Four Common Questions About Philippine Real Estate



Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security. ~Suze Orman

One of the most crucial aspects when it comes to buying real estate in any part of the world is to know your legal rights. This applies true for house and lot buyers Philippines. It makes potential homebuyers more vigilant about their real estate purchases and aware whether the contract they are signing has legal color. Additionally, it would help prospective buyers weed out unscrupulous people such as scammers and unlicensed agents.

However, most Filipinos are lefty unaware of what their rights as a buyer which would render them vulnerable to bad deals and underhanded transactions which is why it would very much benefit them to have a general knowledge of our local laws.

The Philippines has an excellent set of legislation that would protect buyers from bad real estate agreements. Instead of the usual jargon found in real estate law books, this article aims to make it clearer to its readers as regards their legal rights as a homebuyer and a homeowner by elaborating on the most common questions about the Philippine real estate.

1.) Do foreign spouses or family members have the legal capacity to acquire property in the Philippines?

Unless they are renting a place such as in one of the condominium units for rent, the law is explicit when it comes to foreigners owning land and property in the Philippines. It has been stated that only Filipino citizens are allowed to buy real estate property in the Philippines regardless of whether such property is a condo or a home.

The rationale for this law is to keep Philippine lands from transferring ownership to foreigners lest we get overrun by properties owned by foreign nationals. However, foreign nationals can own property through co-ownership with his or her Filipino spouse or if the foreigner owns a corporation or an ownership where sixty percent of it is Filipino owned.

2.) What is a deed of sale and what are my duties as regards this document?

This crucial piece of document is essentially your legal proof of purchase. In essence, it indicates the transfer of property between the seller and buyer and shows that it has legally transpired. As a homebuyer, you should authenticate the document and have it notarized and recorded in the registry of deeds. After which, a homebuyer ould need to pay for transfer tax, registration fees, documentary stamp tax and other fees.

3.) What are my options when dealing with an unlicensed agent?

Before buying any property and dealing with an agent, it is best to check if the agent is registered with the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service. Unfortunately, there is not much recourse in dealing with an unlicensed agent apart from filing a fraud charge in the same manner as you would when you file a crime report.

4.) What are my rights as a buyer?

When it comes to property sales agreement, the rights of a homebuyer are essentially two things which are:

1.) The right to demand the developer to deliver the title of the unit or property upon full payment; and

2.) The right to be reimbursed with the amount you have paid which would include the amortization payments.

In essence, this would mean that it would be illegal for the developer to forfeit any installment payments in favor of the owner or the developer himself. Both laws are reflected in Presidential Decree No. 957- Subdivision and Condominium Buyers Protective Decree.

Condo Living 101: Four Reasons Why Condos are Ideal For Newlyweds

Happy Couple Placing Sofa In Living Room

“Living together is an art, it is a patient art, it is a beautiful art, it is fascinating” -Pope Francis

After saying your designated, “I do’s”, the next possible milestone and adventure would be choosing where you and your spouse would live. From the myriad of choices you and your partner have, it would be a challenge to zero-in on one. However, if you and your spouse are just starting out, your best tack is to start your familial life in a condominium unit. Expansion and some renovation constraints may be a problem, but if you considered the advantages of living in a condo, you would realize that it takes out so many of the complications and headaches that a single home ownership might bring to your relationship.

Additionally, condo living has been a growing trend among newlyweds, young professionals, and small families—and needless to say, with the proliferation of condominium real estate properties all over the city, you have a wide range of properties to choose from. From lush real estate properties such as Solstice and High park to affordable properties with flexible payment schemes, you do not have a shortage of options. Apart from those stated above, here are more reasons why living in a condo is ideal for newlyweds:

1.) More bonding time

Most condominiums are located near business districts and entertainment hubs which would mean that your regular commute from work to home is significantly shortened. If the convenience alone of living alone is not enough to convince you, consider how much this effectively cuts your commute and as a result, give you more quality time with your partner. Additionally, if you and your spouse are looking for premier amenities, you are granted unlimited access to the condo’s swimming pools, entertainment rooms, and the sprawling lawns. You and your spouse need not go out of town just to bond when you can do it right in your condominium.

2.) Sleep peacefully at night

One of the most integral characteristics a neighborhood and a home must have is excellent security. Knowing that you are safe and secure in your beds at night without fear of anyone trying to enter your property would make you sleep more soundly. In condominiums, they take their tenants security seriously and home safety is non-negotiable. Condominiums usually have security guards stationed everywhere from the gates to the common areas. Additionally, almost every nook and cranny except the units themselves are equipped with security cameras.

3.) Stay fit easily

If you and your spouse are fitness buffs, you will find that it is easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your condominium community. You are free to use the gym amenities that come with the condo and are free to sprint in any of the open spaces. The possibilities of designating time for a good workout are endless such as a quick jaunt before heading off to work, or even a yoga session at the rooftop garden on the weekends. No need to worry about any mishaps occurring as these amenities are always well-maintained by the staff.

4.) You can build mutual friendships easily

Starting and building your life together as husband and wife is an exhilarating and exciting chapter in your married life. Part of this is building and fostering mutual friendships together with your spouse which you can easily do in your own condominium. Living in a condominium community opens a lot of prospects for cultivating these kinds of relationships—most especially since most condominium units are populated with unique, zany and interesting individuals and newlyweds just like you. This would enable you to form lasting friendships and relationships with your neighbors who can potentially be your lifetime friends. Introduce yourselves to your neighbors and invite them over for an afternoon tea or dinner. You might not know it, but that could be the start of a lasting friendship.

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Things You Can Do at Home That Help Reduce Electricity Bills




Most of us, if not all, paying our monthly electricity bills is just so frustrating, especially when our budget is on tight. We sometimes even have a hard time looking for money just to pay the said bills. Well of course, wherever you live—may it be in a condo Philippines, Makati area or not, you still have the need to pay your monthly electricity bills.

There are many things you can do to lessen the consumption of your electricity bills. Well, you do not need to totally cut off your appliances for you to have no electricity bills to pay. However, you can still use it in a moderate way.

Now, here are some simple and common things found in our house that can add up to your electricity consumptions when you don’t know what to do with these things.


We all want to use aircon, especially when we feel that no wind can reduce the heat of our room. Using of aircon is our first thing in mind when we need to cool ourselves down. We even use aircon in our house, even if it is still in the afternoon. We can’t help it, right? We just need to use it.

Of course, even if we are reducing the consumption of the electricity bills, we can also contribute to reducing and or minimize the consumption by lessening the use of it. Like what you did for the fridge, you can also do it with your aircon. When you feel like you are already cool down or the room or the place is already cold enough, then you can turn the aircon off. In that way, you can the use of aircon is minimized since you had it turned off when you think that you are already satisfied with the coldness of the place.

Of course, as much a possible, try not to leave the aircon on when there is no one around in the room or the place.

Clothes dryer

Did you know that the clothes dryer is also one of the things that can add up to the consumption of the electricity bills? When you do laundry, if you feel like the heat can dry up your clothes, then as much a possible, try using the natural heat of the sun in drying your clothes. Also, make sure that you do laundry in the morning, or in the early afternoon for you to be able to use the heat of the sun still.

And as much as possible, use only the clothes dryer when you are in a hurry, and you need to wear or pack the clothes that you just washed. In that way, saving electricity bills can never be this convenient.


We all have refrigerators, right?! Especially when we feel thirsty and we have the need to drink cold water to satisfy our thirst, our refrigerator helps us a lot when it comes to it. Of course, not just for storing cold water, we can also store some foods and other things that need to be refrigerated.

But to lessen the consumption of your refrigerator, if you think that your fridge is already too cold, which makes the food be frozen, you have to turn it off. And if you believe that there is a need to turn it again, then you have to do it. Also, if you think that there is a need to defrost, then you have to defrost it. With that, you can reduce the consumption of your electricity through minimizing the use of the fridge.

A No-Money Weekend: How to Spend Quality Time at Home


Whether you realize or not, we all spend money every single time. How much more during weekends? This is the time where most people get the chance to go to malls and any other places where they can have fun and enjoy the moment. Of course, it is not a bad thing at all. In fact, you need such recreation to make sure you will have a work-life balance. However, do you know that you can also enjoy your weekend at home? Although some of you may find it boring, there are a lot of things you can do at home. You will not just enjoy what you do, but you will also be productive on such matter.

It does not matter if you plan to invest a house and lot in Pampanga, you can still enjoy your weekend at home without spending too much on the money. And to give you some ideas, you might want to refer to these tips below.

Set goals

This is one of the things you need to consider when spending your weekend at home. Of course, you need to know what you want to do for you to be productive as of the moment. If you are a kind of person who just loves to do some DIY then, you can create something that would unleash your creative side. With that, you are not just doing some productive things; you are also saving money.
Setting goals will also help you decide on what you need to do for the weekend without spending too much of your money.

Define no-money

Ok, let’s just admit! Not all of us here understand what “no money” means. Does it literally say that you are not going to spend a single peso? Well, that would be impossible for us to do. The definition of no-money is all up to you. If you think that you can go on a day without spending on a single coin, then this can also apply to you. However, this can also mean that you are not going to spend too much on a particular thing. If you want to buy some chips, you can spend. But not to the extent where you are spending too much without mindful of the things that you have just bought.

Plan ahead

This is one of the things you should also consider if you want to save money. For some, the best time to have a no-money weekend is during the first or fourth week of the month. Perhaps, that is because these weeks is “pay the bills” time. When you have a particular plan in mind, you are going to be obliged to do the things that are expected. Moreover, it will be much easier for you to do a particular that are as planned.

Get creative

Of course this! There’s nothing more precious than spending your time alone and unleashing your creative side. If you are a kind of person who usually wants to watch television all day, then you need to stop. You have to do things that can make your more productive. Perhaps, you can read a book or do something that would not make your bored at home. Again, you are not just enjoying your time at home, but you are also doing things that can make your productive. And of course, you also have to choose things that can entertain you for you not to get bored easily.

Go outside

Just because you spend your weekend at home, that does not mean you cannot go outside. Of course, you can! You can have a walk around your neighborhood. This is also one of the many ways you can know your neighbors more. Especially if you are new to your place, you can stroll around and familiarize where and what place that can best spend your time.

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Housekeeping 101: Five Steps to Eliminate Clutter in Any Room


“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” –William Morris

As the minimalist lifestyle has been making waves, it is only natural for us to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter we have lying around our houses. Over time, accumulating stuff becomes inevitable and without a doubt, they could be one of the reasons for our stress. Clutter in any part of the home is not only an eyesore, but it would take up valuable space as well—space that you could have used for something else. Apart from the routine cleaning you would do weekly or monthly, do a bit of de-cluttering as well. Give your homes that much needed breather whether you are living in a condominium unit in Sedona Parc or a residential home anywhere else with these easy steps.

1.) Set an overall goal

Know what you want to accomplish by the end of your endeavor. This is the most crucial step as it would assist you in having a vision of what you want to achieve in your mind. Be specific when enumerating what your goals are such as saying: I will declutter and organize the kitchen downstairs so that cooking would be a more eventful affair; I am going to organize my books by title so as to make it easier for me to read books which I have not read. It is imperative that you state your goal and your reason for doing it and similarly, you should write it down to give you a little nudge for whenever you do not feel like doing it. Put it in an easily visible place. Do not forget to take pictures before you start to give you that dramatic effect of a before and after scenario.

2.) Gather your tools

You might be under the mistaken impression that eliminating clutter would not take a lot of tools, but on the contrary, a successful decluttering would involve four kinds of essentials tools which are containers. These containers should be categorized into Trash, Storage, Give Away/Sell or Put Away. Containers can be anything from bins, laundry baskets, excess baskets or trash bags—whatever you have access to.

3.) Pick a room or area

When you are looking to declutter your entire home, it would be better if you focused on one area first before proceeding to the next. In this way, your focus would not be diverted and in the same way, you would actually see some visible progress. If you are up for the task, choose the biggest challenge, but you may need to break it into little chunks as you go. However, if you have never been particularly successful with decluttering, it would be best if you selected a smaller area so that you would not have a much more difficult time. Suppose you are decluttering the kitchen for this week, start with the utensil drawers on Monday, have Tuesday for the cabinets and so on. Keep going until you have successfully completed the project.

4.) Plan a time

Inevitably, you are going to have to find an appropriate time to schedule your decluttering. WE are all busy, but that does not mean you should neglect to do this altogether. If you are setting aside time for cleaning, consider the schedules of those around you as well. Having kids run around when you are cleaning can prove to be a hassle, so schedule it around your tots nap time. If finding time proves to be difficult, find a fifteen-minute block a day to do what you can. Do this little by little until you finally make some progress.

5.) Dump the leftover clutter

Your goal is to eliminate clutter as much as you can so it is only natural that you deal with the pile quickly before it starts accumulating again. Take the trash, bag it all up and get it out. Similarly, take the items you need to give away and deliver them where they need to go. Do not wait as this will only encourage or tempt you to keep them or worse; these items will start to mix which would be a waste of all your sorting work.

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Tips on How to Find The Right Air Conditioner Repairman


Have you ever notice whimpering noises coming from your air conditioner? Is your AC blowing hot, musty air into your room? If so, then you better find an air conditioner repairman immediately. Perhaps, some of you here might wonder and ask if it is really necessary to call a professional air conditioner repairman when you can do it all alone. Well, you may have a point. But hiring one can help you fix your AC without any costly mistakes.

But whether you like it or not, finding the right air conditioner repairman can also be challenging and daunting. Of course, you are not going to hire someone without making sure that they can do their job professionally, right? Who knows, they might be one of those people who pretend to be a repairman but at the end, they would scam you with that. However, you can definitely avoid such unfortunates if you know how to find the right air conditioner repairman. And most importantly, it doesn’t matter if you are living in a townhouse Manila, you can definitely have the right repairman to fix your AC.

Ask someone you can trust to recommend a good technician

Asking some recommendations from your family or friends is one of the things you can do to find a good one. If they can recommend you, someone, that means they know how good he is when it comes to repairing any AC at home. Generally, your family or friends will not recommend a person that does not do their job professionally. Well, it is definitely up to you to consider their recommendations.

Look in the yellow pages or yelp

If your family and friends do not know anyone that is professional enough to repair any AC, then you can definitely look in the yellow pages or yelp for any air conditioner repairman. Of course, you will definitely find hundreds to thousands of people who do the same job. However, you also have to be careful when it comes to choosing the right one. You definitely do not want to be a victim of their scams, right? That is why, before deciding to hire someone, you have to make sure that they are good and professional enough to do their job.

Make a short list of the top three names and research them

After searching some names from the yellow pages or yelp, narrow your list down according to their ratings. If that person or company have higher ratings or have good and satisfying reviews from their clients, then you might want to consider listing it down to your top three list of names. Well, you down with three to make sure that if one is not available or their schedules are full, then you can definitely skip to your next potential repairman that you would like to hire. Moreover, you also have to make sure that these top three names have an excellent performance when it comes to giving their clients their best services to make sure that you will still get the right repairman.

Check with the Business Bureau to ensure the company is in good standing

If you are a kind of person who is skeptical enough when it comes to choosing the right repairman, then you might as well check their background. In this way, you will know what kind of company or people they are when you do a background check. Moreover, this is also one of the many ways to make sure that the person you are about to hire is professional enough and the license to do the job.

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Four Survival Tips for House Hunting



House hunting is easy. It is the catching it part that is difficult. ~Susan Gale

One of the major milestones you encounter in life whether you are a newlywed couple, a couple with kids, or an individual seeking to be more independent is finding the perfect home to live in and begin a new life.

And this milestone in life entails a very exciting and fun activity known as house hunting. The prospect of looking at new beautiful places whether it is a condo in Cebu City or a house and lot in Davao and envisioning what it would be like to finally live in them can be enthralling, and for a while, it can be.

But then again, this is before reality creeps in on you. This is before you realize that you would want to move out of your current residence right away. And you might have the reasons (overbearing in-laws, a new job that requires your move immediately, etc.) for doing so. It seems like the budget you have is not adequate enough for the kind of wish list you have for your home.

When you do find a house that is at the right price, a lot of logistics seem to be involved such as the mountain of paperwork and as it is this kind of pressure can really stress you out. To make sure you do not let the stress of house hunting get to you, here are tips on how to survive it.

1.) Know the difference between your needs and desires

If you are buying a house from a bottomless cash coffer, then your home can come equipped with all the necessities and all the features you would want in a house. However, if you are scouting for homes on a budget, then certain compromises must be made. Know the distinction between your wants and needs and ask yourself some questions when you are doing so. Is it absolutely necessary to have a backyard pool? Or can you use the community’s pool instead? Though location may be a crucial factor in making your final decision, certain extraneous features can be compromised. Do not get too caught up checking off every item on your wish list or you would end up disappointed.

2.) Do not let aesthetics get in the way

The hackneyed phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not only right for individuals, but for choosing homes as well. Remember to look beyond the visual aspect of your home. Although everyone may want a beautiful home, it is equally important to consider the location and structure as well are far more important if you can get the house at the right price.

3.) Brace yourself for anything unexpected

No matter how meticulously you have planned your house hunting strategy, the reality is there are certain things that you can never plan for. An example of this is perhaps when you are buying a foreclosure. Just as you are about to seal the deal, you would find out that there is another existing mortgage on the house with a second bank causing it to decline on your offer.

Maybe you will discover your new condo is peppered with termites. Should the worst occur, stay calm and collected. Be ready for anything to come up and just welcome that as an opportunity to look for a better home.

4.) Prioritize

Know that the most important step when it comes to house hunting is to set priorities. Determine what is essential to you and know which aspects you can try to compromise on. In the same vein, this is where you distinguish your wants from your needs and come up with a list that would help you look for houses with a realistic mindset.

House hunting can be a fun and thrilling experience, but as it is, it could be stressful to potential home buyers as well. So, when you are browsing homes in, keep these tips in mind to make your experience in finding that one perfect home truly rewarding.