How Often Should You Change Your Sheets


If there’s one thing that you want to add to complete a satisfying and relaxing rest, that would be our bed sheets. Agree? Generally, beds would not be complete when there are not bed sheets at all. Sheets are not just there to give us the comfort that we need, but it also affect the quality of sleep become a productive person. Obviously, if you have a good sleep or rest, the more you can focus on the things you need to do.

Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your time in bed? That means, from the time you go to sleep until you wake up, linen sheets are there to give you the comfort that you need. However, having a dirty bed sheet is an unhealthy thing to have. This may result in skin allergies and asthma caused by the dirty and dusty sheets.

But sad to say, not all homeowners are able to wash their bed sheets regularly. Perhaps, they don’t have the time to clean such considering their workload. Some of you here might even wonder and ask, “How often should we change our sheets?” Basically, it is the most common questions for most homeowners.

It is a general rule that you should wash your bed sheets every once or twice a week. Yes, this may sometimes be a hassle on our part since there are still so many things out there that we need to attend to. Most experts recommend that washing the sheets should be done daily to make sure the bacteria are gone. There are even people who wash and change their sheets once every couple of weeks or once a month – that if you don’t have terrible allergies and a compromised immune system. But as a homeowner, you have to remember that cleaning and changing your sheets regularly is a must to prevent you from any health issues.

However, when you fail to wash the sheets regularly, this will contribute to increased suffering from health problems. Dirty sheets do not just affect your health issues, but this will also be the cause of having mites or dust mites, bugs and other insects that interrupt our good and satisfying sleep. Moreover, people who have sensitive skin will most likely have skin rashes when you fail to clean the sheet before you go to bed.

Yes, “dirty” may be a subjective thing. But always remember that as we sleep, our body also produces dead skin, falling hair, and exudes oils and bacteria. Plus if you have pets at home, dust mites and what your dog or cat may leave behind can also add to the “dirty” factor on your bed sheets.

Another factor that contributes to the cleanliness of your bed sheets is on how you wash them properly. If you are not keen what spot you need to have a deep clean, then there might be possibilities bacteria are still going to stay even if you’ve done washing it. Unless you have sheets made of silk, you can wash your bed sheets in hot water to kill bacteria and dust mites. But there’s a caveat, though, hot water can also decrease the life of delicate sheets, that is why to have some alternate schedule for it. A better option or way to properly clean your sheets is to have some dry cleaning or steam cleaning. With this, you can definitely ensure a clean bed sheet.

However, you can definitely also wash you sheets on your personal preference. But you have to make sure to wash them with care to prevent some damages on its delicate trim. Additionally, it is also a good idea to launder them weekly to remove dirt and dust.

See? Washing and changing your bed sheets is not that hard as you think it is. For as long as you handle the sheets with care, then you will mostly get what you want to have for your bed sheets. Of course, if you have a good and clean sheet, then you will also have a good and comfortable rest.

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