The Best Secluded Beaches of Davao


As of late, Davao has been considered to be one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. The city serves as the main hub for trade, commerce, and industry in Mindanao and it also plays host to the famous Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. The metropolis has also been regarded as the safest city in the Philippines to live in.

However, unbeknownst to most, Davao apart from being the safest city in the country also plays home to some of the most beautiful, pristine and white sand beaches. And since Davao is close to the coastal waters of the Davao Gulf, there would be innumerable options when it comes to choosing a beaches or resorts in Davao City. But if you are looking for a more private alternative without the usual noise and activity in a beach, the beaches of Davao still has you covered and here are six secluded beaches you can choose from on your next ocean excursion.

1.) Bonhomie


Located in Banaybanay, Davao Oriental, Bonhomie is one of those rare beaches that has stayed immaculately clean with well-maintained surroundings. The powdery-white sand beach is within proximity of its infinity pool. If you are up for an extra adventure, you can request to be brought to the one-hectare Burias Islet which is located at the boundary of Maputi and Puntalinao Rivers.

2.) Samalan Camp and Sea


If you are thinking of a word synonymous to rest and relaxation then Samalan Camp and Sea might fit the mold. This resort is located in Samal City and is a three hundred meter stretch of powdery white sand beach—ideal for both families and groups of friends who are looking to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. The beach secluded, making it a bit of paradise within easy grasp.

3.) Compostela Valley


Although still largely undeveloped, the beach boasts of white sands and crystal clear blue waters. The beach is located on an island approximately 87 hectares large with the area chock-full of wild fruit and coconut trees. Individuals desiring to be a bit more in tune with nature would be pleased to discover that the waters of this beach are known breeding grounds for leatherback turtles and hawksbill which adds to the overall allure of the beach.

4.) Welborn in Pantukan

Couples who are looking for a secluded and private beach with a wide stretch of sand to serve as a canvas for glamour photos or prenup photos might find this beach in Compostela a real gem. Welborn in Pantukan has a wide stretch of powdery white sand that is absolutely perfect for walking or frolicking even barefoot. There are no stones or corals that may injure bare feet as the sea bed is flat so you can traipse away on the hot sand. Considered as a haven for photographers, the beach paints a panoramic and beautiful picture of any sunset.

5.) Bluewaters (Island Garden City of Samal)


If you are looking for a quick getaway from the perpetually busy city life yet you could not afford to have an overnight stay away from the city, Bluewaters would be your best option. Bluewaters from the Island Garden City of Samal is a healthy compromise between a getaway from the city without being much too far. The beach only takes about seven minutes to reach from Davao City. Simply go to the boarding area which is located at the Davao Beach Club at Lizada Drive, Lanang and you are all set.

6.) Banana Beach


For a truly unique experience and a great backstory to tell, visit the Banana Beach in Tagum City. It is the only beach in the world that is contained inside a banana plantation. Activities on the beach include kayaking, banana boat riding, skimboarding, water trampoline and a lot more. It has an extensive coastline of 4.5 kilometers with a flat and even seabed making the abovementioned activities feasible and possible. It would not take you long to reach the beach from the city as it is about only a fifteen-minute drive at the most.

Update your travel itinerary the next time you are in Davao City and discover the secluded and hidden natural treasures of the city above that would make your trip truly worth the while.


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4 Things to do Before Going on a Trip

Summer season is almost over. Yet for some, it will never be over when you really want to go for a trip. Especially when you have the time and budget in going to the resort in the Philippines, it will still going to be fun together with your families and friends. Of course, who would not be on the go when it comes to travelling and going to beaches and/or resorts?

Going for a trip would really be fun when you have a plan. Others may say, it is more exciting to go on a trip when you don’t plan it at all. Well, it may be true in some instances, but there will always be consequences when you don’t plan your trip at all. I know you don’t want to regret having a bad trip later on.

If you are one of those people who is concerned about what to do, what to bring?, what to wear?, where to go?, how much is the estimated budget in going there?, or even who are these people who are going with you?. At least, you will know what are the things that you have to do before and after a trip. Now here are some things you might want to do before going for a trip. Of course, you can definitely include it in your checklist.

1. Manage Your Cash Flow

This is one of the most important things that you have to consider before going for a trip. You cannot go on a trip when you don’t have a budget intended for it at all. If you are planning on going on a trip, you have to know how much budget that is intended for your vacation trip.

From the tickets of the plane, the bookings of the resort or any other inn that you want to stay, your budget for your food to the fair in going home. You have to know how much is the estimated cost. And also, don’t forget to bring some pocket money for souvenirs, if any.

2. Plan Your First Day

Planning ahead helps you know what to do on your entire trip, and if you don’t want to waste your day for nothing, then there is the need for you to plan for the things that you have to do on that particular day. You can also make some checklist on what to do or where to go on that day for you to have an idea of where or what to do next.

If you don’t have any idea on the things that you want to do in that day, you can definitely ask your families and/or friends with their suggestion on what you are going to do on that day for you not to waste time doing nothing. Of course, you have to plan not just on the first day but also, you have to include the rest of the day that you plan to stay.

3. Have your things handy

One of the most annoying things to have and experience, especially in going for a trip is when, you have to carry your heavy luggage all along with you. Yes. There will always be that time when you feel like all of the things that you include in your luggage are all important which makes our bags/luggages big and heavy.

If you don’t want to make your luggages a burden to you, you have to bring what is really necessary for your trip. When it comes to the clothes to wear, you have to plan what clothes you are going to wear on that particular day. You have to mix match your outfits ahead of time for you not to be confused on what to wear on that day later on.

Also, even if you think that what you include in your luggage is important, then think again. It may not really be important for your trip. If you want to bring a pillow, you have to make sure that the pillow you are going to bring is handy enough for you to use. Have a checklist for you not to forget the things that you are supposed to bring on your trip.

4. Check the weather

This is one of the most important things you need to do before going on a trip aside from managing your cash flow. Admit it! Sometimes, we usually forget to check the weather, whether if it is ok or not since we are all too excited in going on our trip.

Checking the weather will help you decide whether to cancel your trip or not. Yes. It may sometimes be disappointing when you know that your trip is cancelled due to the bad weather, but it is only for your own good and safety. If you want to be safe all throughout the entire vacation, then you have to be keen in weather updates.