Living With Kids: Turning Their Mess into Success!



Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the sidewalk while it is still snowing. ~Phyllis Diller

Parenthood is great and living with children is nothing short of an adventure. However, kids growing up in the family home can be synonymous with perpetual clutter and heaps of mess—which surprisingly would end up anywhere from the kitchen to the bedrooms.

Often, you would find yourself excusing the state of disorder in your home—kids are making memories after all. But there are times wherein you would want everything organized as well, and the sight of endless untidiness would make you want to pull your hair.

Regardless of whether you are living in a house and lot at Sta. Rosa, Laguna or even in a lush condo unit elsewhere, living with clutter and mess can potentially stress you out. Before you lose your patience (or your sanity for that matter) over your kids’ disarray of toys and assortment of other stuff, you may need to establish some new cleaning habits and routines that would eventually clear the mess.

These five practices can also be emulated by your kids so they can help you around the house when you are sprucing up.

1.) Remember that everything has a place

Just as the kitchen utensils belong in kitchen drawers and the precious china have a place on the display shelf, their toys and other belongings have their rightful place as well. Remind your kids that the floor is not a temporary setting place for their stuff and that if they can take their toys out, they can certainly put it back where it belongs.

2.) Just do it

Undoubtedly, no one would really feel like cleaning up and doing a lot of chores—especially if you only have the weekend off. But the more you put them off, the worse the clutter will get seeing as it can accumulate over time. Just do it whenever you have free time, and you will be glad you did. Additionally, your kids can emulate your good example.

3.) Embrace the idea of clean enough

You have to live with the fact that having children could never be synonymous to perfectly spotless floors and an immaculately organized home—especially when you give your kids cleaning chores. They may not do a cleaning job to perfection but it is a lot cleaner than leaving it be, and if you do take over the job to do a more thorough cleaning, you will not spend as much time as you would had it not been cleaned in the first place. Remember that a cleaning job by your kids does not have to be flawless. After all, having it clean enough is better than nothing.

4.) Clutter attracts more clutter

The longer you delay cleaning up, the more they multiply. Notice how putting down a pile on a flat surface can result in an even bigger pile the next time you look at it? Well, that is because clutter is pretty much like a magnet and if there are more of it, the less receptive your kids will be at cleaning up. Remember the golden rule when it comes to things around the house, “Do not set it down, put it away and back in its place.”

5.) Everything off the floor

It may sound like an easy cleaning rule, but having kids around makes this harder to implement. Remind your children that nothing belongs on the floor apart from the furniture. Give them leverage over how they handle the mess in their rooms but be firm that you need to see the floor and that they are not dirty. In other areas of the house such as the living room, make sure your kids would put their shoes away in shoe baskets, electronics in a charging station and throw pillows on their corresponding furniture.


Housekeeping 101: Five Steps to Eliminate Clutter in Any Room


“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” –William Morris

As the minimalist lifestyle has been making waves, it is only natural for us to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter we have lying around our houses. Over time, accumulating stuff becomes inevitable and without a doubt, they could be one of the reasons for our stress. Clutter in any part of the home is not only an eyesore, but it would take up valuable space as well—space that you could have used for something else. Apart from the routine cleaning you would do weekly or monthly, do a bit of de-cluttering as well. Give your homes that much needed breather whether you are living in a condominium unit in Sedona Parc or a residential home anywhere else with these easy steps.

1.) Set an overall goal

Know what you want to accomplish by the end of your endeavor. This is the most crucial step as it would assist you in having a vision of what you want to achieve in your mind. Be specific when enumerating what your goals are such as saying: I will declutter and organize the kitchen downstairs so that cooking would be a more eventful affair; I am going to organize my books by title so as to make it easier for me to read books which I have not read. It is imperative that you state your goal and your reason for doing it and similarly, you should write it down to give you a little nudge for whenever you do not feel like doing it. Put it in an easily visible place. Do not forget to take pictures before you start to give you that dramatic effect of a before and after scenario.

2.) Gather your tools

You might be under the mistaken impression that eliminating clutter would not take a lot of tools, but on the contrary, a successful decluttering would involve four kinds of essentials tools which are containers. These containers should be categorized into Trash, Storage, Give Away/Sell or Put Away. Containers can be anything from bins, laundry baskets, excess baskets or trash bags—whatever you have access to.

3.) Pick a room or area

When you are looking to declutter your entire home, it would be better if you focused on one area first before proceeding to the next. In this way, your focus would not be diverted and in the same way, you would actually see some visible progress. If you are up for the task, choose the biggest challenge, but you may need to break it into little chunks as you go. However, if you have never been particularly successful with decluttering, it would be best if you selected a smaller area so that you would not have a much more difficult time. Suppose you are decluttering the kitchen for this week, start with the utensil drawers on Monday, have Tuesday for the cabinets and so on. Keep going until you have successfully completed the project.

4.) Plan a time

Inevitably, you are going to have to find an appropriate time to schedule your decluttering. WE are all busy, but that does not mean you should neglect to do this altogether. If you are setting aside time for cleaning, consider the schedules of those around you as well. Having kids run around when you are cleaning can prove to be a hassle, so schedule it around your tots nap time. If finding time proves to be difficult, find a fifteen-minute block a day to do what you can. Do this little by little until you finally make some progress.

5.) Dump the leftover clutter

Your goal is to eliminate clutter as much as you can so it is only natural that you deal with the pile quickly before it starts accumulating again. Take the trash, bag it all up and get it out. Similarly, take the items you need to give away and deliver them where they need to go. Do not wait as this will only encourage or tempt you to keep them or worse; these items will start to mix which would be a waste of all your sorting work.

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Having Unexpected Guests? Here’s How to Fake a Clean House


Ok, let’s admit! Cleaning can sometimes be a hassle on our part. Especially when you are too busy with your work or in your school, cleaning is one of the least tasks you want to do. But what if an old friend would pay you a surprise visit? What will you do? Perhaps, all you think about faking a clean home, right? In just 5-20 minutes, you can give an illusion to your visitor that your home is clean. Well, that may be the perks of being smart when it comes to home cleaning hacks, right?

While other people would prefer a deep clean, but for some people who don’t have the luxury of time to clean their home, you can refer to these simple tips below. And whether you are living in 1016 residences or any other properties, you can definitely achieve a clean home. Here’s how:

Entry way

As we all know, the first thing that our guest will see or notice is our entry way. That means, you should take necessary measure when it comes to cleaning it. Remove any clutter and make sure that the place is not dusty and dirty.

Odor control

Bad odor is definitely a no-no! This doesn’t just turn your visitors off, but it will also reflect of you who and what you are. Perhaps, that foul smell came from the waste of your pet, a spoiled food from your fridge, or dishes that are not immediately washed that lingers in your house. why don’t you spray some of your favorite air freshener to remove any unpleasant smell? You can turn on the fan and open your windows to let the smell go away. This is also one way to get the stale air moving.

Clutter control

It is undeniable that we may have things that are scattered anywhere in our house. Perhaps, you hung your clothes on the chair yesterday and you forget to put it back on your closet. And mind you, there’s nothing messier than clutter. Well, just grab a laundry basket, a sack or any other storage available at home and begin to gather your things. Don’t worry about where you should put that particular thing. Just let your things out of sight until after your guests leave.

Living room

One of the important things you should consider to clean is your living room. It is where you will be sitting and visiting the most. And since you’re done making the place good and you’ve already removed the clutter, the next thing you can do is to focus on tidying the surfaces. If there are anything that needs to put away, then you better have it right after decluttering the living room. Or perhaps, you can think about what you can put to make it more attractive to look at.


Your bathroom should always be ready to use whenever your guest needs to use it. And in order for you to achieve such, you should clean your bathroom with a disinfecting wipe or a cleaning cloth and all-purpose spray. Quickly remove all the clutter, change the trash and wipe the down the mirror. Moreover, you should not forget about the hand soap, a hand towel and toilet paper always in ready for use.

Freshen yourself

It is a normal thing to do to freshen up yourself whenever you have visitors coming to your house. Yes, your guests will generally examine how clean your house is. But they will most likely spend more time looking at you than at your house. That is why, you have to make sure that you are presentable enough whenever you meet them. Of course, this goes without saying.


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