5 Hacks to Visually Enlarge Your Small Space

Hands up if you are one of those people who live in small spaces! Have you ever feel that your walls are already closing in on you? Like you don’t have any space available for you to freely roam around your home? Well, fret not! You are not alone! Yes, there are actually a lot of homeowners who share the same sentiments as you do.

However, just because you have a small home, you can’t do anything about it anymore. Generally, it doesn’t matter if you live in house and lot for sale Philippines (Cavite specifically) visually enlarging your small space is within your reach.

Thinking about what and what not to do when it comes to improving the interior design of your home can sometimes be daunting and challenging. Of course, you need to think about the things you need to do for you to achieve a desirable outcome of your home. And to give you some ideas, below are the top five hacks to visually enlarge your small spaces at home.

No worries! These tips or hacks are easy for you to use in your own home.

1. Lighten up

Choosing the right color for your home is one of the most important things you must consider. Of course, the color of walls can help visually expand your space. Well, you can go for a white color for your walls. Although some of you here might think that white is just a plain color, but never underestimate it since it can do wonders when it comes to expanding your space. But you can also go for pastel colors if not for white.

2. Use vertical stripe patterns

Just like wearing vertical stripes clothing, you can also go for vertical stripe patterns for your walls, or even with the floors. You can trick the eye into making an object appear taller or longer. Of course, this is also one way you can maximize the effect in your home. well, before deciding to use vertical stripes pattern, just make sure that you get a permission from your landlord. With this, you don’t have to worry about putting some vertical designs for your home.

3. Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors are not just for your own purposes. You can also use mirrors to trick that you have a bigger space at home. Moreover, mirrors can also help maximize the effect by placing a big mirror directly across the room from the window. With this, it will create an illusion of an endless space. However, you should also be careful when it comes to the installation of it. Make sure to avoid placing mirrors to reflect objects that are not easy on the eyes, since it can create an illusion of a cluttered home.

4. Utilize the vertical space on your walls

Aside from using vertical stripes pattern for your walls, you can also use the vertical spaces available at home. Well, you can place some bookshelves in an empty space. Or you can also buy rails to hang pots, pans, and spices, especially when you have a vertical space in your kitchen. And yes, it does not just give you an illusion of having a bigger space; this will also help draws the eyes upwards making your small space larger.

5. Buy proportioned furniture that does double duty

One of the many reasons why your home feels like there is no space available is because you have so many things that are cluttered inside your home. And in order for you to avoid such, why don’t you buy proportioned furniture that does double duty? With this, you will not be worried about what and where you should put your furniture since you have already some space or storage available for it.

See? Having an illusion that you have a bigger space at home is not that hard as you think it is. Of course, you just have to make sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to what and what not to do when decorating your home.


7 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Invest in Townhouse

It is everybody’s need to have a nice and comfortable place to live in, right? Who doesn’t? However, there are still a lot Filipinos who still don’t have their own place to stay.  Of course, just like other homeowners who are living in a nice and decent place, people who don’t have their own home wants to have one. Well, they don’t have to worry since they can definitely invest in a townhouse Manila.



For some, investment is a dreadful word. Perhaps, they are afraid of taking some risk when it comes to money matters. Of course, you cannot invest something without talking about finances. When you invest in a townhouse, you are not just investing your money, but also your future.

Well, if you are a kind of person who is still not convinced when it comes to investing, then here are some common reasons why you should invest in a townhouse.

1. You are actually paying for a house and lot

There are actually a lot of property owners who offers rent to own townhouse. Well, it is definitely be a good news for every homebuyer sine they are not just renting for nothing, they can actually benefit from it. Also, they are not just paying for their stay, there are paying for their own home. So, it would be a win-win situation for the both party.

2. Townhouses are usually situated in prime locations

Townhouses are a decent place to stay. Not just having a nice and comfortable home but also, you can definitely have a good location in your place since most townhouses are usually situated in prime places/locations. It would definitely be a convenient for you to go to the places that you want to go since the place is accessible enough for you to stay.

3. It comes with free parking space

If you have a your own car, or you are planning to buy your own car, you don’t have to worry about the parking space in the townhouse that you are going to buy since it comes with a free parking space. Of course, the free parking space that is intended for your car is ample enough for your car to fit.

4. You get more space in your home

When you invest in a townhouse, you will have enough space for your home. Of course, it is enough for your belongings to fit in. also, even if you have a lot of things that you need to have in your house, you don’t have to worry since you can still have enough space for you to enough.

5. There are a lot of visual and interior design opportunities

Some of the townhouses, if not all, are already ready to occupy. You don’t have to worry about what you need to do with the interior design of your house since it is already fully furnish. All you have to do is move in right away. Also, there are townhouses that have already furnitures included inside the house. Kitchen wares, furnitures for your living and/or for your bed and any other things that you will need for you to live comfortably.

6. Your neighbors are your own additional home security

If you are a kind of person who has a concern when it comes to their safety, then you don’t have to worry since your neighbors will also help secure your environment. They are not just your neighbors but also, you can also trust them when it comes to securing the place.  Well, if you have many friends in your neighbors, then it will also be to your advantage.

7. Townhouses have more privacy

When it comes to townhouses, you can guarantee that you will have your privacy. Of course, even if you have your neighbors, they don’t invade your privacy. They will respect you like the way you respect them when it comes to their privacy. So, you don’t have to worry if you have some secrets that you are hiding, they don’t care what you do with your life.
These are just some of the advantages that you can get when you invest in a townhouse. Well, it will really be up to you whether you want to invest in a townhouse or not. But if you do, you will not regret investing one.