses effectively as well as easily largely depends on how efficient you are in going about it. If you want to get your cleaning job under way and done in a short amount of time, you need to have your tools and cleaning apparatuses with you all the time and from room to room (this means lugging around a trash bag too). Clean your house methodically by starting at the back of your homes then to the front and from the back of each room to the front. Tackle one room at a time and do not switch tasks.

5.) You do not have a schedule

If you do not stick to a cleaning schedule and are keen on procrastinating cleaning duties or postponing it, then you are effectively putting yourself in a difficult situation wherein your home would require more time to clean owing to the accumulated amount of grime and dirt. Find a reasonable schedule that works for you and stick to it. Treat it as a responsibility and it should be on your calendar as well as your priority list. Make it a habit so that you would not have to scrub for hours.

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Top 4 Facts Why You Have a Messy Home


It is undeniable that we sometimes have a messy home. Of course, keeping up the pace of being neat and organized at home may be a challenge especially if you are busy with so many things in life. Well, you are not alone with this sentiment, since there are actually a lot of homeowners who are also struggling when it comes to their clutter. And I’m sure nobody would be happy whenever they see things that are scattered all over the place, right?

But let’s face it! Since we don’t have much time for it, we tend to let it be, which is definitely not a good habit for a lifestyle. Some of us here don’t know why they tend to have so many things at home. While others, just don’t care too much about it. Well, it doesn’t matter if you are living in Makati condo or any other real estate in the Philippines, being neat and organized at home is within your reach.

However, if you are one of those homeowners who don’t know why they have plenty of things at home, then you might not realize something. And to give you some idea of what it is all about, below are the facts or reasons as to why you always have a messy home.

1. We just can’t resist a freebie or a sale

This is one of the reasons why we tend to have so many clothes in our closet. Even if there are times that we don’t need to have such clothes, or you don’t even feel like wearing it, but for the sake that it is a sale, you have the tendency to be tempted to buy it. Of course, since the clothes you bought is useless, it will only make your closet full. And the more you buy such clothes since it is on sale, you don’t just keep useless things at home, you are also wasting your money and time.

2. We hold onto keepsakes and sentimental items because we’re afraid to let them go

Whether you realize it not, we humans are sentimental. That is why we tend to hold on and keep things that hold value to us. Although most of our items are not that useful to use, for the sake that they are given to someone, we tend to keep it without realizing that we are already keeping useless things at home. Well, if you think that that particular thing doesn’t have to do with your anymore and is not that useful to you, then you better throw it away.

3. We like to have a lot of stuff around

Hands up if you are one of those people who just have too much stuff at home. Some of us here would feel empty when they don’t have a lot of things at home. They just don’t care if they are useless or not for as long as they have the things around them, which is definitely not a good thing to do. If you really want to have a lot of things at home, then you better have the things that are useful for you. With that, you will be keeping useless things at home.

4. We think we “might need it someday”

There are just times that we are tempted to buy that particular thing because we think that we might need it someday. When you do, then you better think again before you decide to buy that particular thing. This will only lead you to buy and keeping the useless thing at home. And I’m sure you don’t want to keep things that can bother you at home, right. That is why, you have to make sure that before you decide to buy it, better have a second though whether or not you need it.

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Inviting Friends for a Sleepover? Here’s What to Consider!


Summer is almost near. And one of the fun and exciting things we want to do during these times is inviting friends for a sleepover. Who would not want to have fun? It doesn’t matter where we live to be it in Alveo Land Manila or any other real estate in the Philippines, you can definitely have a fun sleepover with your friends. Well, it should not be that hard to invite them for as long as you know the dos and don’t of a sleepover.

You can’t invite friends to sleep in your home if you don’t have any idea at all what really is a sleepover. Basically, a sleepover is spending the night away from home or having guests to spend the night in your home. Of course, if you are planning to invite your friends over, then you might want to consider some things for you to have fun.

Where can they sleep?

This is one of the important things you should consider before inviting them over. Of course, they are spending the night in your home. That means, there must be a place where they can comfortably sleep. Well, if you are one of those people who don’t have any extra room for them, then you might consider having a comfortable space at home where they can sleep. Don’t let them sleep anywhere. And don’t forget the comfy pillows and blankets, they need it.

What about privacy?

When we talk about a sleepover, you can expect guests who are really concern about their privacy. Of course, this is also one of the things you should not forget to consider. If you think that there is no room for them to change their clothes, or if your home is open for everybody, then you might not be capable of inviting them for a sleepover. There are things your friends or guests value privacy, especially when taking a shower of course.

What transportation is available?

If you think that your home is too far for them, then you might think twice before inviting them. Unless if they are ok with it and have a private car, then thinking about where and how to get into your place might be hard on their part. Of course, you don’t want to make your friends or guests inconvenience when it comes to going to your place, right? However, if you really want to invite them over to your home, then you might as well think of a way where they can be to their convenience. Think about what transportation they can have to make it easier for them to find your home.

What food should I offer?

A sleepover will never be complete when there is no food available, right? There must be. If you are not planning to eat dinner at home, at least, you have some snacks where you can offer it to them. They are your guests, don’t let them starve when they feel hungry. Make them feel they are still at their home and can eat whatever and whenever they can. Well, a full fridge would be advisable for you to have. This is also one way to make them enjoy their stay.

Can I handle this person 24-7 for the amount of time?

Basically, when you invite friends over your home, they are your responsibility. It is your duty to make sure that they will have a good stay. They will not have any problems in going and finding your home, they should not feel hungry, there should be board games or any other games that you can think of, and a comfy room where they can have a good night sleep. Of course, you should consider all of these things. However, if you think that you cannot handle them, then you might not be capable in inviting your friends for a sleepover. Well, there will always be next times when you are now ready.

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6 Lessons Renters Learned When Looking for Their First Apartment




If you think that looking for an apartment is a piece of cake, then you better think again. Not all apartment hunting ends up successful. Especially if you are not sure about the things you want to have when looking for one, it is going to be a difficult search on your end. However, if you know what you are looking for an ideal apartment, then it is most likely be easy.

Searching for a good apartment can also be daunting and challenging. Since there are so many apartments that are available, count the Davao apartments in, choosing the right place for you is going to take some time. Of course, it is also a must for you to think of the basic necessities while you are living in the place. Is it neighbour friendly, accessible, excellent amenities, and other things you should consider when you rent one.

And if you are one of those people who are in search of an apartment, they here are some lessons you can get from most renters when looking for their first apartment. Who knows, what they experience would also be your experience.

1. Do your research

Don’t ever decide to rent an apartment if you are not sure about it. Of course, there will be what-ifs and other questions that you need to ask for anything else. The tendency if you are not going to do your research first, you will definitely regret choosing that particular place later on. If you don’t anything about that particular apartment, then ask the management or search it online. With that, you will see the basic details that you need to know.

2. Have a budget

Yes, you already saw a potential apartment for you. The question is, can you afford to pay it? This is one of the things most renters failed to consider. That is why they usually have a hard time paying their monthly dues. If you think that you can afford to pay such nice apartment, then go it is your call. However, don’t force yourself to have one if you are not capable of paying, since paying such would be one of your nightmares.

3. Bring a friend

People have different tastes when it comes to choosing an apartment. Some of them want to have this and that. While for some, they just want to have a minimalist apartment. And if you are not sure when it comes to the overall design, then bringing a friend would be helpful. Usually, friends are the ones who can tell you that that particular apartment is bad or good. Of course, their opinions are also helpful to you.

4. Consider the landlord

Whether you realize it or not, the landlord can also be the factor of making or breaking the atmosphere. You might not know, you have a landlord who is not that approachable enough which leads to a misunderstanding when it comes to the monthly payments. However, if you have a good landlord, there will be times that they will consider any circumstances, especially when times you cannot pay the rent.

5. Have realistic expectations

Having a high expectation may not be an ideal thing to do. Expecting something is not a bad thing at all. However, this is one of the many reasons why most renters tend to be dismayed especially when they saw the overall design of the place. Be realistic enough that you will not be hurt when things around you can’t reach such expectations of yours.

6. Embrace compromise

As a renter, you have to expect that there are just times that you need to compromise. Of course, not all things would go on your way. You have to expect changes and other things that come in your way. Of course, you also have to be prepared in anyways.


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