Living With Kids: Turning Their Mess into Success!



Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the sidewalk while it is still snowing. ~Phyllis Diller

Parenthood is great and living with children is nothing short of an adventure. However, kids growing up in the family home can be synonymous with perpetual clutter and heaps of mess—which surprisingly would end up anywhere from the kitchen to the bedrooms.

Often, you would find yourself excusing the state of disorder in your home—kids are making memories after all. But there are times wherein you would want everything organized as well, and the sight of endless untidiness would make you want to pull your hair.

Regardless of whether you are living in a house and lot at Sta. Rosa, Laguna or even in a lush condo unit elsewhere, living with clutter and mess can potentially stress you out. Before you lose your patience (or your sanity for that matter) over your kids’ disarray of toys and assortment of other stuff, you may need to establish some new cleaning habits and routines that would eventually clear the mess.

These five practices can also be emulated by your kids so they can help you around the house when you are sprucing up.

1.) Remember that everything has a place

Just as the kitchen utensils belong in kitchen drawers and the precious china have a place on the display shelf, their toys and other belongings have their rightful place as well. Remind your kids that the floor is not a temporary setting place for their stuff and that if they can take their toys out, they can certainly put it back where it belongs.

2.) Just do it

Undoubtedly, no one would really feel like cleaning up and doing a lot of chores—especially if you only have the weekend off. But the more you put them off, the worse the clutter will get seeing as it can accumulate over time. Just do it whenever you have free time, and you will be glad you did. Additionally, your kids can emulate your good example.

3.) Embrace the idea of clean enough

You have to live with the fact that having children could never be synonymous to perfectly spotless floors and an immaculately organized home—especially when you give your kids cleaning chores. They may not do a cleaning job to perfection but it is a lot cleaner than leaving it be, and if you do take over the job to do a more thorough cleaning, you will not spend as much time as you would had it not been cleaned in the first place. Remember that a cleaning job by your kids does not have to be flawless. After all, having it clean enough is better than nothing.

4.) Clutter attracts more clutter

The longer you delay cleaning up, the more they multiply. Notice how putting down a pile on a flat surface can result in an even bigger pile the next time you look at it? Well, that is because clutter is pretty much like a magnet and if there are more of it, the less receptive your kids will be at cleaning up. Remember the golden rule when it comes to things around the house, “Do not set it down, put it away and back in its place.”

5.) Everything off the floor

It may sound like an easy cleaning rule, but having kids around makes this harder to implement. Remind your children that nothing belongs on the floor apart from the furniture. Give them leverage over how they handle the mess in their rooms but be firm that you need to see the floor and that they are not dirty. In other areas of the house such as the living room, make sure your kids would put their shoes away in shoe baskets, electronics in a charging station and throw pillows on their corresponding furniture.