Steps to Hosting a Housewarming Party After Your Move


Moving into a new neighborhood can be daunting and can cause you a lot of stress. The new environment, the new home you are living in, the new people who are your neighbors—these are all factors that would contribute to how good or bad your experience in that particular neighborhood will be in the future. One way to make sure you would be settled will into your new community is to make sure you befriend your neighbors and introduce yourselves to them as you will be spending time in close proximity to each other and in cases of condominium units, you would only be a wall away from each other.

Though throwing a housewarming party after your move may be the last thing you want to do, and can be a little bit intimidating, this is the best way to introduce yourself to the neighbors and an avenue to make potential friends that are within your vicinity. Regardless of whether you are billeted in park point residences or 1016 residences, it is important to get to know your community and make some friends. Keep the affair simple so that you would not have to stress about the cleanup after. Your guests are not expecting anything lavish either as they are aware that you have only just settled in.

1.) Keep it simple

The first step to a successful housewarming party is to decide who would be invited to the affair. Would this be a party exclusive to the adults? Or should kids be included? Another thing to consider is to keep things simple and not too fancy. The best time to host a housewarming party is probably in the afternoon where you can simply serve snacks and cocktails instead of a full course dinner during the evening.

2.) Easy snacks

It is a good idea to know and decide what you should serve before deciding on a time. Go with a snack that is appropriate to your chosen theme and time. To make sure that efforts and plans are kept to a minimum, go for an afternoon tea which would be served after lunch or an evening cocktail soiree after dinner. It does not take much to serve a few finger foods, some hor d’ oeuvres, cocktail drinks, tea, and juice.

3.) Tidy up

You want to make a good impression on your neighbors so make sure that your house is spruced up and ready for entertaining guests. Having just settled in and moved is no excuse– simply cleaning your home before you have moved in or unpacked should be an easy feat to do. You do not need to make sure that every nook and cranny of your home is spotless, just make sure it is clean and tidy enough to welcome guests.

4.) Arrange the party area

Seeing as you have only settled in, there will be places in your home where you cannot accommodate guests for the meantime. So, with this in mind, arrange a place that already has a semblance of what it should look like after you are done unpacking and designate that as the party area where the food will be served. Make sure this place is thoroughly clean and is a good place for your guests to relax and converse with each other.

5.) Relax

Do not be too wound up about making your party a success or impressing your new neighbors. Instead, relax and strike up a conversation with them. As this is your first time in meeting them, make sure you allow for enough time to get ready before their arrival. Keep everything casual and mingle with them. Make sure the overall atmosphere is welcoming that breeds camaraderie and before the affair ends, you will have made potential neighborhood chums.


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