Having Unexpected Guests? Here’s How to Fake a Clean House


Ok, let’s admit! Cleaning can sometimes be a hassle on our part. Especially when you are too busy with your work or in your school, cleaning is one of the least tasks you want to do. But what if an old friend would pay you a surprise visit? What will you do? Perhaps, all you think about faking a clean home, right? In just 5-20 minutes, you can give an illusion to your visitor that your home is clean. Well, that may be the perks of being smart when it comes to home cleaning hacks, right?

While other people would prefer a deep clean, but for some people who don’t have the luxury of time to clean their home, you can refer to these simple tips below. And whether you are living in 1016 residences or any other properties, you can definitely achieve a clean home. Here’s how:

Entry way

As we all know, the first thing that our guest will see or notice is our entry way. That means, you should take necessary measure when it comes to cleaning it. Remove any clutter and make sure that the place is not dusty and dirty.

Odor control

Bad odor is definitely a no-no! This doesn’t just turn your visitors off, but it will also reflect of you who and what you are. Perhaps, that foul smell came from the waste of your pet, a spoiled food from your fridge, or dishes that are not immediately washed that lingers in your house. why don’t you spray some of your favorite air freshener to remove any unpleasant smell? You can turn on the fan and open your windows to let the smell go away. This is also one way to get the stale air moving.

Clutter control

It is undeniable that we may have things that are scattered anywhere in our house. Perhaps, you hung your clothes on the chair yesterday and you forget to put it back on your closet. And mind you, there’s nothing messier than clutter. Well, just grab a laundry basket, a sack or any other storage available at home and begin to gather your things. Don’t worry about where you should put that particular thing. Just let your things out of sight until after your guests leave.

Living room

One of the important things you should consider to clean is your living room. It is where you will be sitting and visiting the most. And since you’re done making the place good and you’ve already removed the clutter, the next thing you can do is to focus on tidying the surfaces. If there are anything that needs to put away, then you better have it right after decluttering the living room. Or perhaps, you can think about what you can put to make it more attractive to look at.


Your bathroom should always be ready to use whenever your guest needs to use it. And in order for you to achieve such, you should clean your bathroom with a disinfecting wipe or a cleaning cloth and all-purpose spray. Quickly remove all the clutter, change the trash and wipe the down the mirror. Moreover, you should not forget about the hand soap, a hand towel and toilet paper always in ready for use.

Freshen yourself

It is a normal thing to do to freshen up yourself whenever you have visitors coming to your house. Yes, your guests will generally examine how clean your house is. But they will most likely spend more time looking at you than at your house. That is why, you have to make sure that you are presentable enough whenever you meet them. Of course, this goes without saying.


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Why It’s Advantage to Live in a Walking Distance Community


There will always be a lot of advantages when you live in a walking distance community. Especially nowadays when vehicles are everywhere, it is better to walk going to and fro from our work or school than being stuck in a heavy traffic, right? And if you have noticed, more and more people are now into investing in a property where all the necessities are a walking distance to where they live. In fact, there are even some homeowners who prefer living in a condo near the airport than any other properties.

Aside from the benefits of not being stuck in a heavy traffic, there are still a lot of benefits you can get when you live in a walking distance community. And to give you some ideas, below are some reasons or advantages you can also get.

Walking promotes a healthy lifestyle

As we all know walking is a form of exercising. Moreover, it is an active activity, and you don’t need to spend more just to become fit since you are performing it everyday. And a constant walk going to and fro on your destination would also promote and improve one’s fitness. Additionally, walking is also one of the many ways you can meet different and potential people on the streets. Who knows? You’ll meet your old friend in the middle of the crowd who are also walking to their respective destinations, right?

Walking helps save the environment

Whether you realize it or not, by walking, you are already saving the environment. Of course, you’re lessening the air pollution caused by an exhaust of a vehicle, or from a noise pollution caused by horns of a car. These pollutions don’t just bring a great impact to our environment, but also on our health. In fact, there are a lot of people who get sick just because of these kinds of pollution every single day. And I’m sure you don’t want to add to that cause, right?

Walking can help save money

Saving money is also one the common advantages of living a walking distance community. And if you are one of those people who are saving for their everyday expenses, then living in such community can help you with that matter. Obviously, you don’t need to pay expensive taxi fare just to get to your destination, right? And mind you, you can really save a lot with this.

Walking promotes people-centred urban planning

Do you know that a true indicator of a progressive city is when people walk or take public transport instead of driving to their destination? Because of its good public infrastructure, people can easily go to wherever places they want to without worrying about how congested the traffic is.

Walking is safer and promotes a sense of community

If you think that walking to and fro to your destination is a dangerous idea, then you better think again. Obviously, there are pedestrian lines that are intended for the people to walk or cross freely and safely and the streets. Sidewalks are also available for safety purposes. Moreover, isn’t it amazing how living in a community where most people are into a healthy lifestyle?

Property values and walking

Through living in a community, people will be oriented about how to value other neighbouring communities, especially areas that are near offices, hospitals, schools, and other places near to people’s home. Moreover, people will also know how to be mindful of when using the spaces for the people to use, such as pedestrians, and sidewalks.

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Bed Linens 101: Five Facts of How Your Sheets Affect How You Sleep


Our beds have been something we consider as our sanctuary–a kind refuge from the day’s activities and where we can lie down and forget the world and just relax. In fact, the bed is truly that one place wherein we are most vulnerable as we close our eyes for a restful slumber. In this place, we are so unassuming and yet so at ease with ourselves and in our rest. This is probably the main reason why so many people would invest a lot in making their bedchambers a good place to sleep in–and they are probably right on that idea, as an investment on sleep would always pay off as it guarantees you a better tomorrow.

However, unbeknownst to you, the thing coming between you and a good night’s sleep may just be that little layer of linen beddings that separates you from your mattress. Improving sleep quality is largely dependent on the activities you have done leading to your bedtime but believe it or not, something as little and as insignificant as this can make all the difference between a full night of forty winks and a night of persistent tossing and turning. If you are curious as to why you wake up in the morning without feeling recharged or refreshed, your bed sheets may be the reason. Here are some truths about them that may be affecting how you sleep.

1.) Higher thread count does not always mean higher quality

Your linens may boast of incredibly high thread counts and your sheets and pillow cases may have a thousand and more thread count indicated on their cases. Although they may proclaim to be the best linen sheets, they are not always necessarily more luxurious than their counterparts with lesser thread counts . Realistically, any thread count exceeding five hundred should make you skeptical as some makers are redefining the word “thread” to mean two textiles woven together. Usually, anything higher than four hundred would mean that they have been using synthetic finishes which mean when they would dissipate, the sheets are barely recognizable. Instead, opt for a realistic number that tops at four hundred max.

2.) Wash new sheets before using them

This should be perfunctory but unfortunately, some of us neglect to do it and break in our sheets the moment we purchase and acquire them. To ensure you that your sheets are cool and fresh, wash them at least two times before setting them on the bed because more often than not, irritants can seep in when they are in the packaging and some chemicals may have been used to keep them fresh. Wash them thoroughly to make sure you do not irritate your skin.

3.) People with sensitive skin may have an issue with detergent rather than the bedding material

If you are a sleeper with sensitive skin and have found yourself waking up with rash more than usual, your issue may have something to do with your detergent rather than the material used in your bedding. Closely inspect your detergent and see if any of them use things such as perfumes, dyes, and other chemicals similar that may be an irritant for your sensitive skin. Be sure to wash your linens with detergents free of these toxic chemicals.

4.) Buy new bedding every 18 to 24 months

Apart from making your beds look aesthetically appealing visually, buying new bedding every now and then would definitely make you feel more comfortable when you sleep on them as it not only looks better, it feels better. All those frequent washing in hot water will shorten the life span of any fabric and would likely affect your sleep, so it is imperative that you purchase new beddings every once in a while.

5.) Change your sheets once every two weeks or whenever you deem necessary

Sleeping on clean and comfortable sheets is paramount to a night of restful sleep, so all that extra laundry you would be doing is not all for naught as it guarantees you a good rest. However, the interval between changing from old sheets to fresher ones largely depends on what kind of lifestyle you have. If you are active than most individuals and would climb to bed without taking a shower, a shorter interval for changing sheets would be highly recommended.


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How Often Should You Change Your Sheets


If there’s one thing that you want to add to complete a satisfying and relaxing rest, that would be our bed sheets. Agree? Generally, beds would not be complete when there are not bed sheets at all. Sheets are not just there to give us the comfort that we need, but it also affect the quality of sleep become a productive person. Obviously, if you have a good sleep or rest, the more you can focus on the things you need to do.

Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your time in bed? That means, from the time you go to sleep until you wake up, linen sheets are there to give you the comfort that you need. However, having a dirty bed sheet is an unhealthy thing to have. This may result in skin allergies and asthma caused by the dirty and dusty sheets.

But sad to say, not all homeowners are able to wash their bed sheets regularly. Perhaps, they don’t have the time to clean such considering their workload. Some of you here might even wonder and ask, “How often should we change our sheets?” Basically, it is the most common questions for most homeowners.

It is a general rule that you should wash your bed sheets every once or twice a week. Yes, this may sometimes be a hassle on our part since there are still so many things out there that we need to attend to. Most experts recommend that washing the sheets should be done daily to make sure the bacteria are gone. There are even people who wash and change their sheets once every couple of weeks or once a month – that if you don’t have terrible allergies and a compromised immune system. But as a homeowner, you have to remember that cleaning and changing your sheets regularly is a must to prevent you from any health issues.

However, when you fail to wash the sheets regularly, this will contribute to increased suffering from health problems. Dirty sheets do not just affect your health issues, but this will also be the cause of having mites or dust mites, bugs and other insects that interrupt our good and satisfying sleep. Moreover, people who have sensitive skin will most likely have skin rashes when you fail to clean the sheet before you go to bed.

Yes, “dirty” may be a subjective thing. But always remember that as we sleep, our body also produces dead skin, falling hair, and exudes oils and bacteria. Plus if you have pets at home, dust mites and what your dog or cat may leave behind can also add to the “dirty” factor on your bed sheets.

Another factor that contributes to the cleanliness of your bed sheets is on how you wash them properly. If you are not keen what spot you need to have a deep clean, then there might be possibilities bacteria are still going to stay even if you’ve done washing it. Unless you have sheets made of silk, you can wash your bed sheets in hot water to kill bacteria and dust mites. But there’s a caveat, though, hot water can also decrease the life of delicate sheets, that is why to have some alternate schedule for it. A better option or way to properly clean your sheets is to have some dry cleaning or steam cleaning. With this, you can definitely ensure a clean bed sheet.

However, you can definitely also wash you sheets on your personal preference. But you have to make sure to wash them with care to prevent some damages on its delicate trim. Additionally, it is also a good idea to launder them weekly to remove dirt and dust.

See? Washing and changing your bed sheets is not that hard as you think it is. For as long as you handle the sheets with care, then you will mostly get what you want to have for your bed sheets. Of course, if you have a good and clean sheet, then you will also have a good and comfortable rest.

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5 Hacks to Visually Enlarge Your Small Space

Hands up if you are one of those people who live in small spaces! Have you ever feel that your walls are already closing in on you? Like you don’t have any space available for you to freely roam around your home? Well, fret not! You are not alone! Yes, there are actually a lot of homeowners who share the same sentiments as you do.

However, just because you have a small home, you can’t do anything about it anymore. Generally, it doesn’t matter if you live in house and lot for sale Philippines (Cavite specifically) visually enlarging your small space is within your reach.

Thinking about what and what not to do when it comes to improving the interior design of your home can sometimes be daunting and challenging. Of course, you need to think about the things you need to do for you to achieve a desirable outcome of your home. And to give you some ideas, below are the top five hacks to visually enlarge your small spaces at home.

No worries! These tips or hacks are easy for you to use in your own home.

1. Lighten up

Choosing the right color for your home is one of the most important things you must consider. Of course, the color of walls can help visually expand your space. Well, you can go for a white color for your walls. Although some of you here might think that white is just a plain color, but never underestimate it since it can do wonders when it comes to expanding your space. But you can also go for pastel colors if not for white.

2. Use vertical stripe patterns

Just like wearing vertical stripes clothing, you can also go for vertical stripe patterns for your walls, or even with the floors. You can trick the eye into making an object appear taller or longer. Of course, this is also one way you can maximize the effect in your home. well, before deciding to use vertical stripes pattern, just make sure that you get a permission from your landlord. With this, you don’t have to worry about putting some vertical designs for your home.

3. Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors are not just for your own purposes. You can also use mirrors to trick that you have a bigger space at home. Moreover, mirrors can also help maximize the effect by placing a big mirror directly across the room from the window. With this, it will create an illusion of an endless space. However, you should also be careful when it comes to the installation of it. Make sure to avoid placing mirrors to reflect objects that are not easy on the eyes, since it can create an illusion of a cluttered home.

4. Utilize the vertical space on your walls

Aside from using vertical stripes pattern for your walls, you can also use the vertical spaces available at home. Well, you can place some bookshelves in an empty space. Or you can also buy rails to hang pots, pans, and spices, especially when you have a vertical space in your kitchen. And yes, it does not just give you an illusion of having a bigger space; this will also help draws the eyes upwards making your small space larger.

5. Buy proportioned furniture that does double duty

One of the many reasons why your home feels like there is no space available is because you have so many things that are cluttered inside your home. And in order for you to avoid such, why don’t you buy proportioned furniture that does double duty? With this, you will not be worried about what and where you should put your furniture since you have already some space or storage available for it.

See? Having an illusion that you have a bigger space at home is not that hard as you think it is. Of course, you just have to make sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to what and what not to do when decorating your home.

Redecorating 101: Give Your Houses A Fresh Look Without Spending a Peso!


After spending a considerable time in our own home, we would start to grow weary and bored with the tedious draperies, the usual furniture, and the normal arrangements but moving to another home is not exactly in our best interest, so we opt to redecorate in order to give our houses a fresh new spin instead. However, more often than not, these redecorations would be rather costly and at other times, they are rather exorbitant leaving us to shake our heads in dismay at our wallets. Fortunately for us, there are several and various ways to give our homes a fresh look—and these ways do not require you to spend a single peso.

So, if you are looking to spice up your old condominium unit in the east gallery place, or are just hoping to have an updated look in your surroundings without hurting your pockets, try these failsafe ways to redecorate your abodes.


Take a gander at your existing furniture and surroundings at home, but instead of looking at them with a pair of eyes that have been accustomed to them, try gaining a fresher and better perspective by looking at them from the eyes of an outsider. Before tossing everything in the trash, try to look back and think what made you buy a certain piece of furniture and accessory in the first place? What made it attractive? Would this ottoman look better in your living area than your bedroom? After reconsidering some options, try rearranging the furniture and see if it makes any difference. The initial step is to take it all in, appreciate what you love and what you have and why.


In your assessment of your current furniture, you may have noticed some items that are already in a state of disrepair which would make it hard for you to appreciate it. Rather than dispensing of these items, try to find ways of repairing it. Inspect your existing furniture and see if you can repair it as this will save you a lot more money than purchasing a new one altogether.


Maybe no amount of repair can help some of your furniture, but that does not mean you should toss them out. They may no longer work as pretty dining room chairs as they creak, but why not use them to create something else instead? Like a French Style Bench? Be creative in repurposing these types of furniture or the materials they are made from. They may no longer serve their original purpose, but they can certainly be used for something else if you used your imagination. Who knew that nondescript home décors could be so versatile?


Another quite innovative way in sprucing up your home décor is to make use of recycled materials that you may have thought of discarding. Have a look at your used mason jars and see if you can turn it into a cool and hanging lampshade? Be creative with the recycling and see if there are any nifty materials you can use to turn into an interesting décor.


If there are pieces of furniture you no longer love and can no longer appreciate, invite your friends to come to your place and ask them if you can swap it out with any of theirs. This is a neat way to discover other eclectic and interesting furniture or home décor without even heading to the shop. Invite more friends to make dilute your choices and make it more diverse.
When it comes to redecorating homes or condominium units, there is no absolute need to spend some money just for a quick update. If you are creative and rather keen on going green and helping Mother Nature, then the list above can be of some use to you.

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Freshen Up Your Home with These 7 Simple Ways


Have your ever feel that whatever you do at home, there is something that is still missing? If you don’t feel satisfied and relaxed whenever you’re at home, then it is time for you to freshen up the place. If you think that cleaning and decorating your home is enough, then you better think again. No matter how you arranged and organized your things, there is still a need for you to freshen up your home.

“How to make our home fresh?” This may be a common question for most homeowners. Perhaps, some of you here might have tried different ways on how they can make their home lively again. But for some, this is one of the most challenging and frustrating on their part. Even if you are a resident of Abreeza residences, having a fresh home is within your reach. However, if you are one of those homeowners who are struggling what and what not to do when freshening up their home, then below are some simple tips for you to follow.

1. Freshen with flowers


This is one of the most common ways to make your home fresh. Whether you realize it or not, having flowers in your home is beneficial not just to our health, but it also brightens our mood. But you have to make sure that flowers you have at home are all fresh. You don’t have to change the flower every day. You can change them weekly to keep the freshness in your home.

2. Brighten up your pillows


The throw pillow is one thing that adds beauty to your home. And if it is not clean enough, this might be a cause of health issues. Brighten up your throw pillows through changing its cover regularly. Moreover, if you want to make it livelier, choose a pillow cover that gives a bright accent in the place.

3. Organize your bookshelf by color

Library of an Interaction Designer (Juhan Sonin) / 20100423.7D.0

Ok, let’s admit! We don’t usually do color coding when it comes to the arrangements of our books, right? However, arranging your books through its color can make a feeling of uniqueness in the place. Also, this kind of arrangement doesn’t just give your eyes a fresh look, but it will also help you find the book you want to read easier and faster.

4. Accent your bathroom with towels


The typical bathroom is most likely consists of toiletries. However, if you want to upgrade your bathroom to a fresher look, you can also add some accents such as towels. This will give you a satisfying feeling, especially when you forget to bring your towel in the bathroom.

5. Declutter your living space


Obviously, there is really a need for you to declutter your home. If you want to have a satisfying home where you can be proud of, then you better think of a way where you can clean and organize the things you have at home. Moreover, be creative enough when it comes to the storages of the things – storages can also give you a good ambiance at home.

6. Highlight your windows


Windows are important in a home. Obviously, you cannot have a good and fresh air if you don’t have a window. That is why, as much as possible, you need to highlight your window by making it clean and having a nice curtain that would complement the place.

7. Invest in a herb garden


A lot of you here might not know, but you can definitely have a herb garden in your kitchen. just like having fresh flowers in your home, this is also beneficial to your health. Well, you can put them in a planter, mount them on your wall, or hang them in your window. With this, you can definitely use these herbs whenever you cook your meal.


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