Top 4 Decorating Mistakes Homeowners Are Still Doing This 2017


Decorating your home is one of the things that excite us the most. Although there are times home decorating can also be challenging and frustrating, but the end results would pay it off. Of course, that if you are doing the right home decorating techniques. However, there are just some homeowners who just didn’t realize that they are repeating the same home decorating mistakes all over again. And mind you, this is not a good habit to start with.

Whether you are a tenant in a Makati condo for rent or any other properties in the Philippines, there is no reason for you to commit the same mistakes again. And if you are one of those homeowners who doesn’t have any idea what mistakes they are making, then below are some common decorating mistakes most homeowners are still doing.

1. Having more than one focal point

Having a central point at home is used to feel more inviting and offer a more comfortable place to stay. This feature can be your picture, mirror, or dramatic piece of furniture that catches every person’s eyes. But there’s a caveat though; a good focal point can only do once. If you tend to have more than one focal point at home, this might not be a good idea, since it can make the room feel disjointed and leaves a person’s eye without any rest.

For you to be comfortable, you have to choose one focal point that would complement the place. Don’t be overwhelmed with the spaces you have at home and just choose one to make a good and satisfying focal point.

2. No considering your lifestyle

Just because the interior or exterior home design is a trend, that doesn’t mean it is also good for you. Nope, not all! Obviously, you are not going to do some renovations to your home if you don’t even need it, right? But if you still continue to follow the trend without any knowledge on whether or not it fits into your home, then you might regret your decision later on.

3. Too many throw pillows

Throw pillows are one thing that gives beauty to our home. Apparently, it doesn’t just add beauty; it also provides us with the feeling of comfort whenever we want to relax at home. Throw pillows can also give a homey feeling or ambiance on the place. However, having too many throw pillows at home is also not nice to look at. Instead of giving us the comfort that we want, it provides us with the feeling of annoyance since we don’t know where to seat already.

When it comes to adding throw pillows on the couch, you have to make sure that there will be a space where you can still seat. Perhaps, 2-3 pillows on a couch are enough.

4. Not testing your paint color

Colors are important. The color of your home doesn’t just add beauty, but it can also create a mood or ambiance at home. And if you are not careful enough when choosing the right color paint for your walls, then you might not like the result of the interior and exterior design. Before anything else, you should not forget to test the color before choosing and buying a particular paint. If you think that the color of the paint is a little bit dry to look at on your walls, then it is better for you to find another paint that would match or complete the design of your home.


Moreover, you also have to make sure that the paint is durable enough to last longer than any other paints. Yes, some paints can easily be torn off especially when it rains. So, you have to choose the right color paint for you home.


Following the trend when it comes to home design is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it is one of the many things you can upgrade your home design into something new. However, before deciding to follow such design, you also have to think again and again if you need it, or if it is worth it. Think and then decide. With that, you will know what and what not to do when it comes to the design of your home. Of course, this will also prevent you from committing costly mistakes all over again.


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Return of Investment 101: Home Improvement Tip of the Week

There will always be a fun factor when it comes to improving your home. Agree? Of course, you’ve got the chance to apply your ideal home design to your own property. Well, there will definitely be a lot of careful thinking and planning as to what and how you are going to renovate and/or arrange the things inside and outside of your home – and that alone makes it more fun and challenging to do on the part of the homeowners.

A lot of you here, especially homeowners, are into home improvements. While others do the renovation for their own lifestyle, other homeowners do it to for investments. Generally, when they know and learn new ideas, they usually and/or immediately apply their learning in their own home. However for some, they just can’t pull it off. Sometimes, they fail to have a careful plan on what they are supposed to do.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who have a hard time thinking on just what to do when it comes to home improvement, then you might want to try applying these simple tips on how you can make it a success, and for you to have a higher return of investments. Whether you’re living in a bgc condo or any other real estate property,  you can apply it on your own home.

Tip # 1: If you want to boost your property value, remodel the bathroom

Some of you here might be planning on selling and/or renting your home, or at least in the future. If you do, then you better remodel and improve your bathroom. Bathroom? Yes! Why? Bathroom is where we usually clean ourselves; it is where we want to be refreshed. Of course, it will definitely be more refreshing if your bathroom is nice and cozy enough for you to use.

Moreover, there are already studies that show that most homeowners usually see to it that the ideal bathroom that they want to have will also be in the property that they are going to rent/buy. So, you better meet their expectations!

Tip # 2: Every penny you spend on a new kitchen only increases the value of your home by 50 cents.

Before you decide on what you are going to do when it comes to improving your home, it is a must for you to ask yourself why you are renovating your kitchen in the first place. Why not some other places in your house? Well yes, the kitchen is still part of your home which is why we also need to renovate it. However, unlike tip # 1, focusing on the renovation of your kitchen offers among the lowest return of investment.

The kitchen is not just the only room that most people want to spend the rest of their free time with; there are still other rooms that need to be improved which helps grab the homebuyer’s attention. However, if you are still planning to renovate your kitchen, then you just have to make sure that it will not consume too much of your time, effort and money. You better think on what else you need to improve inside and outside of your home.

Tip # 3: Get a higher return on investment by adding a story, not redoing the basement.

When renovating a home, you don’t just renovate the first floor of it, unless your home is a bungalow type. However, adding up a story on your home is a good idea for you to have a higher return on investment. Most of the times, homeowners are into properties that have two or three stories. Especially when the homebuyers have a lot of families to live with them, they will definitely choose a bigger property.

Moreover, as a home seller, you have the right to place a higher value on your property, especially when you know that your property is worthy to have a higher price. With that, you will definitely not be on a losing end of your investment.

Doing home improvements is not that hard as you think. For as long as you know the process and you know what to do when it comes to the renovation of your house, then you will definitely achieve your desired outcome of investments.