Independent Living Starter Pack

Finally, you’ve been able to move into your newly acclaimed affordable condo in Mandaluyong City. It surely feels great to say that you are free finally. Hooray! But we all know that independent living is not just all about the happiness and perks of living alone. If you are that person, or someone who is planning to live away from parents, relatives or guardians, for fun, here is your solo living starter pack:

I am so glad that I MADE this happen

happy condo living

Other people have that luxury or blessing to be given a new house or condo unit for his or her use (yes, you are super lucky!). And it’s a different wonderful story for those who had struggled for we-do-not-know-how-many-years before they were able to get their place finally. Since from renting to owning and paying his or her dues are difficult, the return of glee and happiness is priceless. So yes, you are so glad that you made that happen!

You will remember all the hardships you’ve been through to be able to see yourself in your dream home and thinking of all the possible countless things you can do since you are now alone. Yay, excited!

Wait… am I really ready for this?

thinking condo living

So here comes self-doubt and anxiousness creeping in. From being so joyful and ecstatic about imagining yourself living independently, the thoughts of how will you be able to pay everything, have the time and energy to clean and cook, study and work at the same time, and much more kicks into you. This doubting stage is not just for a one moment, but it will get it into you a couple of times; possibly after a bad day, when you are sick, too exhausted or whatnot.

No worries, dear. This thought will not haunt you forever if you claim it yourself that you are really ready and your decision of living independently is nothing but correct.

Got to make my place clean and presentable

clean condo living

I don’t know if it’s just me or whenever we have something new. We want to make and keep it clean as much as possible. Moreover, you want to see your belongings beautiful and in pristine condition, because you know how precious it is for you and how hard it was before you finally get it into your hands. Same as with your new house, you do countless hours of cleaning and keeping it nice. Yes, hardworking!

Then that day of laziness

tired condo living

It’s not every day that you will choose to pick up the broom and sweep the floor, if it is, good for you and your home. But for those who struggle to get up and cook for themselves, there are times you would rather go lazy than tired. We all deserve a break and pamper ourselves in whatever way we are used to – not cleaning the house, ordering food instead of cooking, lay down and have a movie marathon – yes, whatever!

Your old things are still there

teddy bear condo living

Your favorite stuffed toy and lovely pillow are still in your bedroom. Your good-old cabinet also moved in with you. Of course, for practicality, you don’t need to have everything brand new. There are things you can leave with your previous home but decided to take it with you. Why? Because you need that sense of comfort, belongingness and companion to a “whole new world” in which you don’t know anyone but your old things. These materials will also give you the vibes of the home of your “faraway previous home” in your “new home.” Nostalgia and tears are coming right up!

And of course, a lot of adventures!

adventure condo living

No explanations needed. It’s for you to discover yourself.


So we hope that you were able to see yourself in this basic independent living starter pack. What’s in yours?

Why It’s Advantage to Live in a Walking Distance Community


There will always be a lot of advantages when you live in a walking distance community. Especially nowadays when vehicles are everywhere, it is better to walk going to and fro from our work or school than being stuck in a heavy traffic, right? And if you have noticed, more and more people are now into investing in a property where all the necessities are a walking distance to where they live. In fact, there are even some homeowners who prefer living in a condo near the airport than any other properties.

Aside from the benefits of not being stuck in a heavy traffic, there are still a lot of benefits you can get when you live in a walking distance community. And to give you some ideas, below are some reasons or advantages you can also get.

Walking promotes a healthy lifestyle

As we all know walking is a form of exercising. Moreover, it is an active activity, and you don’t need to spend more just to become fit since you are performing it everyday. And a constant walk going to and fro on your destination would also promote and improve one’s fitness. Additionally, walking is also one of the many ways you can meet different and potential people on the streets. Who knows? You’ll meet your old friend in the middle of the crowd who are also walking to their respective destinations, right?

Walking helps save the environment

Whether you realize it or not, by walking, you are already saving the environment. Of course, you’re lessening the air pollution caused by an exhaust of a vehicle, or from a noise pollution caused by horns of a car. These pollutions don’t just bring a great impact to our environment, but also on our health. In fact, there are a lot of people who get sick just because of these kinds of pollution every single day. And I’m sure you don’t want to add to that cause, right?

Walking can help save money

Saving money is also one the common advantages of living a walking distance community. And if you are one of those people who are saving for their everyday expenses, then living in such community can help you with that matter. Obviously, you don’t need to pay expensive taxi fare just to get to your destination, right? And mind you, you can really save a lot with this.

Walking promotes people-centred urban planning

Do you know that a true indicator of a progressive city is when people walk or take public transport instead of driving to their destination? Because of its good public infrastructure, people can easily go to wherever places they want to without worrying about how congested the traffic is.

Walking is safer and promotes a sense of community

If you think that walking to and fro to your destination is a dangerous idea, then you better think again. Obviously, there are pedestrian lines that are intended for the people to walk or cross freely and safely and the streets. Sidewalks are also available for safety purposes. Moreover, isn’t it amazing how living in a community where most people are into a healthy lifestyle?

Property values and walking

Through living in a community, people will be oriented about how to value other neighbouring communities, especially areas that are near offices, hospitals, schools, and other places near to people’s home. Moreover, people will also know how to be mindful of when using the spaces for the people to use, such as pedestrians, and sidewalks.

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Top 5 Goals Most Homeowners Doesn’t Tell Anyone



Believe it or not, each of us here has a list of goals – what to do and what not to do. Right? Who doesn’t have one? If you have a checklist of goals for 2016, homeowners have too! They also have their promises with the high hopes of achieving those goals. It doesn’t matter whether you are one of the homeowners in Amaia Scapes Lipa or any other real estate property; you still have goals you wish to achieve. Right?

And whether you like it or not, homeowners who don’t have any goals for the next year’s resolution doesn’t have a home to be proud of. Yes, homeowners do experience ups and downs when it comes to their homes, but it doesn’t mean that they gave up hoping to have a better home experience. I bet, you too wish to live in a home sweet home. Well, you don’t have to end up merely wishing when you can achieve your desired goals.

If you are one of those homeowners who wants to live a satisfying and healthy lifestyle, below are some goals of most homeowners that they aim to accomplish.

1. I will get my home life in order

If you think that your household is the only messy here, then you better think again. There are households that are messier than yours. When it gets down to their things, they tend to put and hang things all over their place. Their clothes, decals, toys, shoes, and other things that keep their place were all messy. Well, you better clear out the clutter or give those old clothes, shoes and toys to charity. With that, it doesn’t just give you a clean and orderly arrangement but also, donating your old things can help people that are in need.

2. I will be eco-friendly (and save on expenses)

One of the responsibilities of being a homeowner is that you should know how to be an eco-friendly homeowner. Being eco-friendly comes in many ways. You can start by conserving water and electricity at home, segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash, minimizing pollution such as your noise, and other responsible actions that you need to consider and abide. Mind you, it doesn’t just be to your advantage, other homeowners will also follow you if they notice that you are doing what is right for the good of the environment. The change starts with you.

3. I will pay my bills on time

You are not worthy to be called a homeowner if you don’t know how to pay your bills on time. Yes, we all do understand that you have a lot of financial priorities in life –they are even lining up. However, you should also not forget that paying your bills is also one of your responsibilities that you need to abide. Unless you have a tolerant landlord, missing your payments may not be a good way to establish a good image on your neighbors and landlords. Well, setting aside a budget that is intended for the rentals is a must for you to do.

4. I will create a better cleaning system

If you are one of those homeowners who don’t have any time to clean his/her home, then you better create and have a better cleaning system. Well, you have can achieve this when you enlist family members to help with the division of household chores. With that, tasks are already divided, which makes it easier and faster to do. Well, if you are living alone in an apartment, then you better know your schedule and make sure to make time for it. If you don’t, then you better expect for a lot of cleaning to do later on.

5. I will think about home maintenance and security

One of the many reasons why most houses won’t last long is because, homeowners don’t have the time to make sure that their home is still in good condition. They don’t even have the time to have a regular home inspection to make sure that there will be no cracks and holes that can ruin the foundation of your home.

Moreover, making sure that you are living in a safe place is the thing that a homeowner should prioritize. You better find a better property if you think that you’re living in a place where your safety is being compromised. Your safety is always your top priority in life.

To Brokers: Watch Your Move! You’re killing the Deal!

Yes, you have great products and offers, and all. So, why is it that your clients still reject the offer? How come they were not convinced enough for them to be engaged in your products? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself: What do you usually do when you negotiate with your clients? What kind of gestures, you show to them? Do you keep your body language still? Does it ring a bell? Well, perhaps, it is because of how and the way you approach your clients is definitely wrong.

One way or another, your potential clients are observant. They are keen to every single detail of their transaction for them to have an assurance. And aside from the conversation that you have with them, they also observe your body language, whether if it is convincing or not. Yes, some of you here are good at sales talk, but they lack the right etiquette – which makes the client decide to turn the offer down.

Fortunately, we can now determine which of your body language can cause your deal at risk. Credits to some psychologists who studied on how to identify gestures that are not applicable when it comes to transacting and negotiating potential clients! And as a broker, you must know your move!

Did you keep your body language still?

If you are a real estate broker, one of the things you should NEVER do is to show your mannerisms and/or do some unnecessary movements to your clients. Showing it to them is a sign of unprofessionalism, and that might be the reason why your clients will not trust you to continue the business transaction. However, if you keep your body still (just don’t be too stiff though), your clients will sense that you are calm and in control of the situation.

Did you appear weak?

If you think you are weak, then being a broker is not going to be the right career for you. Weak in a way you stand and sit is uncertain. These are both weak poses that suggest you lack confidence in dealing the business. And clients will never trust brokers who don’t have any confidence in their work at all. Well, if you are this kind of person, then you have to break yourself of these habits by practicing your breathing. Inhaling and exhaling can help you calm your nerves and reduces nervous fidgeting.

The ‘power poses’

Generally, most clients usually want brokers who know the things that they are doing. They wanted that brokers are sure of every single step when it comes to the process of the transaction. Of course, they will not give their trust to the people who don’t have the assurance that they can give the things that they want for their future. And if they notice that you can be a kind of broker who can be trusted, your client will feel more confident in achieving what they want. Yes, being authoritative might sound aggressive. However, using it in a right way can give your confidence a boost.

Did you make direct eye contact?

Having some eye contact with your clients can be the most intimidating and challenging things to do, agree? Well, perhaps, you will know whether the person is sincere or not just by looking through their eyes. However, in the real estate industry, making some eye contact is definitely a must to gain your clients’ trust. Avoiding your clients’ eyes is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence. You definitely don’t want to lose your clients’ trust, do you?

Did you intimidate or try to control your clients?

Just because you have the authority over the matter and have confidence in it, it doesn’t mean you can already intimidate your clients. Yes, intimidating in a way that your clients will feel uncomfortable talking and doing their business with you. However, if you keep a friendly tone and atmosphere, then your clients will definitely feel at ease and confident when it comes to transacting their business with you.

There is no definite rule on how you can let your potential clients engage with your products. It will always be depends on your selling and/or marketing skill. Moreover, it is a matter on the convincing and persuading technique that you are going to use on them. There is a caveat though, although there is no definite rule, as a broker, it is still a must for you to know and understand the ins and outs of the real estate industry, especially when negotiating with your clients. Well, if you can pull it off, then the deal is yours!