Top 8 “Roommate-Night” Ideas



There will always be fun when living with a roommate. Agree? Of course, having a roommate is also one of the many ways you can enjoy life living together. Especially when you need something, your roommate can be a big help to you. However, there are just times that it gets boring, especially when you do not have anything to do together. And sometimes, this will also lead to misunderstandings. Generally, it does not matter if you both are living in a condo in Taguig or any other real estate in the Philippines, you can definitely have fun with your roommates.

Although there are just times that you and your roommate have different likes and dislikes in life, then perhaps you might agree on some other things that can also give you fun and excitement doing things together. Well, to give you some ideas, you might want to do these things below to have more fun with your roommates.

1. Cook a fancy meal together

Who would reject food? Right? Perhaps, you can make your favorite dish together at home. Let your roommate taste the especially dish that you really want to have. Who knows, you can also learn new recipes from your roommate.

2. Rent a new or old movie, popcorn and relax at home

Yes, you can go together in cinemas. But there is nothing like watching movies together at home. You do not just watch movies, you also got the chance to bond more with them. Moreover, this will also give you a homey and relaxing feeling at home.

3. Take a walk around your complex or at a park nearby

If you both have free time, why don’t you try walking together around your complex or at a park nearby? This is the chance for you to know more about your roommate. Of course, you can find a good timing to share your experiences in life. Who know, you both share the same sentiments on one thing, right?

4. Hit the gym together (this helps, accountability, too!)

If you are a kind of person who is a health conscious, then why don’t you try hitting the gym together with your roommate? Perhaps, this is the time for you to introduce to him or her and effective way of losing or gaining weight, or simply for fitness purposes.

5. Try a local restaurant

If you are into food trips, you should both try going to a local restaurant together. It does not need to be that expensive enough to eat your favorite meal. Well, if you are happy enough eating together with your roommate, then it would be a great thing to have.

6. Play loud music and clean your home

If you happen to be free from work or in school together, why don’t you try playing loud music and clean your home? With this, cleaning your home would not be that boring for you. Of course, you have your roommate clean together with you which makes the tasks done faster.

7. Visit thrift shops and go shopping

This is also one of the many ways to bond with your roommate. When you both have free time, you can definitely go visit thrift shops and go shopping. Perhaps, you can find things that would match your tastes. Well, you can both agree on buying a particular thing for your home.

8. Take a yoga or fitness class

Aside from going to a gym, you can also take a yoga or a fitness class. With this, you will be able to relax more with it. Also, you do not just take some exercises, this is also one of the many ways where you can bond with your roommate together.

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Living With Roommates 101: Lessons You can Learn While Living Together


If you happen to have a roommate, there will be a lot of possibilities you can encounter while living together. Of course, there might be times living with a roommate can be hellish, but there are also things that you can be proud and thankful for. And whether you realize it or not, there will always be a difference between living with a roommate and solo. And it doesn’t matter what property you invest in the Philippines, having a roommate is going to be an amazing experience for you to have.

However, not all people who are living with a roommate can appreciate such opportunity. That is why, if you are one of those people who are living with a roommate, below are some things that you should be thankful for. Yes, we may not have the same experience with the others, but, at least, your roommates still done a good deed to you.

1. Teaching how to cook

This is one of the advantages if you are living with a roommate. Well, if you have a roommate that is good in cooking, then this gives you an opportunity to learn from them. Moreover, this is a good chance to learn especially to those people who don’t know how to cook yet. Cooking with a roommate does not just save you a lot of money, this will also give you time to bond and have a good friend – not just a mere roommate.

2. Not freaking out when you forgot to take out the trash

Your roommates will save you especially in times like this. Of course, some communities are strict when it comes to the garbage collection. If you forget to take it out, then you have to wait for another day just to get your trash. And if you have a lot of trash that are already piling up, then you better ask help from your roommates.

3. Staying up with you while you did your laundry late Sunday night

This is also one of the many things that you should be thankful for. It is definitely lonely and boring if you do your laundry alone. Of course, if you have someone to talk to, you can finish your laundry in no time. Moreover, they also have the tendency to help you with the washing of your clothes.

4. Becoming obsessed with the same TV shows as you do

Isn’t it fun to have someone who has the same interest as you do? Especially when it comes to TV shows, you can talk about it while giving out opinionated statements with each other. You can do some critics on what things that you like and hate about the show. With that, this will also give you an opportunity to bond with each other. Moreover, since you are constantly talking about your favorite TV shows, this may also lead to a serious topic where you can be both interests with.

5. Convincing you to leave apartment a little more than you would have otherwise

This is also one of the exciting things you can encounter when you have a roommate who enjoys going out. Of course, they will also tend to invite you to go out with them. Well, if you are a kind of person who does not usually go out, then this is the time for you to experience the outside world.

6. Staying up late to talk about life

Well, some of you here might need a friend where they can have someone to talk to. Roommates are there for you to talk about what is going on with your life. Of course, this is also the time where they can give you advisable for you to cope up with your life.

7. Bringing home a snack

This is one of the things that you definitely like about having a roommate. There are just times that your roommate wants to bring some food for you to share. Of course, who would not want that, right? Foods are good for the soul and good for friendships.

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5 Reasons Why Living With Roommates is an Advantage than Living Alone

We all have our own reasons that make it hard for us to live with someone else, or other people to live with us. Perhaps, we are used to living alone since we don’t have any siblings and/or any other relatives who live with us. With that, living with someone in Alveo condo Makati is definitely another adjustment that we should make to cope with the environment that we currently have.

There are just times that it is great to have your time alone. However, there are also times that all you want is to feel like you are not alone and wanting to have someone to be with. Of course, if you are not used to it, then you will definitely learn how to accommodate them in your own ways. Well, it might also involve caring and letting someone be in your living space.

Well, if you are one of those people who is living alone yet you want to have someone with you. Then having a roommate might be one of the best choices that you will make in life since there are also advantages living with them that living your life alone.

1.  You always have someone to come home to

After a long and tiring day at work or in school, or even having a terrible date with a weirdo who just don’t fit with the norm, all you ever want to do is go home, rest and crawl into your beloved bed. However, if you have and live with your roommate, things will be getting exciting since you have a friend that you can share your terrible day with. How awful your date was, and/or how tiring your work or school was – this will give way to a fun conversation with your roommate.

2. You get to split the cost of necessities

Of course, if you have a roommate, you are most likely to share almost all of the necessities inside your house. the water, the toothpaste, the paper towels, the electricity, and/or any other things that you usually share. The costs of the household items like cleaning supplies are halved when you live with a roommate, and if you are lucky, so are the chores. With that, you will be spending less than buying all the things alone.

3.  You have someone to hold your hair when you are throwing up

Admit it! There are times that you just want to drink to your heart’s content until you are totally drunk. Well, you don’t have to worry too much about throwing up for as long as you have your roommate with you. You can guarantee that he/she will help you to hold your hair back while your face is buried in the toilet and you feel like you are going to die. Credits to your roommate who is willing to help you with that, you better make good friends with them for you to have such a friend living with you.

4.  At least one of you will know how to fix any given problem

There are just times that we don’t know what to do on a particular thing and/or problem that we faced. Sometimes, we need someone who can guide and help us when things don’t go with our own plan. When you live alone, you rely on your own limited set of skills to figure out the things that should be done in order to address a particular problem.
However, if you have and/or living with a roommate, then it is easier for you to ask what and how things should supposed to work out – what and what not to do when things are getting worst. They will definitely help you come up with a good and practical solution.

5.  You double your network of friends

Each of us has different kind and set of friends. Even if you and your roommate have been friends since elementary or for years, both of you will have a new set of friends that you will probably met in your respective school or work place. And when you meet up all together, you will definitely have a whole new group of people to meet and get along and close with.

6 Reasons Why Having Roommates Are The Best

One of the best things that can happen in one’s life is when he/she is happy with the one who are living with them in Davao apartments. Of course, who would not be happy when you have someone who can talk to and have fun with?! We all want to have that kind of roommates, right?!

A lot of things might happen in an apartment. There are even times that there will be some misunderstandings yet you always sort it out. Well, that if you have a roommate that is really close to you when it comes to the things that you both love.

However , even if there is a fun in having a roommate, there are people who just don’t see any reasons why you should live with a roommate and why it is fun. Well, if you are one of those people who are stuck in that kind of thought, then here are some reasons why having a roommate is one of the best things that you will have.

1. You will feel lonely without them

When you have a special bond with your roommates, you will definitely miss them when you don’t see them for a day or two. Of course, you will going to miss the things that you liked from them. The way they handle the things around the apartment and on how they treat you, you will going to feel lonely and miss them if you are not able to see them.

2. Sharing personal things is normal

If you are a kind of person who don’t mind sharing with one another, then sharing your personal things with your roommate is just normal for you. If you are a girl, then sharing your lipsticks, face powders, combs, and/or other beauty products, you don’t mind sharing it with your other girl roommates.

3. Showing off one’s accomplishments

Aside from your parents, you will most likely tell your roommates on the things that you did, especially when it comes to the things that you have accomplished. Of course, if you are excited to tell them what you feel, they are also willing to listen to the things that you like to tell to them. Also, you will be amazed on how they are supportive when it comes to your work or in school.

4. Staying home with them seems like a great way to spend Friday night

Most of us, if not all, loves Friday the most. Why? Perhaps, it is when they can have their night out at the end of their duty hours and/or their last class. However, if you have a roommate, you like it when you just have to stay at home and chat with them. Well, you can also do whatever you want.

5. Friend-dates aren’t out of the question

There are times that you and your roommates would love to go out to have some lunch or dinner. Well, it is going to be normal when you feel at ease with your roommates. Of course, who would not like to eat outside of your apartment together with your friends?! Isn’t it nice to have when you can bond more with them?

6. Roommates are your best friends

Even if that particular person is your roommate, sooner or later, he/she will also going to be your best friend. You will know that your roommate is already your best friend since you are at ease when you are with them, you will miss them if you don’t talk to them for a day or two.

This is also the time when you know that, that particular person can keep your secret, when he/she is a good listener and a good adviser.

Having a roommate is something that you need to cherish. They are not just your roommates but also, they are the people who are there for you when you need them the most.