Safe and Secure Homes: Ways to Keep Your New Homes Safe and Secure



“Why do people hanker for the home?–security, safety. But in the name of security and safety, they do not make homes, they make prisons–and they are the jailed and they are the jailers, but because they have the keys in their own hands, they think they are free.” -Rajneesh

There has never been any doubt that home security is paramount.

It is one of those essential aspects about a home that would determine whether it is truly livable or not and whether or not it is an ideal place to raise your family and children. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving to new homes, safety and security tend to get overlooked. After all, with all the preparation and excitement involved, it is inevitable for the new homeowners to think of the new home’s safety and security last. However, in new homes, prioritizing safety and security is even more imperative as you are in an unfamiliar environment which could leave you vulnerable to burglars and trespassers if you remain unwary and your homes unsecure. It does not matter how safe you think your neighborhood is or how secure it claims to be, crime is rampant everywhere to a degree which means that home security should be something you should never neglect.

Whether you live in a swanky neighborhood such as Avida Towers Centera or somewhere else less illustrious, it still pays to put home security and safety at the forefront of your priorities–especially when it comes to moving to new homes. In any case, here are some of the tips and techniques you should keep in mind should you ever move into your new homes and settle in a new and unfamiliar community and neighborhood:


1. Secure the doors

One of the biggest oversights most new homeowners make is failing to secure their doors. While this might be the first thing one should think of upon moving into a new home, the staggering number of homeowners who fail to do would surprise you. Do not help a burglar stroll into the front door and do not make it easy for them. Inspect all of your exterior doors and make sure that their locks are functioning appropriately. Check if the door frames are strong, the hinges protected and should your door have a mail slot, make sure that it is not reachable enough to unlock the door. In any case, it is best if you fortified your exterior door’s locks by installing a deadbolt and a smart lock and adding a strike plate.


2. Install and alarm

Having an alarm system installed in your homes is one of the excellent ways to deter thieves and burglars from breaking into your homes. More importantly, it keeps you and your families safe by alerting you in case of a break-in. Today, with home security becoming a paramount concern of many, you would not be hard-pressed to find the kind of home security and alarm installation that would suit your needs as well as your budget. If you wish to go the extra mile, hire the services of a professional to install the alarm for you. However, if you are a little tight on budget, you might want to opt for the DIY route and choose one you can set up yourself. Once your alarm is installed, up and running, be sure to put a security sign on your front door and security stickers on your windows. These stickers and signs may not mean much, but they would put off any potential burglars and thieves from targeting and casing your home.


3. Put lights and TVS on timers

It is a known fact that if there is one thing that deters thieves and burglars from entering a home, it is the possibility that someone might be inside. In this regard, leave your televisions and lights on. If you are a little conscious about racking up a big electric bill, at least have a timer set up for them daily. This is especially useful for someone who would be out during the holidays or is taking an extended leave for vacation. For lights, it is highly recommended that you set timers for the ones inside and those near windows. Televisions should be programmed manually to turn on and off regularly. However, if you wish to expedite the process of all these or wish to have access to all these features remotely, you might want to upgrade to a smart home which you can access through your smartphones.


4. Hide your mail when you are away

When you are on holiday, having your mail pile up by your front door leaves the glaring impression that no one is at home. As a result, your homes are pretty much vulnerable to thieves and burglars. After all, with piles upon piles of mail at your doorstep, you might as well post a big red sign by your front yard that indicates that no one is at home. With this in mind, take care of your mail ahead of time–especially if you intend to be away for several days. One excellent idea is to ask a friendly neighbor or friend to pick up your mail once a day. To show them your gratitude and appreciation, return the favor when they are away of gift them something valuable. Alternatively, you can ask the post office to hold your mail for the time being and collect them at your convenience.

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Home Aesthetics: Fashion Principles to Bring to Improve Your Home’s Interiors


“A home is a place to share, create, and nourish the best in each of us as individuals and as a family. Design is one of the finest means to accomplish this.”-Eve Robinson


You might have thought of the elements in fashion and interior design as two separate and different concepts coming from different realms.

But from an interior decorator’s perspective, a home’s design can be largely inspired by principles and standards borrowed from fashion. Upon closer inspection, the design aspects and concepts of both fashion and interior design are not too far off and in this regard, fashion has played a clever muse to the interiors of many homes.

After all, there is so much to be gleaned from dressing well and stylishly insomuch that we can apply the same guidelines in decorating our homes. Like fashion and style, your home should reflect your individual perspective and should only be filled with the things you love and gravitate towards. Your home’s interiors should portray a very personal point of view to the extent that your personality is demonstrated by the culminating effect of each design aspects.In any case, if you wish to spark the dialogue of a space, it would be very much helpful to take a few fashion rules and principles in mind. You might be surprised at just how well it works. So, if you are planning on redesigning the interiors of your condominium for sale in Quezon City or elsewhere, here are a few fashion tips to keep in mind:



For a long time now, fashion experts have staunchly decreed that layering is a pivotal technique in fashion. The trick is to create visual interest, dimension and play up your silhouettes with the clever use of multiple sartorial items. In the same regard, this style technique can be applied on interior decorating as well. Keep in mind that when it comes to layering, color and pattern are key elements. Take a gander at your space and then establish the base. From there, you can add two pieces of solid or small-scale prints and a touch of one larger-scale traditional print. In doing so, you will allow the eye to keep moving in the room while keeping things fresh and riveting.

Texture is key

The texture is another aspect in fashion that can be well-applied in interior design. This tactile approach allows you to enhance your home’s overall visual appeal by playing on the varying weights and textures of various furnishings. Do this by layering in different fabrics that vary in weight and textures. Of course, go beyond that and bring the texture to the walls by using different materials such as a chubby woven basket or grasscloth. Your options are virtually limitless, what you do with it, however, is up to you.

Take it easy

Much like how fashion tells you not to overdo it, so should you in your endeavor of home decorating. Fashion tells us that if we wish to go bold in one area, we should choose to be subtle in the next lest we look like an over-adorned Christmas tree. In the same regard, you might want to leave it to the professionals and stylists to cover your room in endless bold statement patterns. Sure, they look great but just how well are they applied? Remember, interior design is not only about making a statement; it is making each design element work seamlessly and cohesively. Be a little meticulous with your design picks and know what works and what would clash.

Mix and match

One of the excellent approaches in fashionably dressing up that does work is the art of mixing and matching pieces. In this regard, you need to have a good eye on which pieces would work and which would clash. In fashion, pretty much anything can be paired with a white pair of sneakers insomuch that it would make for a playful ensemble when donned with a flowy floral dress. With this in mind, think of how you can work casual pieces in formal spaces and vice versa. Incorporate an element that is totally unexpected to make the room a little more interesting and to give it life as well. It might be a little unconventional, but these unexpected additions would create an element of surprise and interest to what would have otherwise been bland spaces.

Never Ignore Comfort and Function

Sure, it might be easy to get caught up on a particular dress just because it looks nice on the rack. But does it really work well with your body type? Are you able to walk confidently in it? The same questions should be applied when shopping around for furniture pieces. The couch might look nice and would very much look great once placed in your living room, but is it comfortable to sit on? Is it functional enough to meet your needs? If the answer is in the negative, you might want to choose a more suitable couch.



Why Living In Apartment is Best For Busy People

home renovation swatch and plan.jpg

A lot of people dream of owning a home. Nowadays, there are various ways of achieving this dream. Although a growing number of people are discovering the joys of living in condominiums, there is still a significant number who prefer to have a townhouse or have their property built on a lot. There’s a difference with owning a condominium from finding a low cost housing Philippines or committing to a home construction project.

If you wish for a house and lot, there are two different paths you can take to acquire a home – buying house and lot packages or purchasing land for sale in the Philippines and then designing and building a house. If you are considering the latter, then below are some of the advantages you experience when taking this path.

1. You get to design your living space

The greatest advantage of building your own home is that you get to design it. You do not have to choose from any house template. You can look for ideas from various resources and then come up with a house design of your own. You can focus on your needs and other home requirements without sacrificing any space. Whether it’s closet space, additional guest rooms, an extensive study or to dishwashers, you can add features to your heart’s content. You can achieve the perfect home even if you don’t know much about the technical stuff. As long as you work with an architect and a designer, they can help you come up with an efficient home interior that has all the details you require.

2. It can save you thousands of bucks

Building a house from scratch is one way of getting all the features you want in a home without bloating your expenses. As long as you stick to your budget, you can find a lot you can work with and start building the foundations of your home. A lot of full-constructed homes can be expensive because of the hidden charges and transactional costs. Also, you can rarely get discounts.

When you build your home, you can convince a few people to give you discounts. From cement, flooring materials, fixtures, and plywood, your home can benefit from price slashes when you buy in bulk. At the same time, you can free services of architects, engineers, and designers that you know. You can extend your perks if you know someone runs a construction company or even a hardware company. He or she could provide you with huge discounts on their products and services.

3. You can create your timeline

You won’t have to follow a strict schedule when building your home. Once you purchase land for sale, you can immediately begin setting up the foundations of your home. You can also delay the project if you don’t have the budget to resume construction or have some personal problems along the way. If you want to finish earlier than intended, you must adjust your resources. You should also inform your builder when you want construction to end. That way, they can find a way to work around your target completion date without sacrificing the quality of your home construction.

4. You have a lot of energy efficiency options

Constructing your home gives you the opportunity to select which appliances to use. It also gives you that chance to pick the furnace, water heater, and air conditioning systems. With these in mind, you can end up with an array of energy efficient features that save money on your utility bill. On top of that, you can pick what type of windows to install, garage doors, and frames. Also, you won’t have to worry about calling in the plumbers and repair service to fix your things. It might even take years before something gets broken.

5. You get to enjoy your privacy.

You can have an open backyard if you enjoy socializing with your neighbors. If not, you have the choice of building a fence or a high wall to prevent passers from taking a peek at your property. When you construct your home, you have the option of choosing how much privacy you want for your property.

6. You are free to specify and customize everything

You can specify even the tiniest detail to the overall concept. When you choose a developer-built house and lot or condo unit, you’ll find that most fixtures and finishing materials are set according to their design. With a home construction project, you can choose every single material that you want in your house.

7. You can secure your property

Besides privacy, you can have security. You can purchase a home warranty program or insurance in case you suffer a loss. A home warranty program protects your deposit, covers construction damages or neglect, and includes structural integrity. It also has first-year warranty protection to home buyers.

8. The property is yours.

Constructing your home means that is yours. You are the first person to live in it. Most of all, you were responsible for its birth. There wouldn’t be a house in that specific lot if it weren’t for you. Thus, your property has a value you can’t find in the housing market.

9. You can pick the community you want

You have the freedom to live in a gated community, modern development land or the suburbs that takes less than an hour to reach the city. You can select a lot near trails, parks, and pocket greens. You can also build our home near schools, recreational facilities, and shopping districts.

You can have all of these benefits once you decide to build your home instead of buying one. Experience the joys of being a full-pledged homeowner as you go over the details and plans for your house and lot.


9 Things You Should Do in Your 20s to Turn Your Life Around

travel people friends

Think of your twenties as your time to commit a lot of mistakes. You get the job that doesn’t match your skills. You stay within the company of peers you hate. You live in a cold, hearted city and you’re dating the wrong guy.

At this age, you’re beginning to figure things out. You learn how to perfect cooking pasta. You explore how to compose a professional yet light-hearted email. You find out about the best products that fit your skin. You still have plenty of time to learn about yourself and the things around you. Thus, it’s not too late to turn your life around if you think you’ve made several choices you can undo.

If you’re a twenty-something and you’re wondering how you can turn your life around, here are the things you must do now to redeem yourself.

1. Find new places to shop
A simple way to make an impact in the world is by becoming a smart shopper. When you become picky about the places you shop, you disrupt the mantle of capitalism. You might be one individual, but it’s a start. You can begin by shopping at organic stores Manila instead of a grocery or a supermarket. Your mom might not approve, but you’re an adult now. You should be the one deciding where you get your food stock, clothes, and other necessities.

2. Practice a new sport
You might not have the blood of an athlete. But, you shouldn’t spend your 20s without trying out different activities. Even if you aren’t fond of competition or sweating, you should still make time to learn a new sport. Take advantage and strength. You’ll find that your body is at its best state during your twenties and thirties. Don’t waste this opportunity to build your confidence, meet new people, and become a master of something.

3. Conquer a fear
A great habit to cultivate is to go out and do the things that scare you. Whether your fear involves something physical or it’s all in your head, you should do it. Once you overcome your fear, you become stronger. You also get a rush of adrenaline after doing the activity. Don’t allow your fear to build over the years. While you still have the energy and drive, you should go for it.

4. Travel without company
The idea can be scary, but it’s one of the best experiences you have. It also builds your life skill. You become more capable of facing the world, different situations, and various people when you visit a foreign land alone than with company. Moreover, you discover things about yourself you would never know if you stayed at home all the time.

5. Visit an animal shelter to adopt a puppy
One of the life-changing things you can do is to be responsible for another life besides yours. It doesn’t mean you should give birth to a baby. You can start becoming accountable for something else by getting a dog. But, you shouldn’t go for dogs from breeders. Instead, you should adopt a puppy from the shelter. You’ll find a lot of dogs need love and care. Find one you think you can handle then share your home with them. Nurse them back to health and watch them grow old and become the best companion you can have.

6. Live in a new city
If you wish to change your life, then you should consider living in a new town. Being in a new place is not only refreshing. It can also change the way you live and view your life. You can discover new friends, work with new colleagues, build new habits and get used to different activities. At the same time, you find out new restaurants and experience different types of weather. If you have cold feet about moving to a big city, then you should keep in mind that moving is only hard as you think it is.

7. Learn how to play an instrument
It might not be part of your family’s bloodline to learn how to play an instrument. But, you should not let it prevent you from achieving your dream. As a kid, you might want to learn how to play the piano or get your hands on a harp. Whatever is your childhood fantasy, you should do it. Playing a musical instrument helps you access untapped parts of your brain. At the same time, it can lift your spirit. Playing a few rounds might not cure your depression, but it takes your mind off your list of worries.

8. Spend more time outdoors
Whether it’s the sea or the forests, you should try to bring yourself out there. You should try looking what’s in the jungle and the woods. You should take a hike and aim for the summit. But if you already tried those, you can camp on a remote beach for a few days. It helps you discover what type of adventurer are you. If by the end of the trip you find out that you prefer exploring cities and hotels, then at least you can be proud you did it.

9. Know more about wine
Now that you are legal, most of your years will revolve around wine. Cocktail parties, dinners, and other profession-related celebrations are sure to involve wine. Thus, you must expose yourself to wineries, vintners, and sommeliers. Improve your wine knowledge and soak up every bit of information you can get about it. It’ll help you appreciate what you eat and drink. Most of all, you won’t look clueless once they hand you the wine menu.

Life is about enjoying all the stages you pass through. It doesn’t matter if you are on your twenties, thirties, or forties. When you do your best to soak up the experiences the world throws at you, then you’re making the most of your life.

New Beginnings: Four Incredibly Silly Reasons You Cannot Buy a Home


“That house you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today.” –Author Unknown

Buying a home might seem like a fairly straightforward process.

After all, just how hard can it be? All you would need is to have a set of wants and needs for a home and then look for the ideal one that comes as close to your list as possible. While it all sounds easy on paper, the task of finding an ideal home that ticks most of your qualifications and best befits your lifestyle is more difficult than you originally thought. Those considerations in conjunction with real estate being a significant investment would mean that this is an endeavor you should approach with much contemplation and scrutiny insomuch that at times, buying a home can take up to months. In this regard, you would be a hundred percent certain that you will be happy in your choice.

Unfortunately, some homebuyers—most especially first-time homebuyers who are pretty much novices in this entire ordeal—tend to make incredibly foolish decisions in the process. More often than not, a homeowner’s error in buying a home can be attributed to their lack of sense and foresight—all of which easily avoidable are had they done enough research and educated themselves. The good news, however, is that this article has compiled a list of some of the dumbest reasons why people cannot buy a home so that by the time it is your time, you would not be committing the same mistakes. So before jumping the gun and going for that Ametta place for sale, try to review on what you should avoid doing when it comes to home buying in order to be happier to your decision:

1.) Waiting to line up financing

When it comes to buying a home, your first question should be how you should pay for it. After all, real estate property is a significant investment insomuch that reviewing your financing options would be paramount to buying the home that you want. In this regard, your first step in the home-buying process should be the take a look at your financing options and discuss it with a mortgage lender. You would not know how much you can truly afford until you have met a professional who has the necessary expertise to tell you about your options. With this in mind, just because you think you can buy an exorbitantly priced home does not mean your loan for that same home would be approved.

2.) Using a fly-by-night mortgage lender

Much like any industry in the world, the mortgage industry is rife with scams. This means you need to be meticulous in selecting your lenders and ensure that you can trust them. Review their credentials and look for reviews and recommendations as placing your trust in a bad lender can cause a potential deal to fall through. Sometimes, it is not necessarily your fault why your offer was rejected, but rather it is because you decided to partner up with an unreliable or fake lender.

3.) Getting pre-qualified rather than pre-approved

Although they sound about the same, there are distinct differences between getting pre-qualified and pre-approved. Almost anyone can get pre-qualified for alone because all that it involves is a conversation with a lender about the state of your finances sans the exchange of documents. On the other hand, getting pre-approved would entail the gathering of all the essential documents which run the gamut from your tax returns to bank statements, pay stubs and more. All of these would then be submitted for review and only when everything checks out would you have a pre-approval for a certain loan amount that is good anywhere from three to four months (or in some cases, even more). Shrewd sellers would not entertain prospective buyers if they cannot present a letter of pre-approval from a reliable lender which means securing a pre-approval would be pivotal in your home buying venture.

4.) Shopping outside your price range

Having a budget prior to your home search is not only a recommended step to take, but a paramount one as it ensures that you do not fall in love with homes beyond your price range. Unfortunately, having a budget does not guarantee that prospective home buyers would be proof against beautiful homes that are outside their price range. To mitigate this possibility, try to limit your property viewings online or at least refine your searches to only include properties that would fall within your budget. After all, there is nothing quite like the feeling of frustration in seeing a property you can already picture yourself out living in only to find out it is exorbitantly priced.

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Frugal Living: How to Spend Less When Eating Out

eating out at a restaurant
Photo taken by Rod Long

Once in a while, it feels nice to treat the family. Sometimes, it’s also more fun to eat out than to take your weekly trip to Aani Weekend Market. It’s a nice break from bargaining fruits and vegetables. It’s also a time-saver. You don’t have to drive back home to drop off your supplies and cook them.

Unfortunately, it can be a pain to your wallet. If you’re saving some cash or intend to save, then eating at a restaurant can keep you from your goal. It might seem like staying away from eating out is the best solution, but it isn’t. A friend or a colleague invites you for coffee eventually. Your best friend takes you shopping and asks to grab a bite afterward. Resisting invitation at these moments is hard.

If you find yourself accepting their invitations, don’t worry. Follow these tips to know how you can limit the amount on the bill.

Offer to share a meal

Instead of ordering separate dishes, why not share a plate? Some restaurant portions are bigger than what you can eat by yourself. Consider sharing the dish with those at the table. Request additional platters instead of having separate platters. Sharing meals won’t only help your wallet. It also helps you maintain your shape.

Stick to water

Other than water, most beverages only add to your tab. Refills can easily bloat your bill if the drink is priced per glass. To avoid adding more items to your bill, you should stick to water. If not, you can order a beverage that won’t charge you for refills. If you have to order alcohol, you should stick to one glass then drink water for the remainder of the meal.

Use coupons

Fast food chains and other food joints offer coupons. You can check newspapers, your mail, and flyers for a bunch of restaurant coupons. You can save a lot when you have buy-one-get-one offers. If you’re a regular in a particular restaurant, you should ask if they have a loyalty program or app. That way, you have your meals for half their price.

Think of your kids

Some establishments have special nights where selected people can eat free. Look for restaurants that allow your kids to eat free when an adult gets a regular order or pays the regular price. Do your research to find the establishments that offer these kinds of promos. However, ensure that their food is worth the visit. That way, you and your kids can enjoy the slashed prices.

Avoid dinner

Sometimes, dinner out is more expensive than brunch or lunch. The menu can feature the same items, but the price of the food tends to be higher when it is part of the dinner menu. To avoid the overpriced meals, you should make the switch. Go for mid-day meals instead of dinner out to skip the high price tag and the crowd.

Get takeout or order food online

If you are eating out for the meal and not for the experience, then you should opt for delivery or takeout. Getting food to go cuts your costs by half as it takes out the need to order drinks, appetizers, and tipping. A lot of restaurant chains offer car-side service. There’s no reason for you to get in the store, get seated or lineup to the cashier to get food.

Get discounted gift certificates

You can get gift certs and gift cards through different sites. Gift Card Granny and Groupon are some examples of deal sites where you can score great bargains for your favorite restaurant. You can also acquire discounts by signing up to the restaurant’s website or newsletter. Other than that, you can get a complimentary appetizer or dessert. Some even offer free meals on your birthday or during the anniversary of your sign up date.

Save your date for your birthday

Restaurants give a free meal on your birthday as long as you have a full paying adult. Others hand out complimentary goodies when you sign up on their website or newsletter. Meanwhile, some food joints have a separate birthday club that entitles you to a bunch of freebies.

Visit the restaurant during Happy Hour

If you want to score half-priced meals and drinks, then you should go to the restaurant during Happy Hour. Though the portions are smaller than usual, it doesn’t matter. You can order as much food as you want since the meals are cheaper than what you normally order.

Don’t order appetizers

If the restaurant offers free bread or chips and salsa, then they should be enough to curb your hunger. Use the money you will use for appetizers towards your main entree. You can always help yourself with bread and chips to curb your appetite.

Dining out doesn’t have to be expensive. These tips are proof to that. The next time you have to eat at a restaurant, you should remember these tips. It’ll help you prevent overspending and piling the items on your bill.

Home DIY: 10 Painting Tips to Keep in Mind

home wall paint bright colors

Photo by David Pisnoy

Sprucing your home can be a hit or a miss. It all depends on your execution. To ensure everything ties together, some people hire a professional. An architect or interior decorator can suggest the right paint color, adjust your pieces your furniture, or pick a theme for each of the room. When you have someone to tell you these things, decorating your condo or townhouse becomes easy.

But if you’re going to go the DIY route for your condo in Arbor Lines, you must have a background of what you want to achieve. If you want a new paint job, for instance, you must first know how to prep your walls. You must find out what type of paint works best on what surface and which color is best for the theme you want. Luckily, the tips below can be your guide. You can use it for all your painting woes without paying expensive consultation fees.

1. Before anything else, clean your walls.

The secret a smooth and well-polished wall depends on the cleanliness of the wall. Before going about your project, you must first get rid of dust and cobwebs. For easy cleaning, you should use a dry Swiffer or anti-static dry wipes. These effectively removes dust and dirt from the walls. Also, it’s easy to use. You can throw away the wipes after use.

2. Don’t bother with the paint swatches.

People made paint swatches spend money on buying the wrong paint. However, relying on a sample to find out if the color you chose fits the area won’t suffice. You don’t know how the color would look at different times of the day. It also won’t show you if it works with the pieces of furniture in the area or the lighting you installed. If you want to find out about these things, it’s better to paint a tiny portion of the wall and leave it for a couple of days.

3. To fill the gaps, you should paint in a specific pattern.

According to Paintzen’s marketing manager Kristen Chuber, the best way to get an even coat of paint is to apply it in a “W” pattern. The formation distributes the color across the walls. It makes filling the gaps a breeze. It also ensures no area becomes too thick.

4. Try boxing

If you are working with multiple gallons of paint, you should explore “boxing.” It means pouring each gallon of paint in a five-gallon bucket at once to ensure that the color is consistent. Each gallon can vary since makers mix them individually.

5. Some beauty products make painting easy.

Use lip balm if you plan to paint your window. Apply it on the glass pane of your window to quickly apply a fresh coat on the trim. The gloss makes it easy to wash off the excess paint. On the other, you can use Vaseline on door hinges and put plastic sandwich bags on knobs to avoid spreading paint on them when working on doors.

6. White primer isn’t always the best choice.

When opting for a dark paint, you should use a primer that’s tinted instead of applying a plain one. You should use a primer that has the same tint as the color you plan to apply. It helps you get the best coverage with fewer coats of paint.

7. You don’t have to inhale the fumes.

If you can’t stand the smell of the paint, then you should try adding a drop or two of vanilla extract for each gallon of paint. It encourages a pleasant aroma to the room.

8. If you aren’t ready, you should stick to the small size of paint.

Purchase a quart first instead of getting gallons of paint if you aren’t committed to the color. You can cover a piece of foam board with the color you are eyeing to see if it plays well with the elements in the room. The best thing about is that you can move it around the area to see how it looks at different situations.

9. You can avoid a lot of mess when you prepare the area.

Gather all your things in a box. Take off wall accessories, artworks, and different types of hangings and place them in a box. Move pieces of furniture and other items that can get in the way of your work. It’s best to place them in the middle of the room or put them in another area. Afterward, tape off molding. Don’t forget to cover the floor. You can use a drop cloth instead of plastic sheets. Plastic can be messy and slippery.

10. If you can, remove any hardware.

If you can remove switchplates, doorknobs, drapery, hardware, and other parts, you should put them in a plastic bag. That way, you don’t lose any of them.

These are the paint tips and advice you must remember before working on your home. Be sure to read and go over them so you can quickly finish your DIY home renovation project.